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Clarins Autumn 2017 Graphik Ink Collection: A Review

Clarins is a company that keep up with trend but that don’t scrimp on style and substance and they still manage to keep their products affordable. A new release from Clarins makes me excited for what’s to come and to try their new products so when this new Graphic Collection for Autumn/Winter dropped through my door I had to sit and try everything out straight away. Here are just a few of the products from the collection that I’ve been loving.



4-Colour Eye Shadow Palette in Forest

The eye shadow palette is beautiful with the reflective outer packaging. It’s full of different shades of greens which work well for both green eyes and brown. The pigmentation is really great too, especially if you build the colour up with a flat packing brush. I especially love the deep colour on the end. With a black graphik eyeliner lining the eye, it looks amazing.


Iridescent Shadow in Midnight Blue 

The most stand out colour in this collection for me and the product I was most excited to try out is the Ombre Matte eyeshadow in Midnight blue. The packing on this individual eye shadow is gorgeous with the rose gold lid and the heavy glass container. The pay off on the actual product is great, I love smudging it out on the lower lash line for a sophisticated look. You can also pack this colour on the lid for a more intense look. So amazing especially on blue eyes and it’s one that I’ll keep on going back to again and again.


Graphik Ink Eye Liner 

I’ve really enjoyed using the Graphic Ink eye liner pen from this collection. Eye liners can be really difficult to use but the pens are some what easier. One of my favourites is the soap and glory pen and this reminds me of that but it’s a little harder and easer to use. There is a little bit of movement to it and this makes it easy to use, to get a good thin line and to build it up if needed. The colour looks intense and dries down quickly. It’s also really long wearing but even better than that is that it’s easy to remove too.



Lip Definer in Roseberry

Last but by no means least is the lip liner. I’ve been wearing this in Roseberry lip definer but this comes in 4 other colours, nude fair, nude beige, nude mocha and red. It’s infused with jojoba oil which makes it easy to go on but it can bleed a little. I do find that layering this product after blotting helps with this though. I do mostly love this colour on it’s own with a little lip balm over the top.



Overall the collection is really pretty and I’ve really loved wearing it. Have you been loving the Graphik Collection from Clarins and if so what products have you been wearing? Let me know over on Twitter or in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!




Music Monday: Charlie Puth

Charlie-Puth-How-Long-screenshot-2017-billboard-1548Happy Monday! Were is the time going. There is only 6 weeks till Christmas – okay lets not think about that yet.

This weeks Music Monday features an American singer/songwriter/producer called Charlie Puth. He originally started uploading covers to Youtube, had a lot of success and got signed quite quickly. He’s particularly well known for his track ‘See you again’, a tribute to Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker and last years hit ‘Marvin Gaye’ which featured Meghan Trainor.

The track I’ve chosen this week is ‘How Long’, another that I heard in a dance class so it’s great one to dance to and yep, Kyle Hanagami happens to have choreographed another piece to this too. ( Have I mentioned his choreography before :-)) Charlie Puth’s ‘How Long’ was released just last month, so it’s still quite new and it’s his second single of the forthcoming album Voicenotes. It’s a little addictive. Once you listen to it, you’ll be humming this R n’B tune again and again. It’s fairly stripped back and really shows his skill and range as a singer. It also really makes you want to go searching for more of his tracks. The video is pretty fun with Puth walking on walls, and showing off his dad dancing skills. I kinda love it and I think this is a song that will be big in the coming months.

I’ve included Hanagami’s video below too. Let me know what you think of the track and what you’ve been listening to this week in the comments below or over on Twitter. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Listening!


The Wednesday Going Out Wishlist!

Going Out Wishlist

I am loving winter party wear at the moment and with a few on the horizon, I thought I would gather my favourite bits together to show you.

1. AX Paris Plum Lace Midi Dress

First up is the Plum coloured lace midi dress from AX Paris. It’s perfect for those Christmas parties and maybe even just a night out on the town. Teamed with a black pair of heels, bag and jacket it will have everyone complimenting you.

2. River Island Silver and Pink Sequinned blazer

This time of year sequins can do no wrong and the two toned blazer from River Island is a corker.Wear it with something plain like a pair of jeans and heels and it’ll be the main feature of your outfit. You’ll be remembered!

3. Topshop Lips Printed Frill Blouse

I have this Lip print frill blouse in a few different designs and this one recently caught my eye when I was in the shop. The print is ultra cute and the style of shirt is easy to throw on with some jeans, a skirt or a pair of trousers. It’ll be great in the day time but also for those evenings when you have to run off to a date.

4. Next Navy Pleated Midi Skirt

One of the most recent trends that keeps on coming around year after year is the pleated midi. This navy pleated skirt from Next is ultra cool, with a great texture, weight and colour. It will go great with a knit and boots for work or some heels and a camisole for the evening. This is a look that I’ll be checking out!

5. Vila Asymmetric knit

Lastly I’ve chosen this gorgeous white Vila Asymmetric knit. It’s a little different with the ribbing and style but it will keep you warm in this colder weather. It will go really well with a skirt or just a plain pair of jeans and heels for an evening out at the pub with some friends. White is such a wintery colour too.

Have you been loving anything in my Going Out Wishlist? Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter.

Happy Shopping!



New Winter ASOS £20 Voucher Giveaway!

Banner ASOS Nov 2017


I’m loving jumpers and big warm and cosy cardigains and Asos has been one of my favourite places to buy them. They have some beautiful products in at the moment especially this gorgeous fur llama jumper, I’m in love. Now the last giveaway was such a success, I thought I would giveaway another £20 voucher for ASOS and then maybe you can buy yourself one of these fab jumpers too.

If you want to enter all you have to do is add me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the chart below. You have to be following me on all three of these platforms to win.  A little added extra is to retweet a little message to all your friends to let them know about the competition. The competition is open to the UK residents only and it ends on Sunday 26th November 2017.

Good Luck, I hope you win!

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Music Monday: Dua Lipa

Happy Monday! Hope you have had a lovely weekend. I’ve had a little bit of a break as I’ve been ill but Monday has brought a new week and a positive mental attitude so lets get going!

This weeks track is a cheeky one from the lovely UK singer-song writer Dua Lipa and her song New Rules. She’s an ex – part time student of the famous Sylvia Young Theatre School. She started popping song covers of her favourite singers on Youtube and in 2015 she was finally signed by Warner Music Group. Her first self titled album came out in June 2017 and New Rules is the sixth single from the album.


For me New Rules has a really cool Kiesha vibe to it, with a little bit of Nelly Furtado and Pink thrown in too. The song is a about a list of rules that she has for herself for a relationship that’s unhealthy that she doesn’t want to get back into. It’s a little risque but the song is so catchy and it’s real as it’s a situation that most people can connect with. The song was loved so much that when it was released this summer it quickly went to number one in UK, making her the first British lady to do that since Adele two years previous. Quite something!

Let me know if you’re loving Dua Lipa and what you think of New Rules in the comments below or over on Twitter!

Happy Listening!

Beauty Fashion

Wednesday Wishlist!



Wishlist Wednesday is a little late this week but I have so many lovely things to show you, lets get straight into it.

1. Mac liptensity lipstick – Mulling Spices

First up is this fab Liptensity Lipsticks from Mac. It’s a beautiful deep red from the new range that came out at the end of last year. Mulling Spices is great for this time of the year. The lips itself has a fab colour pay off but melts to the lips like a lip balm so it will keep your lips nourished in this colder weather.

2. New Look – Navy Cable Knit Cardigain

I really love a good cardigan to layer over t-shirts and short sleeves dresses. It’s a great way to give some longevity to your Autumn wardrobe. This thick Cable knit from New Look is perfect and will look amazing with a multitude of outfits. It also comes in a number of different colours too.

3. Hush – Short Parka

I’m loving this gorgeous little black Parka from Hush. I seriously want everything from this shop. It’s an expensive one but the quality is amazing and you know it will last. This jacket looks seriously warm with the faux fur lining the full jacket which is just what you need in this weather. It will go with everything and the style is up to date and so in season right now too.

4. Missoma – Starlight half star studs

I’m in love with these Starlight half star studs from Missoma Jewellery from this company at the moment is well sort after and I can see why.  These earrings are such a statement but one that you could get away with wearing every day. You are sure to get everyone talking about them!

5. Silk Fred – Black Faux Suede Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are a trend that comes back every year. I never thought I would ever suit something like this but personal styles changes and allows for new things all the time. Over the knee boots can be tacky but I’ve found that the heel shape is key to this and these boots from Silkfred are lovely and actually a really great dupe for the Weitzman boots too.

6. Hush – Sintra Shirt

Like I said earlier I really do love everything from Hush so my second choice for this wish list is this ultra cool mini lightning bolt print Sintra shirt. It’s great quality so it’s going to look great for a long time both tucked in or left untucked, and also is great for layering too. It’s that investment piece you can rely on. I’m also a huge Bowie fan so it has a double meaning for his fans too.

Are you loving the products in this wish list? Do you have any of these products or do you have your eye on one or two of them ? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Twitter.

Happy Shopping!


Vegan Baking Fun! Blueberry Lemon Loaf Cake

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about vegan food is that it’s just boring salads, seeds and misshapen bits of tofu. But those of us who have been to many vegan cafes and restaurants that have been popping up all over the country in the last couple of years can attest that vegan food is not only exciting, often it’s not even always healthy! Vegans love the taste of burgers or cakes as much as anyone else, just without the animal products inside.

This weekend I decided to bake a naughty vegan cake using a recipe I found in a cookbook on my windowsill aptly named The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town by Ms Cupcake. I picked out a favourite that I’ve made before – the blueberry lemon loaf cake. This beauty is made with three lemons and a small box of blueberries and is delicious. I put in more lemons than the recipe suggests so it’s more like a drizzle cake, with extra lemon peel going into the icing which I purposefully dribble down the sides.

The recipe is definitely a bit naughty for containing plenty of sugar, but I do use rapeseed oil which is a healthier oil than most alternatives, almond milk and plenty of fruit of course! My favourite part about baking this cake is when you open the oven door after half an hour and you get hit with a wave of hot zesty lemon. It makes your kitchen smell amazing and of course it all goes down wonderfully with a cup of tea.

Take a look at the pictures below, and if you’re interested in baking this yourself check out the recipe book on Amazon!

Happy baking!

*This post is sponsored by the lovely people at, check them out for more healthy oil recipes!

IMG_1549 IMG_1550 IMG_1551


Music Monday: Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

Happy Monday. I hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend after what could have been a hectic week. The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and the clocks went back, so I hope you enjoyed the extra hour in bed yesterday. I definitely needed it.

This weeks Music Monday is a really chilled out track from ex – Disney star Nick Jonas. Not someone that I usually listen to but Find You stuck in my head for hours as the chorus is a catchy pop classic.  I also love the understated acoustic guitar and electronic – House beats with his voice taking centre stage. It has definite Justin Beiber vibes.

The song was only released in mid-September and it’s already hit the US billboard at Number 1. Find You is all about finding that one person to fall in love with, feeling like you’ll never meet them or not even knowing where to find them. The video is worth a watch, the cinematography of the desert and the beach party is cool.

Take a listen below and let me know your thoughts over on Twitter!

Happy Listening!



Road Trip Inspiration

The clocks go back this weekend which means it’s officially time to put on your thicker coat, winter boots and get used it being dark when you go to work and when you get home. But the end of spring and summer doesn’t have to mean the end of fun! While there’s less sun chasing to be done in the coming months unless you fly pretty far, that doesn’t mean that your travel plans have to bite the dust.

Lately I’ve been planning out some weekend road trips – visits to cities a bit closer to home with plenty of fun and activities along the way. Okay the weather may not be any better, but road trips are a great way to get together with a car full of friends, go on an adventure and discover some places you’ve had on your bucket list for ages.

Planning a Road Trip

Okay, look you don’t want to hop into a car and start driving for 3 hours without a bit of prep and the essentials safely packed. So here’s a few things you need to do to make the weekend a success.


On a road trip you’re going to spending a good number of hours in the car, so you’re going to need tunes. You and your mates might not have identical tastes in music, so it’s a great idea to set up a shared playlist on Spotify the week before and poke everyone to start dumping music into it. It helps if you get the ball rolling – and then once you’re in the car just hit random and you’re set!


A surefire way to kill the road trip fun is if someone gets hangry. So make sure you have healthy snacks and bottles of water in the car at all times. And keep them topped up every time you stop for petrol or for a rest, trust me you do not want to run out!

A Working Car

This seems obvious right? Well, when was the last time you serviced your car? If you’re driving far then it’s important that a wheel doesn’t fall off or you break down and have to spend time on the side of the motorway waiting to be saved. You’re going to need to make sure your tyres are looking good, your breaks are working and that your exhaust isn’t hanging off. If you’re like me then you wouldn’t know where to start with checking over your car, so visit Fife Autocentre and get help from trained car exhaust mechanics in Stirling if you happen to live around that way.

Where To Visit

So once you’ve packed the other completely obvious essentials like toothbrush, outfits and paracetamol, where should you go? Here’s a few places that are on my list.



Via Flickr

First up is Bath, which as its name suggests is well known for it’s Roman baths and for the city being set in the beautiful county of Somerset. Its hot springs have always been famous here and although a little green these days paying them a visit has to be done. There are plenty of museums and cafes to keep you busy if you fancy doing something casual, for the more hardcore historians Bath Abbey is where you should head. Made with Bath Stone, it’s a breathtaking building that takes pride of place in the city. Make sure you check out the angels climbing Jacobs ladder on the west side of the building then take a trip over to the Royal Crescent to see the amazing architecture if that’s your thing. If it’s not then at least it’ll look incredible on Instagram, as will the view from the top of Alexandra Park.


Via Flickr

Via Flickr

York is an interesting place that shares some similarities with my home town Colchester as they both have a Roman connection. This fab northern city houses some amazing things and has roots back to the earliest of English history, so there’s plenty to explore. Let’s face it you’re somewhat obliged to soak in a bit of history when you visit a new city, so here you’ll want to check out York Minister – a huge gothic cathedral and Clifford’s Tower. The latter is one of several castles built and commissioned by William the Conqueror himself! The city is also nestled right in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, so if you fancy a peaceful walk then one is just a short drive away.



Via Flickr

Last but not least is Edinburgh, Scotland’s beautiful hilly capital. Aside from being famous for its festivals the city is also known for it’s castle which houses the Scottish Crown Jewels, which sounds naughty but is a must-see. It’s a beautiful historic city with plenty of museums to visit if you fancy it, and there’s Arthur’s Chair, the plateau in an extinct Volcano that boasts a beautiful view of the city that rolls out over hills. Yep, a volcano in Scotland! Who knew. Whiskey and gin are very popular here so it’d would be downright rude not to sample some of that, and if you’re feeling really spicy tuck into a bit of haggis or a true local delicacy – a fried mars bar!

Have you been on a road trip lately, if not get planning and Tweet me and let me know where you’re headed.

Happy travelling!

*This post was sponsored by the lovely people at Fife Autocentre.


Music Monday: Camila Cabello

I hope that you had a fab weekend. I had a really chilled out one meeting friends, spending time at home tidying, and doing chores but it’s another Monday morning and that means another fab song.

This weeks track Havana is by ex- Fifth Harmony and Cuban born American Camila Cabello and the second after OMG  from her debut album, The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving. The album is due out in 2018 and she’s been working with some amazing song writers including Benny Blanco and Pharrell Williams, the later having co-written Havana.


Havana uses music from Cabello’s roots with a Latino pop fusion. It’s really mello and chilled with piano riffs and beats, singing about how she left her heart in Havana and had to leave her man even though she loved him. It also features vocals from American rapper Young Thug.

The song really sticks in your head and I’ll be singing it for a while yet. Do you love this song as much as me? Let me now what songs you’ve been loving in the comments below or over on Twitter.

Happy Listening!