Music Monday – CNCO

Happy Music Monday! It’s freezing outside! Winter is here and Christmas is around the corner. While the Christmas songs are getting more frequent I’m still holding off at least until we’ve put our tree up in December. Meanwhile I’ve been revisiting a lot of songs that I’ve enjoyed this year, and keep going back to tunes that have particular memories attached to them.
One song that stands out is a Latino track that I heard a few times this year in Ibiza, and think last year in Mexico too. It’s by CNCO – a latino group from Miami, Floria. Wikipedia says they’re a boyband, but I’ll gloss over that and get straight onto their monster of a track – Reggaeton Lento.
Reggaeton is a genre of music that was never on my radar until I visited Cuba on our honeymoon. In Havana and by the beaches it was everywhere, and when we got home listening back to those tracks brought back memories of the most amazing two weeks of my life. Hearing it again in Mexico last year and dotted around Ibiza this year just adds more feelings into the mix, so whenever it’s murky outside a good latino tune brings the sunshine back.
Reggaeton Lento is a huge hit, and it’s got everything you’d expect from a Reggaeton track. Smooth vocals, a slow but purposeful pace and that instantly recognisable beat that gets latino bodies moving on dance floors around the world.
Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know you’ve been spinning lately.
Happy listening!

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