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Music Monday: Jonas Blue featuring Jack & Jack

Happy Music Monday. Hope you’ve had a fab weekend enjoying the great weather, it’s a little cool than we’ve experienced throughout the summer so far but it’s been a welcome break from the non-stop uncomfortable heat. I enjoyed going to a fun maritime festival and looking at lots of home wear and baby things as we’re moving in the next few weeks and also have an imminent arrival soon. It’s all go!

I’ve been listening to plenty of music, especially enjoying it on the way to work. This weeks Music Monday has been played on the radio non stop for the last few months since it’s release in mid May. It’s a summery track from English DJ and music producer Jonas Blue. His song Rise features American pop-rap guys Jack & Jack.

He heard Jack & Jack on an American radio and knew he had to work with them. So he called and they accepted and they make a great addition to the song. It’s a little flirty, a little cheeky and a great track that you’ll still have in your head days later. It’s already hit the charts at number 3 in the UK and I can see it doing well elsewhere too. The video was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal and is super fun and colourful.  Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Happy Monday!



Music Monday: Sigrid

This weeks Music Monday is slightly later than normal, It’s been a crazy week already although the weather seems to have cooled down which is always fine by me. Back to Music Monday and today I’ve chosen Sigrid, a Norwegian singer, song-writer and her track high five that was released in early May.

After her break through and success with tracks ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and ‘Strangers’ in 2017, she actually won the BBC Music Sound of 2018, a fab achievement.

I love this track, Hive Five, as it has such a upbeat feel to the song and it’s one that I really love to sing along too. The track is strangely addictive but really refreshing. It’s sure to be one that we’ll hear often in the summer season too.

Sigrid is also due to go on tour starting with the Leeds Festival at the end of the month and  I’d recommend seeing this sassy chick and her fun loving music.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of her vibe in the comments below or over on Twitter. i’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Music Monday!


Men’s Gym Wear with Jacamo

It’s a been a long hot summer so far, and by the sounds of things we’ve got plenty more warm weather to go. While I’ve been chilling and enjoying my third trimester, my husband has been racking up the hours in the gym. I’ve been pushing him to get in there for a while, but this past 3 months he’s finally thrown himself into it. With the baby on the way he’s keen to get his strength up, knowing that there will be bags, buggies and babies that need lifting and moving around, and in a few years when our daughter is old enough he’ll need to be a reliable provider of piggybacks when those little feet get tired.

Having been a gym bunny myself before I was pregnant, I know that one thing you can never have too much of is great gym gear. Keeping cool while you work out is important, and if you’re going regularly you can quickly run out of things to wear. So I was thrilled when online menswear giants Jacamo got in touch and sent over a few bits for my husband to try.

Jacamo are a mens clothing store that specialise in fashion and sportswear in sizes all the way up to 5XL – phew! One of their ambassadors is former cricketer turned boxer Freddie Flintoff, who is a pretty big guy himself! They stock some big brands, and the lovely guys there sent us over a pair of Under Armour shorts and Nike Trainers. Let’s take a look at each item in a bit of detail. Ready? Let’s go!

Under Armour Cage Shorts

These black shorts are light and breathable which is perfect for cardio days, especially in this heat. My husband says they’re so light sometimes you forget you’re wearing them, which could be a bit embarrassing if he actually forgot to put them on! They’ve got a small split up the side which is perfect for lateral movement, and the stretchy mesh fabric adapts to  your activity, and handily dries really quickly too!

Under Armour Cage Shorts – £36 at Jacamo

Nike Flyknit 4.0 Trainers

Onto the main event, these absolutely stunning Nike Flyknit trainers. They feel like they’re literally knitted together and just adapt to the shape of your foot, meaning they’re light and instantly comfortable with no painful breaking-in period. Not necessarily running shoes, this is footwear designed for free movement, whether it’s jogging, sprinting, jumping or weight training, they’re incredibly light but strong and study. My husband has been raving about them, so I might have to get myself a pair when I get back in the gym after our little girl arrives.

Nike Flyknit 4.0 Trainers – £69 at Jacamo

Have you been hitting the gym this summer, and if so where do you get your gear from? Hop on Twitter and let me know!

Happy shopping!

* this post is in collaboration with the lovely people at Jacamo!


Music Monday – ZHU & Tame Impala

Happy Music Monday! It’s been positively scotching lately, and after returning from a festival in London this weekend I still found myself trying to find the kind of summer anthem the hasn’t quite come across my path yet this year.

While checking out some new tracks this evening, I think I have just found what I was looking for. The tune in question is a collaboration between American producer Zhu and one of my favourite bands Tame Impala, whose vocalist Kevin Parker lends his vocals to this absolutely storming track My Life.

It’s a bouncing, synthy tune that weaves between breaks, drops and the kind of syncopated loops that Tame Impala have been associated with over the years. It’s a combination of two heavyweight artists at their peak, showcasing their creativity that seems to come with such ease.

The video to the track features Willow Smith and tells a short story of a summer of love which appears to be more of a lookbook of effortless cool than a music video, but it’s a great watch nonetheless.

Check out the track below and hop on Twitter and let me know what you think.

Happy listening!




My thoughts on my second trimester!

I’ve loved pregnancy this trimester, the time’s just flown by. Lots of things happened but the main thing was that we had our 20 week scan and found that we’re having a very happy and healthy baby. There aren’t very many scans throughout pregnancy especially if you go through the NHS anyway. There are just two and they’re quite far apart at around 12 and 20 weeks. There’s different reasons for each of the scans, the first is to check the pregnancy, the dates if everything is looking good. The second is after most of the organs have formed and it’s a check to see if this has all developed correctly and healthily. If you’re lucky and if you want to, something you can also do is to find out the baby’s gender.  After having to go back a week later because the baby wasn’t playing ball we also found out that it’s a girl! We’re so happy, and we have already chosen her name which is so exciting.

I started to feel my little girl move at around 13/14 weeks and it’s a magical experience. In my second trimester she has only got stronger, more active with kicks, swirls, roles and lots of stretching. She’s really getting  a personality in there and it’s wonderful to experience. She’s started to hear and respond to voices and there are even some sleep patterns that have become more consistent too. You can really see the kicks and movement from the outside which has also been special for my husband to see and it’s really made us excited for her arrival.

Along with the kicks  and movement, she’s really started to grow but with this has come a changing body. It’s something that you long for when you first become pregnant, to have a belly to have on show so that people can see, and for you to know you’re baby is growingly healthy and on target.  But with a belly comes comparisons, comments and frustration. It’s strange because pregnancy is the one time that people think that they can comment your your weight, your shape and style and apparently get away with it. Sometimes what is really meant as excitement and being in awe of a woman body, that it can create a baby is such a short space of time and that it’ s not long till said baby arrives often comes over as body shaming and a misconception of feeling. Being on the receiving end of those comments can often become quite frustrating, and over the past few months it’s at times it’s bogged me down. I’ve almost had to retrain myself into finishing peoples comments in my head sometimes to get the positive intention of what people actually mean. For example – ‘ooo you’re getting big’ should actually be ‘isn’t she growing, won’t be long now’. A funny experience and one that’s made me think how I treat others in the same situation for future reference.

There’s 9 months for a baby to grow and fully form till it’s ready to come and meet the world and maybe that time isn’t just for the baby. Maybe it’s as much for people, your family, friends and acquaintances and you to get used to you having an extra person in the world too. It really makes you realise how interesting mother nature is.

The last few weeks of the second trimester brought the height of the summer and with it the amazing heat but this also brought the dreaded migraines. I already suffer from migraines but these were worse in intensity and I suffered at least once a day for a few weeks. One actually turning into a day terror which was as the name might suggest not nice. As quickly as these migraines came, they went. I’m hoping they’ve gone for good.

Finally the further I go along this journey the more I realise that I’ll forever be in awe of the human body, the female body is one heck of an amazing thing. I’m growing a baby and we can’t wait to meet our little girl.


Music Monday: Maroon 5 ft Cardi B

Happy Monday!

After a bit of a crazy weekend of enjoying the fabulous heat, I have a fab song for you from Maroon 5. They always seem to have music with fab lyrics or videos. This song Girls Like You is a rock pop song written and sung by Maroon 5 and American rapper Cardi B. It’s the ninth track on their current album Red Pill Blues and has always done fantastically in charts around the world. It has the undeniable Maroon 5 pop sound, simple lyrics but has a cool edge with rapping from Cardi B.

The track will have you humming and tapping your feet but the video which features the likes of  J Lo,  Ellen Degeneras, Cardi B, singer Cmilla Capello, Millie Bobbi Brown and finishes with lead singer Adam Levine’s leading lady herself Behati Prinsloo and his child. Super cute!

Let me know what you think of the track and the fab video n the comments below.

Happy Music Monday!



Summer Heatwave Wishlist!


This summer heat wave is crazy. It’s super hot but in turn it’s also made me feel like nothing in my wardrobe is going to cool me off and so I want to pop straight down the shops.  I thought I would gather a few things together that I would love to bop in my shopping trolly.

  1. The Black and white polka dot box shaped shirt from New Look is really cool. Polka dots are huge this season and the style of shirt will tuck into a high waisted pair of shorts for summer and even do for the autumn too. I also love it because as I’m expecting my first child soon, I’m looking for tops that will be great for breast feeding and this is a perfect shape and style too. It’s a must buy and if you can get your hands on it, definately buy.
  2. Hush is one of my favourite shops for fab dresses and clothes for summer and you can see why with the sweet Lydia Asymmetric Dress.  The design is so pretty, feminine and sophisiticated, you can’t go wrong.
  3. A great jumpsuit is a must have for the summer and this cropped striped linen blend jumpsuit from and Other Stories is super cute. The linen is super cooling and the style is very chic too. It will go with a pair of trainers or sandals and it’ll turn heads where ever you go.
  4. A dress like the Zhara Lace panel one I’ve picked out from French Connection is a must have in the hotter months. I look for one that is stylish but that doesn’t cling too much and maybe has a touch of lace. This one fits the bill and it’s such a classic style that I’ll be bringing out for years to come too.
  5. First up are these gorgeous nude Mint Velvet Aria Rose espadrilles. They’re a fab dupe for the Chloe platforms that everyone aves about but besides that they’re so cool. They really go with every outfit and make your legs look incredibly long too.
  6. Mott Leather Cross Body Bag from Michael Kors. It’s my top pick because it’s a great style that will fit a surprising amount in. I love the light pink version although all the colours available are gorgeous but this one will go with everything and make everything feel super cool and on trend too.

Let me know what products you couldn’t live without and that would be on your summer heat wave wish list in the comments below or over on Twitter. Happy Shopping!


Music Monday: Clean Bandit ft Demi Lovato

Happy Monday Everyone!

The weather is amazing if not a little too hot over in Essex, and I had a fab weekend visiting friends and family over the weekend. I listened to some new music and came across Solo by Clean Bandit Lovato. It’s a real a feel good yet fast pop song that’s based on Clean Bandit lead singer Grace Chatto’s own recent break up experience. It’s quite simple but it’s oh so catchy. From it’s release in May 2018, it’s been well loved and has reached Number 1 in a large collection of places including UK, Ireland, Austria plus so many others.

It’s said that the song was recorded via FaceTime as they could make time with both band and Demi Lavato in the studio work. Even after being recorded on a bad connection the song turned out pretty good I think. An amazing feat!

Let me know if you’re loving the latest release from Clean Bandit featuring Demi Lavato as much as me, and what other songs you’ve been enjoying this week in the comments below or over on Twitter.

Happy Music Monday!


Joanie Clothing – Swan Dress

I’m a massive fan of cool and quirky clothes so when I saw this gorgeous Swan dress from Joanie Clothing, a vintage inspired company that always have so many of the cutest outfits, and I really wear everything on the site. I knew I would love wearing this dress.  The print is super cute, the style is perfect for work and it has pockets, bonus!

I’ve also found that it’s been great throughout pregnancy for me too as it has a nipped in waste that is perfect for showing off a thin waste for non pregnant ladies but has a little bit of give so it’s perfect to make room for a bump too. Here I teamed it with my small bright blue Vivienne Westwood shoulder bag, my denim jacket and my new nude pink Superga‘s. It feels casual but so put together and with a curl in my hair, it’s fast becoming one of my favourite outfits.

Joanie Clothing is a site that I keep going back to. They have a fab sale on for the summer at the moment too. I’d love to know if you have tried any of the Joanie Clothing dresses or clothing or maybe picked something to wear through pregnancy too. Do let me know what items you have your eye on in the comments below or over on twitter.

Happy Shopping!


* in collaboration with the lovely people over at Joanie Clothing.




Music Monday: Paul McCartney

Hope you’ve had a great Monday. I’ve had a pretty busy one today but I saw this video the other week and thought that I should share it today. I’m a big fan of The Beatles so when James Corden invited along Paul McCartney to do Carpool Karaoke I knew I just had to have it as Music Monday.

Paul McCartney is on tour towards the end of the year so it comes at a great time. He includes some of his ( The Beatles, Wings etc) best hits along with Let It Be, my favourite Blackbird, When I’m 64, She Loves You, some of his newer songs and so much more. He’s also got some fabulous stories of when he was growing up , as well as visiting his old house in Liverpool and showing Corden around Liverpool. He shares some of the stories about how the band were first started out and he even went back to one of the pubs The Beatles played at many moons ago and plays a small gig.  It warms the heart and it’s a great watch.

They’re such a part of music history that there’s no way you can’t love Paul McCartney and The Beatles in some way so enjoy the video, and let me know your favourite song in the comments below.

Happy Music Monday!