Reminiscing about learning to drive!

It’s coming up to my 8 year anniversary of having my driving license and that made me reminisce and think about when I first learnt to drive. It’s such an achievement as driving is a lot harder than you think but here’s my story.
It was quite a few years ago now but for the driving theory I used a fabulous driving app on my phone that would test you on questions that you might see on your theory. I’d failed it a few times by just a a few points before. I think my nerves had got the better of me but the app made it so much more easier to understand and it was suddenly a break through that I was remembering the information and I understood it. I also enjoyed learning about cars, and how to drive and if you’ve got to that point then that’s half the battle, right? The Hazard perception was a different story but I found that having a few driving lessons got me used to the hazards. I was super nervous that day when I went in for my test but I was so ready to pass it that I wasn’t shocked when the man at the test centre said ‘I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve passed’. Yes, I was one step closer to having my own wheels.
I remember playing a trick on my now husband when I came out of the centre by trying to look really upset. I couldn’t trick him though, the smile kept creeping back onto my face and he guessed I’d passed and yep with flying colours too.
Next up was the practical exam. I had a few different driving instructors as I couldn’t find someone that I gelled with. Thats key, finding someone that you get on with that’s not going to shout at you or take over the pedal controls every time you do something wrong. I’m a nervous person anyway so I had to go with someone that I could trust and enjoy talking to. When I was finally ready for my test, the nerves got the better of me again and I got what my step-dad, (who was a passed driving instructor in his younger years) lovingly refers to as jelly legs. I had always laughed off this phenomenon but when I had to reverse around the corner and my legs had turned to a quivering jumping mess, to my horror I suddenly realised what he meant. I stalled the car countless times and parked so far away from the curb that you could have parked a bus in the space, needless to say I failed the test. I did however go on to pass just a few weeks later once I knew what to expect and I was over the moon. And I’ve never looked back since.
When did you pass your test and have you got any interesting stories about your driving test? Let me know in the comments below.
Happy traveling!

*this post is in collaboration with the lovely people at Pass ‘N’ Go (driving lessons Durham)

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