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The Birthday Wishlist 2018!


My birthday is rapidly approaching and one of my favourite posts to write every year is my birthday wish list with some of the products that I’ve been lusting over and why. This years products have a little bit of a theme as they’re unintentionally very pink/nude.

1.First up is this super cute Olivia Burton ladies Midi 3D Bee Grey Dial & Rose Gold Watch. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I love a bee on anything and everything so this watch ticks all of he boxes for me. I love all of the Olivia Burton watches, and colours but I’ve chosen this darker grey as I feel it would be a little more durable. It would be an amazing accent for any outfit too.

2. The Armani Si Nacre Edition perfume is super pretty. It’s a little on the pricey side but it’s limited edition. It has a glitter that runs through it which comes out when sprayed and leaves a subtle sparkle on your clothes or body.  The perfume smells amazing with top notes of apricot that lingers so beautifully. What’s not to love.

3. Next up is an Apple iPad. This might seem like an extravagant thing to go on my wish list but I watch and listen to quite a lot of films, music and programs and I thought that maybe an iPad might be a good way of playing these. It’s also so much more portable than my main computer and much lighter too which means no arm pain from dragging around my heavy laptop everywhere. Bonus!

4. Pink Vans are trainers that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a while. I love the vintage look and these Vans scream vintage with that stripe and the style but they’re still ultra cool. They’ll also go with loads of outfits, from summer dresses to jeans and a leather jacket.

5. One of my favourite make up products that I would love to own is the Too Faced Natural Matte palette. It’s so pretty, has great product pay off and is really natural too. It’s also very photogenic.

Are you loving any of the products in my birthday wish list, maybe you have one or two of them and you want to give me your reviews or maybe you’re planning on getting a few of them too? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!


Father’s Day Gifts with L’Occitane

June is always a busy month for me. Aside from my own birthday and all the summer shenanigans that fill up every weekend, it’s also my dad’s birthday and of course Father’s Day. It can be tough to know what to buy for my Dad, he’s one of those people who has everything he wants, and if he sees something he fancies he’ll just get it. This year he’s in for a real treat however, because the lovely people at L’Occitane got in touch and offered to help out.

Aftershave is always a great male gift idea, I find men are less personal about their scent as long as it smells fantastic. With that in mind I decided to pick out L’Occitane’s Cologne Cedrat Collection. The scent mixes citrus, aqua and a spicy ginger to create something fresh and exotic.

The Cedrat collection features a 75ml Eau de Toilette, a shower gel and a deodorant, so the scent can get daily wear or just for special occasions. I love it, and while I haven’t really thought of L’Occitane for men’s fragrance in the past I’m excited to see what they have later this year for Christmas!

The L’Occitane’s Cologne Cedrat Collection is available online or at most department stores, usually for around £79.00.

What are you getting your dad for Father’s day this year? Hop on Twitter and share your gift ideas.

Happy shopping!

In collaboration with the lovely people at L’Occitane


My 2018 April Favourites!

This month I’ve had quite a few products that I’ve been loving. I’ve gone back to a few of my most reliable staple products and I’ve tried out a few new ones too so I’ve gathered them together to go through them.

First up is a new product from Benefit. Benefit is a brand that I don’t use that often but I do come back to a few main products that I’ve enjoyed in the past and this one is a slight update to a staple of mine. It’s the POREfessional: Pearl primer. It’s gorgeous especially if you like a dewy look to your skin. It allows your make up to go on really well especially if you pop it on just the difficult points and it really makes your make up last. You can get the mini travel version so go and give it a try!

Next up are two products fro Liz Earle – I have always enjoyed using the Cleanse and Polish and it’s something I went back to when I found out that I’m expecting. I went through a phase of checking all of my products were safe to use in pregnancy especially as my skin went a little crazy on my forehead mainly and Liz Earle were a brand that were knowledgable in pregnancy items to use. I went back to the original Cleanse and Polish which I use twice a day if I remember and started to use the Skin Repair Light Moisturiser. I use a small amount on my face every morning. I love how my skin feels after using these products.

L’Occitane recently sent over this gorgeous fragrance Terre de Lumiere  . I feel like this is their new fragrance, it smells super pretty and floral. Not something I normally go for but this has top notes of Bergamot, pink pepper and blackcurrant, mid notes of pink peony and base notes of bitter almond essence, tonker bean and white musk. Not a combination that I would have thought about putting together but I love almond and tonker be a so it’s a winner for me. Super light and perfect for Spring/Summer!

My last favourite for products from the Laura Mercier Bohemian Limited Edition collection for Spring. It’s gorgeous and the whole collection went so quickly if you see any of it you must try and buy it. This Bohemian Flush Cheek crayon acts as both a highlighter and blusher. It’s super easy to pop onto the skin and blend using fingers. It highlights and creates the most amazing blush. This is one product that I can’t live without. There is also an eye palette that is super cute and I must buy if I see again.

These are my beauty favourites but I thought that I must mention a program that I’ve been loving on Amazon. I was late coming to the Grey’s Anatomy party but I’ve finally started watching the series and I have to say I’m completely addicted. What a fab easy to watch program. It’s all about a journey of surgeons and how the go from being interns to high standard surgeons and their individual tales of woe, love and heart ache. Think ER but slightly less speedy but still as high powered. It has everything you love in a series.You must watch if you haven’t already.
Let me know if you’ve been loving any of these products or if you’re off to try any out in the comments below or over on Twitter. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Happy shopping!


Benefit BadGAL Bang Mascara Review

Benefit recently had a huge release in the form of their new mascara BadGal Bang. The question on everyone’s lips though is – was it really worth all the hype?  Let’s find out.

If volume, length and dark lashes is what you’re after in a mascara this one is the one for you. It has dramatic effects for a real evening look. The Benefit launch party for this was space themed and this is because amazingly they’ve used aero particles in the formula which is a material derived from space technology. It leaves the product packing a punch without making the lashes feel weighed down and I’ve got to say it really does leave an amazing look.

The packaging reflects the space theme with a dark black and pink combination and the diamond shapes on the lid. The packaging also picks up on the fact that it’s part of the BadGal collection which means that it’s formula is build-able. It may start to look a little more spider like the more product you apply but you’ll still be left with a really amazing result.
The brush is plastic, streamlined and has small teeth that increase in size as you get closer to the handle. This is to help coat every lash even those hard to get ones that we all get annoyed about missing.

I do find that although the product boasts that it’s smudge proof and water resistant, I find that I get a bit of transference throughout the day. Something that I have experienced with all of the mascaras from Benefit. To combat this I powder the under eye area lightly which does the trick and saves those embarrassing mascara smudge moments everyone hates.
In conclusion I feel that you must try this mascara. The style isn’t for everyone but there’s such an amazing effect that it should be tried out for you to make a real decision. BagGal Bang has already made a big impact on beauty youtubers and bloggers and it’s sure to become an all time favourite with beauty lovers everywhere.
P.S It comes in two sizes, the full size and the mini.
Happy Shopping!


L'Occitane Mini sets

Hope you all had a fantastic long Easter Weekend and it was filled with chocolate, fun and spending time with lots of family.
If you weren’t loving the chocolate though, this gorgeous little set from L’Occitane maybe more up your street. There are two sets in both Almond, and Cherry Blossom which includes the mini Amande shower gel, delicious soup an the hand and nail cream.
The sets are so cute and who can say no to a minis collection, they’re just so handy for travelling and going on little trips like I have coming up soon. They’re now in the sale too so you might be able to get yourself a little bargain if your quick.
Let me know what you got up to over the weekend and if you’re loving these gorgeous little min collections as much as me.
Happy Shopping!
*Products sent from the lovely ladies at L’Occitane


My February Favourites

February was definately an interesting month. Just when we thought Spring was on it’s way, back came the cold and snow which meant that I used a lot of products to combat weathered skin that needed a little more TLC.
I’ve spoken about this product lots before but this L’Occitane hand cream is a god send. It’s really thick and creamy product that doesn’t leave a residue but it does leave your hands feeling hydrated, moisturised and so so soft. It’s a great price and this packaging from the Limited Edition Rifle Paper Co. is super cute. If you haven’t got it already, go try it.
I love Bees, as you might know my surname means bee friend in Lativian so I was ultra happy when my husband gave me these gorgeous Olivia Burton earrings for Valentine’s day. They’re so dainty and they pretty much go with my bee necklace from Alex Monroe too. They’re a pair of earrings that I’ve been gravitated towards a lot this month.
Staying on the skincare trail, I’ve been loving this Hibiscus and Coconut Water body butter from Being by Sanctuary.  It’s so moisturising and smells amazing. I’m addicted to it and I love using it everywhere in the morning after my shower and in the evening as I’m getting ready for bed.
Mascara is something that I’ve been switching up a bit recently and actually I’ve been using two. The first is the Tanya Burr Selfie Lash mascara. It’s super defining and lengthening for an almost natural look but better. It does a great job for getting you ready to take the perfect selfie. I get no fall down and it looks amazing all day.
The second mascara is the Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara. There was so much hype about this product and many people were disappointed it was just a mascara when it was finally revealed. This product really works though. It’s a definite going out look that you get but I love this chunky yet defined long lashes and they last all day. The only thing I would be careful of is that I often get drop down throughout the day. To combat this, I just use this on the top lashes and then I use a different one such as the Tanya Burr Selfie Lash on the lower lash. It’s definitely one to try out though!
IMG_2123Last but not least is the Clarins Limited Edition Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the pink shimmer. This also comes in a duo with a Orange Shimmer which I love.  I’ve particularly loved using this colour recently though as it’s a little more pinkier. The Instant Lip Perfecters are some of my favourite products as they’re so easy to use and they bring an every day look together quickly. This colour is perfect for Spring and it really is pretty! If you haven’t tried these Clarins products before, there are plenty of colours so go and sample them.
Let me know what beauty and fashion products you’ve been loving this month and whether you’ve been loving these items as much as me in the comments below or over on Twitter.
Happy Shopping!


L'Occitane Hand Products to Love – A Review!

While I’m going to try not to sound like a weather girl, it seems the country is just starting to get over all the snow that has hit the UK in the last few weeks with some areas up in the North still having lots of fun in the snow. It’s still super fresh where we are and that’s meant that we’ve still had every excuse to wrap up warm, drink lots of hot chocolate and eat hearty vegan food. If you’ve not guessed, although I love to layer up and get cozy in big jumpers, the cold is not something that I enjoy much although a good snow ball fight and a toboggan down the hill is always fun.
One thing that the cold weather often brings for me at least thats not wanted so much is dry and sore, cracked and chapped hands. I spend hours drinking water, and constantly applying hand cream to alleviate Jack Frost’s bite. When I received a parcel from L’occitane recently to try out their new hand products I breathed a sigh of relief.
The 1 minute hand scrub was top of my list to try, although not that new of a product it is great for the hands.  The rich blend of luxurious apricot oil and soothing allantoin with an interesting infusion of crushed Shea nut husks really helps alleviate the dryness. The product is rich and creamy which means that you don’t need a lot of it and it really does the job of removing those horrid dried and dead skin cells. It’s heavy duty so if your hands are super sore, chapped and very dry this will do the trick. You’ll soon be left with silky velvety hands.
The next product I was interested to try was this beautiful Shea Nail and Cuticle nourishing oil. I’ve tried lots of nail oils and none have been wonder products, however lots of people call this product the miracle nail oil and I have to agree. Nail oils can help nail bed look healthier, stronger with less pealing if that’s something you suffer from and I’ve found this has really helped my nails in the way.
Lastly I have to mention this beautiful hand cream – it’s in the Limited Edition Rifle Paper Co. packaging with is stunning in both the pink and blue design. The hand cream is the Shea butter hand cream. It’s a lovely combination of honey, almond extract and coconut oil with Shea Butter. It’s thick, not greasy and it really does the trick when you have chapped hands or if you’re like me split hands. eek! It helps them heal quicker and soothes them as well as put back some of that all important moisture too. I’ve been carrying it around with me everywhere and reaching for it when ever my hands get ultra sore. I really don’t know what I would do without this stuff.
Overall if you want to be kind to you hands and get results, I’ve found that L’Occitane hand products are definitely some products to try and you really won’t be disappointed.
Let me know if you’ve been using these products and what you think of them in the comments below.
Happy Shopping!


Competition: £20 Urban Decay Gift Voucher giveaway!

Urban Decay Giveaway
It’s a rainy Saturday morning where I am so I thought it was time for another giveaway and this time I’ve chosen a £20 voucher from Urban Decay. I really enjoy using the eye palettes that they have, I have most of the Naked palettes and they’ve recently brought out a few gorgeous palettes. The most recent being the Naked Petite Heat palette which is really pretty.
With that in mind lets get to the giveaway details. I’d love it if you could add me on Twitter and Instagram if you haven’t already  using the chart below as well as retweeting a little message all about the giveaway. For an added bonus you could also like my page on Facebook.
The giveaway ends on Sunday 25th March. Good luck!
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The Mother's Day Wish List!

Mothers Day Wishlist
Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching with just a few days to go. While some people don’t make a big deal of this day I remember as a kid, creeping downstairs to make my mum breakfast, normally orange juice and jammy toast with some treats to take up to her in bed. We show the lovely ladies in our lives that we care about them everyday in our own ways but Mothers day for me is a time to really spoil them. More importantly a day when we’re actually aloud to spoil them too. I wanted to pull together some of my favourite items to gift to my mum.
1. Even if you get the ladies in your life nothing else, make sure you give them some flowers. Not everyone likes them because the beauty has to come to an end at some point but for the majority, you’ll put a huge smile on their faces that won’t disappear for a while. These gorgeous flowers – the Spring Meadow bouquet are from Bloom and Wild.
2. Make up is a personal yet perfect choice for Mother’s day. Bobbi Brown have some beautiful products  and covers a range of colours and styles. These Crushed Lip Colour Lipsticks are stunning and there’s a colour for everyone so they’re perfect as a present. My favourite is Lilac as it’s soft yet definitely a statement.
3. Katie Loxton London is well known for her purses and pouches but she also does amazing scarfs. I love this slate grey Love Love Love Scarf, it’s so stylish and would be a fab addition to anyones wardrobe.
4. If you’re feeling a little spendy, Liz Earle is a skin care brand that is well loved and this set includes some of the star products. The Cleanse and Polish with 2 cotton cloths, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser and the Superskin Eye Cream and it comes with a blossom design make up bag. It’s luxurious and it really works. Your skin will feel silky smooth and look amazing too so what better pressie to get for your loved ones!
5. A great fresh smelling candle to make your room feel ultra cozy is something most ladies love. This White Company Seychelles collection candle is a combination of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber topped off with notes of coconut, vanilla and almond. It oozes luxury and would be perfect for one of those extra special present. It’s also a great price.
6. My final gift choice is this amazing fragrance from Armani – it’s the Si Nacre Edition . It’s one of my current favourite scents especially as it is ultra sparkly when you shake and activate the particles. It’s amazing for those special events and it really does smell amazing. There are top notes of Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin oil and Cassis. Mid notes of Rose, Neroli and Jasmine. And the base notes are Patchouli and Amber. It’s such a light scent for the Spring/Summer seasons.
Let me know if you’ll be buying any of these lovely products in the comments below or over on Twitter.
Happy shopping!


My Winter go-to make up!

The colder weather calls for moisturising products to help keep your skin feeling fresh. Along with a more winter friendly skin care regime, I’ve also changed up my make up slightly. There are a few trusty products that I keep going back to so I’ve gathered them together and popped them in a post to share with you.
First up is a light weight brightening cream from Rosie by Autograph at Marks & Spencers, one of the main products from the collaboration with model Rosie Huntington Whitely. This product gives a beautiful radiant glow when layered lightly over the skin and it’s also a great base to work with too. It’s moisturising and can be worn on it’s own for those lazy days or under foundation for a more dressed up look. It also has a low level SPF in which is great on those days when you’re out in the sun a little. Best of all, it leaves my skin looking more healthy even when I’m not feeling it and it’s good for both vegetarians and vegans to use which is an added bonus.
Next up is Bye Bye Under Eye from It Cosmetics. As I’ve said before, I’ve heard a lot of bloggers and Youtubers rave about this concealer so when I recently saw it in Selfridges, I nabbed a few testers to see what the fuss was about. When applied, it feels like a wonder product as when warmed up and applied in the under eye area, it really does conceal. It is heavy though so the one thing that I’ve noticed is that with great application comes a great setting powder and a fab make up remover/ cleansing routine in the evening. Trust me your skin will thank me and needless to say I went back to get the full size too.
Next up is the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Glow palette. It has three gorgeous eye shadows in that help you gain a great day time look. Start with the lightest first all over the lid, pop the middle colour over the middle and outer edge of the eye with a little to be pulled underneath. Leaving the darkest colour to be fluffed into the crease. Darken this up a little more for an evening look too.
Next up is the contour, now I don’t use this much as it’s a tad dark for my colouring but pop a hint just under the cheek bones in a line towards your ear and blend in till theres just a hint of colour. You could also go around the hair line lightly, down each side of your nose lightly and under the edge of your jaws. Looks great! Next up is the blush, theres two in this palette, the top one is a little dark for me so I just use the lighter one as a pop of colour. It looks so pretty.
Lastly the highlight is for the tops of your cheek bones, the outer half of the brow bone, also maybe a little down the nose and on the cupids bow on the top lip. It’s a beautiful subtle golden colour that’s loved by everyone that uses it.
I apply a little mascara on my eye lashes next, I’ve been testing so many out recently that I couldn’t decide on one to show. I like length, colour and definition with something like the IT Cosmetics Superhero or Armani Eccentrico both give.
Next up is eye brows. I’ve long been a long time fan of Fleur De Force eyebrow products so this double ended brow define pencil is perfect for filling in those pesky sparse areas. With both a darker and a light shade, it covers all bases.
If the eye shadow isn’t dark enough for an evening look, freshen it up a little with a subtle shimmer of the Havana Mac eye shadow. A little in the crease is all it needs to make the look pop!
Last up is this gorgeous Collection eye liner – it’s a hard nibbed pen is great for creating a perfect cat eye flick or a subtle line to make your lashes look a little thinker. The long handle allows for precise movement and application and the formula is long lasting.
Finish the look with a killer lipstick. My favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury in Pillow Talk, a beauty of a colour that looks like your lips but better. Perfect for everyday. The second is this pretty  Tom Ford creation in Indian Rose. It’s a perfect nude pink to pull any look together and a perfect way to make your make up look and feel a so special. Perfect for a birthday meal or a wedding!
Let me what do you think of the products used and if you’ve been liking any  message me over on Twitter to let me know.
Happy Shopping!