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My July Favourites 2017

This month has been a great one for favourites so lets get straight into it and have a look at July’s Favourites.


I’ve been testing out this Garnier Nourishing Botanical Toner Honey Flower for a review that I did for the Really Ree site. I always find that it’s best to use these types of product in combination with another to cleanse fully but for me I found this was quick and easy to use.  It doesn’t smell and it’s also really light on the skin, so light in fact that it just feel like water. I’ve been using it non stop since  I got it.


My husband bought the Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey fragrance for my birthday and I’ve been wearing it ever since. It’s light, delicate and fruity. Perfect for Summer and theres no way it could miss out on a place in my favourites.


I’m a big fan of Youtubers so when Louise Pentland came out with a number 1 best selling book Wilde like Me, I couldn’t just pass me by so I bought it so see what all the fuss was about. I actually loved it and although I usually love to read books really quickly, I saved this one for the evenings just before bed to wind down to instead of reading my phone. I have to buy more because it’s something I’ve really enjoyed as well as the story.


The L’oreal Colour Riche polishes are pretty lovely. With their gorgeous textured bottle through to the colour that really lasts on the nail. This one in Rue Cremieux in a muted pink will go with any outfit and add that extra feminine touch.


Charlotte Tilbury is really smashing it at the moment and this new Beauty Glow palette is something that I’ve been enjoying using quite a lot. The seven products are numbered so it’s easy to use and the blend beautifully. I really love the highlighter and the centre blush too as they’re so pretty.


Have you got any of these products and love them as much as me or maybe you’re thinking of picking one or more of them up? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!


A Maplin Photo Walk and Afternoon Tea

On Saturday I hoped onto a train to London about lunchtime and hot footed it down to Covent Garden for a photographic walk around the capital with Maplin. We started in Covent Garden and ended in China Town taking photos, learning photography tips from the lovely Kaye Fordtography and took a different look at London.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in this area over the years but this time walking around I noticed things that I’ve never seen before. The crest above the walkway on the Royal Opera House, the roof top Garden terrace on the main court yard, the multicoloured macaroons in Laderee, the brightly coloured buildings around Neal’s Yard, and most of all, people having fun and going about their day happily exploring London just like me.

I loved the candid moments, although I’ve found I can be quite rubbish at capturing them and making them look good even after our masterclass. This is something I really need to work on more. After finishing our walk around London we made our way to B- Bakery. It’s a beautiful bakery that does a spectacular Afternoon Tea with savoury and sweet treats galore with a few flat lays thrown in for good measure.

The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyable, and it reaffirmed my love for photography – I have to get out and take more pictures without feeling like I’m intruding.

Do you love photography, been to London recently or have you been to B- Bakery and loved it? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy snapping!





















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Blossoming Gifts bouquet and an outfit of the day!

The weather is wet! If you’re going to a festival, take a poncho – lunch on a rooftop garden, you might want to take an umbrella, thinking of going to the beach this weekend – forget about it! It’s been raining for three weeks and the outside fun has officially been put on hold.

It’s even turned a little chilly so why not reach into your wardrobe for that Spring jacket. You know the one you thought you wouldn’t need until next year, well at least for the next few days until the weather has gets its act together.

I’ve been teaming my New Look embroidered faux leather jacket with summer skirts like this stripy one from Oasis, a black Topshop cami with cute New Look white slip on trainers and the mini Michael Kors bag.  It’s keeping me warm as well as helping me look a little stylish. I’ve even popped this Blossoming Gifts Summer Cocktail Bouquet with it to brighten up my look. I love the Lilies, mini Sunflowers, and Stocks. They’re so bright and make me happy.

If you’re looking to brighten up your dreary day too, get your flowers from Blossoming Gifts!

Stay warm and stylish!








*in collaboration with the lovely people at blossoming gifts


A Dance Gala for Grenfell!


A few weeks ago Arlene Phillips announced that she would be bringing together some of the best and well known dance stars together at the Adelphi Theatre in London to raise emergency aid for all those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The tickets sold out really quickly but I was lucky enough to get hold of just one for this incredible night filled with dance of all kinds.

Dressed in their rehearsal gear, just over 100 dancers took part. The Strictly residents and a few former contestants were out in force with Anton Du Beke, Adam Garcier, Rob Rinder and Harriett Thorpe presenting, dancing and joking their way through the show with Arlene Phillips reminding us why we were there.

The whole gala was filled with talented dances and unmissable performances making it hard to choose just one that I loved so I’ve picked out some of my favourites points of the evening.


The first was Adam Garcia, as he effortlessly tapped his way through an impressive and light hearted comical solo. He had the audience in fits of giggles straight away.

Rather excitingly the recently promoted Mariinsky Ballet principle Xander Parish and Ekaterina Chebykina took time out of their busy schedules to dance Swan Lake’s White Swan Adagio. The performance was beautiful and ended with ballet enthusiasts shouting ‘Bravo’ and ‘more’, wishing they could have stayed on the stage a little longer.

Akram Khan also made a rare performance with a beautiful piece called Nameless that closed the first half and was a definite treat for dancers and audience members alike.

Royal Ballet Principles Ed Watson and Olivia Cowley danced the Wayne Mcgregor’s Quailia Pas de Deux and provided one of the most stunning performances of the night.

All in all, a wonderful evening full of so many amazing memories, and for an amazing cause. Bravo!


5 Places to visit in London

I often visit London for something specific like blogger event or to see friends so I don’t often get to go the chance to go and do the tourist thing. I’ve put together some of the places that I would love go and visit to get to know my own city a little bit better.


In the sunny weather I often choose to walk instead of taking the underground. Somewhere I pass quite often and always say that I must visit is St Paul’s Cathedral with it’s dome shaped whispering gallery, it’s the epitome of London life as it dominated the skyline for 300 years or more. It was the venue of weddings and funerals of some of the most famous of stars of England. It’s architecture by that of Christopher Wren, who also built amongst others the south side of Hampton Court palace, is beautiful and if it interests you it’s still currently a working church too.


People often mention the Natural History Museum when they talk about London. It’s synonymous with Dippy the Diplodocus which has been on display in the main hall for the last 112 years up until recently when it was replaced by the skeleton of a young blue whale. It’s a must see along with the many specimens of historical value that Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist, geologist and biologist who worked on the theory of evolution, collected.


At 309.2 meters and 95 storey’s high, The Shard is the tallest building in London and currently dominates sky line. It’s already considered by many as London’s emblem along with the London Eye. The Shard was built by Renzo Piano who took inspiration for the building from the railway lines in the neighbouring site, the spires in a painting by Venetian artist, a shard of glass which is where it gets is name from and most interestingly what I think it looks most like, is a ships sales. Inside the building it houses mostly offices but there’s an amazing hotel and an observatory with the most stunning views of London. It’s worth a visit just for the view.


Next up is a place that fairy tales are made of, Buckingham Palace. I’ve been to the Palace of Versailles, Hampton Court Palace, Doge’s palace but I’m always left in awe of this place. It’s always the centre of Royal events, weddings, funerals, trooping of the colour and more. It’s the London residence of the Queen of England when she’s not at Balmoral,Windsor or Sandringham. I love history as you can probably tell and this building has some stories to share. Most of all it really is beautiful, inside and out and it’s still used today. It opens just in the summer while the Queen is on holiday in Norfolk and it’s like a step inside another world. It’s another must see!


The final place that I would like to go is Madame Tussauds. As a teenager I went with the school to the adjacent planetarium and always wanted to go here. Madame Tussaud herself has a rather bloody past. Today it houses wax works of recognisable movie stars and celebs. They’re incredibly life like and occasionally the actual stars go in and play tricks on unsuspecting visitors. They’ve recently added characters from up and coming Alien film. I think it would be rather scary!

Have you been to any of these tourist attractions or do you plan on going to any of them this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy visiting!


* in collaborations with the lovely people at Discount London


Living Room Furniture Inspiration

In the past few months I’ve been on a mission to make our home feel, well, more homely. Bit by bit I’ve been transforming each room by buying furniture, plants and accessories keeping a consistent look and feel with a colour scheme and everything!

In particular the living room is really coming along. We recently bought a rug, and some new artwork to hang on the walls, however we’re still missing a few of the items that will be finishing touches in the room we spend the most time in. In fact I read recently that the average person in the UK will spend 17 years of their life on the sofa in their living room!

So I was delighted with Quercus Furniture got in touch and asked me to take a look at their range and see what I thought. I’ve done exactly that and picked out a few pieces that I think might work perfectly in our living room and I wanted to share them with you. Let’s take a look!



We’re lucky that we have a good amount of natural light with big windows by the kitchen and two French windows on the other side of the room. However there is one spot right in front of the sofa where it’s a bit dark. A mirror on the opposite wall would certainly brighten things up by reflecting light in that direction, and this Appleton Painted Wall Mirror would do just nicely. It’s a good size so it would project a lot of light and the white fits our colour scheme. Perfect!

Appleton Painted Wall Mirror – £161

Coffee Table


I’m satisfied with my current coffee table but I’ve had it a good few years now and definitely on the lookout for an upgrade. One of the biggest problems with my current table is that it doesn’t have any storage so can be a bit of a clutter magnet. This lovely wooden Cube Oak Modern Coffee Table looks beautiful but has a shelf to store books, magazines and coasters for when you need them. Our rug would match the colour of this wood perfectly, so I’m keen on this!

Cube Modern Oak Coffee Table – £229

Side Table


One of the items high on my shopping list is a side table for either a lamp next to the sofa or for a plant. I’ve been on the lookout for one at the right price for a little while and it’s been tough finding one that fits the room but has a little storage drawer too. This Barham Oak Small Hall Table might do the trick, although I’d probably turn it sideways along the arm of the sofa so that it doesn’t stick out too much. It’s a beauty and could probably live a few different places in either the living room or the hallway, making it a great purchase!

Barham Oak Small Hall Table – £155

Which room in your house are you in doing up at the moment and do you like any of these pieces from Quercus? Tweet me and let me know.

Happy shopping!

*This post is in collaboration with the lovely people over at Quercus Living!

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June Favourites 2017

Monthly favourites are some of the best blog posts to write mainly because I get to talk about my most loved products that I’ve been using, rediscovering and enjoyed using through out that month. This month there’s only been a few products but I think there’s a great selection.


I recently went to Ibiza for my birthday with my husband. It was beautifully hot and the island is gorgeous so when I saw this picture on a painters stall I just had to have it to bring home and as it reminded me of our time there and how much I want to go back.


First up product wise is the Chanel correcteur perfection – this concealer is gorgeous. It lasts a long time, it blends incredibly and it sits on your skin like a silky veil. It mixes well with other products and concealers too. I currently have a little bit of a tan so I’ve been mixing it with my Mac Pro Longwear concealer as that’s a little darker. I will always keep coming back to this one as it’s one of those products you just don’t forget.


Yves Saint Lauren Glow Shot is an intense liquid highlighter and it’s perfect for the hot Summer days. They have three tones but I’ve been enjoying using the colour sunrise. It’s a pink highlighter that gives an amazing glow. It’s subtle yet beautiful.


Charlotte Tilbury products are so gorgeous, especially the Uptown Girl palette that I received from my husband for my birthday recently. It’s ultra luxe with 4 very pigmented colours. Perfect for the hotter weather if you want that subtle smoky day look that you can build on for the evening teamed with a little lippie in pillow talk.  All the colours have a little bit of sparkle in them especially the pink and they really do last. I can see that this palette will be a keeper and it’s made me want to buy more of the Charlotte Tilbury products.


The Clinique Moisture Surge – Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate looks like it might just be a  little bit of a gimmick but when I started using this I released it was anything but. I have really dehydrated skin that needs moisturizing products. I’ve been using the Clarins hydrate day/night moisture creams and using these in combination have really done wonders. After cleansing, I pop a thin layer of the concentrate all over my face and leave it to sink in before putting on my moisturiser. It then gives a great base for make up.


Last but not least is this stunning primer from The Ordinary. I recently went to a fab event with Deciem and Really Ree and there was plenty of raving about this product . The High – Adherence Silocone Primer smoothes, hydrates and blurs using advanced adapting silicones. It’s a great base that makes concealers, foundations etc look amazing. Use a really thin layer to get the best results.


Have you been loving any of these products or will you be popping down your nearest shop to get any? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!



Ibiza old town photo book!

My husband and I recently went to Ibiza for a few days for my birthday. Just a short 2 hour plane journey and we were met with the scorching hot weather and gorgeous surroundings of the Balearic Islands. It’s really something.

Ibiza is well known for it’s huge lively clubs that are scattered all over the island, with House and techno parties that run till dawn at Hi Ibiza, Pacha, Amnesia, Ushuaia and more. There are also incredible sun sets on the west side of the island where cheers can be heard as the sun disappears behind the famous rock Es Vedra. Ibiza is also known for it’s beautiful Old town or Dalt Vila which over looks the harbour on the south side of the island. It’s the quieter part with windy streets, independent shops and amazing gelato.

This part of the island is a wonderful outdoor museum that has the Ibizan castle and fort – Castell de Eivissa at the heart of it. It gives a fantastic insight into the islands history and I spent the afternoon exploring and took plenty of pictures as I made my way to the top.

It was hot but we took lots of breaks in the pretty cafes and restaurants along the way.  Tweet me and let me know what you think to the pictures and if you’ve also been to this beautiful island.

Happy travelling!

















Getting Creative with Plants in your Home Office

While summer is well and truly underway, case most of us have been paying some serious attention to our outside spaces, this filling them with wonderful flowers and colourful garden furniture. I’ve made no secret of my love of gardening, and if you follow my Instagram you’ll see plenty of pictures of flowers and updates to my garden.

Lately though I’ve been adding more plants indoors too, with a lineup of pots on my kitchen windowsill including a coffee plant, a peace lily and a maidenhair fern among others. It’s so rewarding to see them grow and my next move is to add some greenery to my bedroom office to really bring it to life and make it look more natural.

As ever, I’ve found Pinterest to be a real source of inspiration. I’ve been favouriting a ton of home office setups involving plants, and I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here.

Large and Leafy

I’m quite into the idea of having a large plant that sits right by my desk. When I’m stuck and not sure what to say sometimes it helps to talk it though. Believe it or not I talk to my plants – which has actually been proven to help them grow, so I’m not mad – and a large leafy plant like this might help me push through those writers block moments.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 19.17.40

Lettered Pots

Oh-em-gee I love these cute little pots with letters on! I am completely stealing this idea. I love the pinboard in this office setup although I recently removed mine in favour of shelves with framed pictures. These little lettered pots will fit in perfectly, I just need to figure out what I want them to spell before I hit Etsy in search of them.


The Monstera Deliciosa

I think that’s what this plant is called, and yes it means delicious monster! It’s a tropical plant native to the rainforests of South America and has a scent of pineapples and bananas. Yum! I love the shape of the leaves and as long as it doesn’t grow too large I think it might look and smell great in my home office.


Green and Messy

I had to include this pic as it’s by far the most accurate representation of my home office. While I’m still to pick my plants, as a busy blogger my desk isn’t always as clean and tidy as I’d like and I often have boxes of products and samples that I’m yet to try or review. Cables are a necessary part of any workspace and I have plenty of them flowing around me while I sit and write, so I love this picture because it captures how a plant in my home office will look among all the chaos – at least until I can catch my breath and have a tidy up!


Do you have any plants in your home office? Tweet me and share your pics! I’d love to see them.

Happy potting!

*This post is in collaboration with Office Principles, who professionally decorate and refurbish large offices. Take a look at their website and see how the pros do it!


Homesense Garden wear!

The weather has been amazing lately and that means time out in the sun. We’ve got a small garden that has needed a little tlc and I’ve loved working in it.  When Homesense got in contact to check out their new shop in Chelmsford, viagra I jumped at the chance.

Homesense is the sister shop to TK Maxx filled with lots of amazing bargains. The Chelmsford shop is a good size and everywhere you look is great inspiration for decoration. Downstairs has lots of garden and homewear. Everything from cool plant pots, statues, decorations to garden furniture and upstairs has goodies for your kitchen and bedroom. You could spend hours here just rummaging about.

I loved that there was so much choice of products. I choose a few pieces to go in our garden. Lets take a closer look at my picks.



The first was this fab large blue and white plant pot. It’s a great weight so it won’t fall over in the wind and the pattern is pretty cool too.  I painted our plant boxes blue so the colour goes really well with the overall look and this tree looks fab in it too.




Next up was this cute little Welcome to the Garden sign. It goes really great around the light we have and it’s really great to welcome people to the many BBQ’s we’re planning to have this summer.




Next up is this little black window box. It’s a great size so there’s lots of spaces for plants and it really does look great. It even matches the railing outside and my little kisses have already started to bloom too.



And finally theres this little owl. I saw him and just had to buy him as I thought he’d go pride of place and brighten up the garden a little more too. He really is a woot!


We loved the shop so much that just we went back just a few weeks later to buy some bits for our bedroom and kitchen. Are you loving Homesense too? Let me know in the comments below if you’ve visited your local Homesense and what you bought.

Happy Shopping!


*In collaboration with Homsense