Preparing for a Special Journey

In preparation for the birth of our baby we had a list of things that we really needed to go through before our lovely lady arrived.

We’d planned for a home birth but we wanted to be prepared for every possibility. It’s a well known fact that when you have a baby at the hospital, the one item that you need all set and ready to go and that the nurses are very strict about is a car seat. They like to know that babies are safe to go home, and that they’ll be transported home safely too. It really is a special moment when you arrive home with your little bundle of joy and walk through the door of your home a new family. It’s scary but exciting, and a little less stressful if you have a sleeping baby feeling content after a safe car journey home.

We bought our car seat in good time, researching many different ones, choosing the design that we thought would be the best for us. Doing this early enabled us to make sure that we had time to fit the car seat, making sure it was compatible and to buy any extra accessories if needed. The most important thing was to make sure that the base was fitted correctly and safely. It’s a tricky business a fitting car seat and there were many a Youtube video watched to make sure that we’d completed the task correctly. After this, we also found ourselves practicing popping the car seat in and out quite a bit. Coming out of the hospital is quite the anxious moment. All of those doctors and midwives there to help and are on hand to answer questions when needed and then you’re out of the door and on your own in a flash. It’s a moment that can be made more stressful if you’re not prepared especially if your baby decides they don’t like the outside world with all those new elements, so ‘practice makes perfect’ really comes into play here.

Luckily for us our hospital is quite close to us but we still wanted to go through all of the normal maintenance checks such as oil and tyres. We also decided to get the car cleaned inside and out and making sure everything was in perfect working order ready for the big journey home. Our little one was actually a stunning 17 days late so although this preparation was something that we went through a few days before the expectant date, we also did it two weeks later too. The drive home was cautious and slower than we would normally go as we had a precious cargo in the car and it’s been the same ever since. Although she hates the car seat, our baby is a happy one that falls to sleep in minutes of starting the car.

Are you preparing for a special car journey, and if you have children what was your drive home with your newborn like? Hop on Twitter and let me know!

Happy Driving!

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