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Ibiza old town photo book!

My husband and I recently went to Ibiza for a few days for my birthday. Just a short 2 hour plane journey and we were met with the scorching hot weather and gorgeous surroundings of the Balearic Islands. It’s really something.

Ibiza is well known for it’s huge lively clubs that are scattered all over the island, with House and techno parties that run till dawn at Hi Ibiza, Pacha, Amnesia, Ushuaia and more. There are also incredible sun sets on the west side of the island where cheers can be heard as the sun disappears behind the famous rock Es Vedra. Ibiza is also known for it’s beautiful Old town or Dalt Vila which over looks the harbour on the south side of the island. It’s the quieter part with windy streets, independent shops and amazing gelato.

This part of the island is a wonderful outdoor museum that has the Ibizan castle and fort – Castell de Eivissa at the heart of it. It gives a fantastic insight into the islands history and I spent the afternoon exploring and took plenty of pictures as I made my way to the top.

It was hot but we took lots of breaks in the pretty cafes and restaurants along the way.  Tweet me and let me know what you think to the pictures and if you’ve also been to this beautiful island.

Happy travelling!

















Getting Creative with Plants in your Home Office

While summer is well and truly underway, case most of us have been paying some serious attention to our outside spaces, this filling them with wonderful flowers and colourful garden furniture. I’ve made no secret of my love of gardening, and if you follow my Instagram you’ll see plenty of pictures of flowers and updates to my garden.

Lately though I’ve been adding more plants indoors too, with a lineup of pots on my kitchen windowsill including a coffee plant, a peace lily and a maidenhair fern among others. It’s so rewarding to see them grow and my next move is to add some greenery to my bedroom office to really bring it to life and make it look more natural.

As ever, I’ve found Pinterest to be a real source of inspiration. I’ve been favouriting a ton of home office setups involving plants, and I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here.

Large and Leafy

I’m quite into the idea of having a large plant that sits right by my desk. When I’m stuck and not sure what to say sometimes it helps to talk it though. Believe it or not I talk to my plants – which has actually been proven to help them grow, so I’m not mad – and a large leafy plant like this might help me push through those writers block moments.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 19.17.40

Lettered Pots

Oh-em-gee I love these cute little pots with letters on! I am completely stealing this idea. I love the pinboard in this office setup although I recently removed mine in favour of shelves with framed pictures. These little lettered pots will fit in perfectly, I just need to figure out what I want them to spell before I hit Etsy in search of them.


The Monstera Deliciosa

I think that’s what this plant is called, and yes it means delicious monster! It’s a tropical plant native to the rainforests of South America and has a scent of pineapples and bananas. Yum! I love the shape of the leaves and as long as it doesn’t grow too large I think it might look and smell great in my home office.


Green and Messy

I had to include this pic as it’s by far the most accurate representation of my home office. While I’m still to pick my plants, as a busy blogger my desk isn’t always as clean and tidy as I’d like and I often have boxes of products and samples that I’m yet to try or review. Cables are a necessary part of any workspace and I have plenty of them flowing around me while I sit and write, so I love this picture because it captures how a plant in my home office will look among all the chaos – at least until I can catch my breath and have a tidy up!


Do you have any plants in your home office? Tweet me and share your pics! I’d love to see them.

Happy potting!

*This post is in collaboration with Office Principles, who professionally decorate and refurbish large offices. Take a look at their website and see how the pros do it!


Homesense Garden wear!

The weather has been amazing lately and that means time out in the sun. We’ve got a small garden that has needed a little tlc and I’ve loved working in it.  When Homesense got in contact to check out their new shop in Chelmsford, viagra I jumped at the chance.

Homesense is the sister shop to TK Maxx filled with lots of amazing bargains. The Chelmsford shop is a good size and everywhere you look is great inspiration for decoration. Downstairs has lots of garden and homewear. Everything from cool plant pots, statues, decorations to garden furniture and upstairs has goodies for your kitchen and bedroom. You could spend hours here just rummaging about.

I loved that there was so much choice of products. I choose a few pieces to go in our garden. Lets take a closer look at my picks.



The first was this fab large blue and white plant pot. It’s a great weight so it won’t fall over in the wind and the pattern is pretty cool too.  I painted our plant boxes blue so the colour goes really well with the overall look and this tree looks fab in it too.




Next up was this cute little Welcome to the Garden sign. It goes really great around the light we have and it’s really great to welcome people to the many BBQ’s we’re planning to have this summer.




Next up is this little black window box. It’s a great size so there’s lots of spaces for plants and it really does look great. It even matches the railing outside and my little kisses have already started to bloom too.



And finally theres this little owl. I saw him and just had to buy him as I thought he’d go pride of place and brighten up the garden a little more too. He really is a woot!


We loved the shop so much that just we went back just a few weeks later to buy some bits for our bedroom and kitchen. Are you loving Homesense too? Let me know in the comments below if you’ve visited your local Homesense and what you bought.

Happy Shopping!


*In collaboration with Homsense


Reminiscing about learning to drive!

It’s coming up to my 8 year anniversary of having my driving license and that made me reminisce and think about when I first learnt to drive. It’s such an achievement as driving is a lot harder than you think but here’s my story.

It was quite a few years ago now but for the driving theory I used a fabulous driving app on my phone that would test you on questions that you might see on your theory. I’d failed it a few times by just a a few points before. I think my nerves had got the better of me but the app made it so much more easier to understand and it was suddenly a break through that I was remembering the information and I understood it. I also enjoyed learning about cars, discount and how to drive and if you’ve got to that point then that’s half the battle, capsule right? The Hazard perception was a different story but I found that having a few driving lessons got me used to the hazards. I was super nervous that day when I went in for my test but I was so ready to pass it that I wasn’t shocked when the man at the test centre said ‘I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve passed’. Yes, I was one step closer to having my own wheels.

I remember playing a trick on my now husband when I came out of the centre by trying to look really upset. I couldn’t trick him though, the smile kept creeping back onto my face and he guessed I’d passed and yep with flying colours too.

Next up was the practical exam. I had a few different driving instructors as I couldn’t find someone that I gelled with. Thats key, finding someone that you get on with that’s not going to shout at you or take over the pedal controls every time you do something wrong. I’m a nervous person anyway so I had to go with someone that I could trust and enjoy talking to. When I was finally ready for my test, the nerves got the better of me again and I got what my step-dad, (who was a passed driving instructor in his younger years) lovingly refers to as jelly legs. I had always laughed off this phenomenon but when I had to reverse around the corner and my legs had turned to a quivering jumping mess, to my horror I suddenly realised what he meant. I stalled the car countless times and parked so far away from the curb that you could have parked a bus in the space, needless to say I failed the test. I did however go on to pass just a few weeks later once I knew what to expect and I was over the moon. And I’ve never looked back since.

When did you pass your test and have you got any interesting stories about your driving test? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy traveling!

*this post is in collaboration with the lovely people at Pass ‘N’ Go (driving lessons Durham)

3 Bank Holiday Garden Party Ideas!

Happy Friday! The weather outside is positively scorching, viagra which is welcome because this weekend is a bank holiday here in the UK! It’s wonderful to have an extended break from the daily stresses of work, and a great way to enjoy the warm weather is to get outside, gather some friends and have a garden party.

Those of you who have thrown a garden party before will know that a lot of planning, cost and effort can go into making one a success. But before you sweat the details and head into town to buy food, napkins and wine, it’s a good idea to start with a theme, which can make the occasion extra special and even more memorable. I’ve put together a few ideas to get you started, and will hopefully inspire you to get creative in your outdoor space!

Boho Garden Party

Rustic wedding receptions have been all the rage in the past few years, with wooden furniture, candles in jars and paper sweetie bags all bringing a fun retro feel to the occasion. This theme easily translates to a garden party, where outdoor plants and outdoor lights hung from trees adds to the feel, especially after the sun goes down. Grab a few pallets and add some outdoor cushions, serve lemonade in glass jugs with brightly coloured straws and top it all off with bunting to complete the look.

Garden Games

It’s probably been years since you took part in a race involving a sack, egg and spoon or 3 legs, so why not bring them back for a bit of garden fun this bank holiday. You don’t need much to get things underway – you can mark out a race track on the grass with a tester-sized pot of paint and can pick up giant Jenga and a swing ball set in most supermarkets with a homeware section. Just don’t let the men get too competitive!

Outdoor Dinner Party

This is a great idea if you have an outdoor space that isn’t quite a garden. All you really need is a table and some seating, and you can make up for the lack of grass and flowers with colourful decoration on the table. Use bright pillows, table cloths and accessories and let your imagination run wild. Dinner parties don’t have to be stuffy affairs, add some life with snazzy colours and wild music and food!

Hopefully these ideas inspired you to get creative with your bank holiday. If you do have a garden party this weekend, Tweet me a photo, I’d love to see what you come up with.

Happy partying!

* This post is in collaboration with One Events, who throw huge parties for celebrities and brands. Take a look at their website, their parties really are amazing!


Yankee Candles – Viva Havana!

Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of candles – and so is my husband! They fill your home with wonderful colours and scents, this web and we always have one burning in the evening.

Shopping for candles is so fun, cheapest walking around and smelling all the exotic flavours then trying to decide which ones to buy when you like them all. A recent shopping trip was particularly exciting though as we came across the new summer range from Yankee Candle called Viva Havana, medicine which is extra special to us because its where we spent our honeymoon two years ago.

Havana is a city full of life, known for its music, cocktails, dancing and colourful buildings and cars. This collection captures the spirit of Cuba’s capital with 4 scents – Viva Havana, Tobacco Flower, Cuban Mojito and Delicious Guava. Luckily for me the lovely people at Yankee Candle sent over Viva Havana and Tobacco Flower for me to review, so let’s take a closer look.

Viva Havana

Viva Havana is an incredible ocean blue, the kind of colour you see on many of the colonial buildings and apartments away from the main streets. The candle has a spicy sandalwood scent, which is fresh, vibrant and is likely inspired by the cubans love of zingy food and fiery dancing!



Tobacco Flower

Cuba is also world renowned for its cigars, and this scent captures the feeling of stepping off a hot street in into an air conditioned bar for a cool drink, passing by locals enjoying a Cohiba by the door. It’s a fruity mix of ginger, bamboo and jasmine, which creates a complex scent that is definitely one for a cosy evening, preferably with a rum cocktail in hand.



If you love candles then I’d definitely recommend checking out these little beauties. Clinton usually stock a good selection of Yankee Candles, otherwise you can find the full range on the Yankee Candle website. These large sizes are around £23.99 each, but they do last for ages.

Have you spotted these new Viva Havana Yankee Candles in town and if so what did you think? Tweet me and let me know.

Happy shopping!

*this post is in collaboration with Yankee Candles, who know how much I love Havana and candles!


The Curious Bookshop Oasis Event

Last week I went to a fab Oasis event in London. The invite itself was really interesting and instead of being just for press, click and vloggers/bloggers, viagra order they’d opened it up to Oasis customers too. This is ultra exciting as this isn’t the norm for shops. The event itself was set up to look like an old book shop with flying books, and projections bringing to life the theme. Everywhere you looked there were amazing touches like books lining the wall, three wooden mice wearing sunglasses, animal figures wearing scarfs and flamingo LED lights. Nestled in and around the place was the fantastic Oasis New Autumn/winter collection.




The velvet collection had dresses covered with feathers and others with floral patterns, the red collection had a mixture of beautiful textures and tones. The casual collection had cool toned warm jumpers and scarves too. My favourite pieces were the beautiful black wrap around maxi dress that can be worn with heels and a jacket or open over jeans. And even more special tucked in a corner was someone embossing leather bookmarks and someone else writing calligraphy.




Along with this main event, there was a series of fun events going on in and around Soho too with manicures, workshops, Presecco vouchers, discounts and so much more. I went over to the Tottenham Court Road shop to experience some of these fab things too. I ended up buying a little skirt that I could wear to work in the Spring/Summer.  Everyone I spoke to loved the new collection just as much as I did as well as the fab events going on around the area. They also loved that they could see the collection before everyone else too. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I’m looking forward to the next time they do this too.






What do you think to the Autimn/Winter collection and will you be running to pick any items up? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy shopping!
















The Bloggers Market – Camden Collective

At the start of the month I excitedly made my way down to Camden Collective, viagra order normally an office space but on this particular day had been revamped into the forth Bloggers Market. Seven bloggers with lots of wonderful high end and high street products to sell with a percentage going to charities close to their hearts. The bloggers included Carrie from WishWishWish, Olivia from What Olivia Did, Kristabel from I want you to know, Lucy from Shiny Thoughts, Kim from Love Cloth, Zoe from Zoe London and Reem from Five Five Fabulous. If you don’t already follow these blogs, head on over and have a read.

I’ve been to a few of these events before and I loved it. You get to meet lots of fab people, you see some amazing products and maybe pick up some bargains too. This time they had more happening through out the day though. Bullet journal, marble and brush lettering workshops were available for bloggers to take part in, free beauty treatments from Boudoir Beauty Parlour and some delicious treats where you had to tweet the particular shop in order to eat cookies, sweets, and drink freshly pressed smoothies and more.

It was so busy and looked quite the success. I picked up a few bargains and had fun looking through the fab items. Can’t wait till the next Bloggers Market event.

Did you go to The Bloggers Market and do you plan on heading to the next one? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!








Fashion Lifestyle

Castle on the Hill & an OOTD!

I went down to Colchester Castle recently and it seemed the perfect time to take some candid shots of an outfit that I’ve been going back to a lot in the last month.

The beautiful blue and black mottled effect jacket with black faux fur is from Warehouse. It’s warm and goes with everything. The jumper is a gorgeous warm bergundy jumper from Miss Selfridge. I love this colour in Winter and it seems to go well with the jacket too. The tabby striped snood that I’m wearing has been a definite fixture to my Winter wardrobe. It was a Christmas present from my auntie and her family that she bought in a small boutique near where she lives. It’s actually one of  my favourite clothing items at the moment.

I teamed this combo with a high waisted denim skirt from Oasis which is currently in the sale. It has a retro Sargent Pepper military feel to it as it has six buttons going up it but that are mostly hidden here. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this a lot in the summer too. I teamed this with my black ankle boots, troche some black leggings and my DKNY bag which is never far away from me.

What are your wardrobe favourites at the moment. Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!






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Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

What I got for Christmas 2016!

I always love to see what people got for Christmas, sildenafil not to show off but because they’re really interesting and fun posts to read so I thought I would pop up a few of my favourites from what I received this Christmas.img_4384


So these items are a few from my mum that  love. I’ve been going on about the Stella McCartney Pop fragrance and I actually ended up buying it for my mum too. Great mind! The DKNY perfume is one of my all time favourites and so i was very happy to get this. And my mum knows me well as a pretty lipstick and nail polish is very me.


Next are a few cute presents from my sister in law. I was really spoilt by her as they are all from Ted Baker. The smaller items are firstly a gorgeous deep red lippie and nail polish set. I’m really looking forward to saving these for a special occasion to wear them as it’s a really gorgeous colour and will really add to an outfit. Things that I really love is a fab hand cream and nail file so these ones are perfect. The print is so cute too. Lastly is this fab checkered Ted Baker shopper and I love these bags as they’re so useful especially in the summer so this one will be getting a lot of use.


My in-laws really spoilt me this year too and I thought that I would just choose a selection of the things. They know that I’m a blogger so when I opened this little E plate my first thought was, ooo this is very instagram-able. The gold is so pretty. I have Thomas Sabo bracelet, and so a little tortoise charm was perfect to remind me of my recent holiday to Mexico. It’s so cute. I also received a little Cath Kidston Lip butter and hand cream set. So pretty!


My dad and sister bought me a coat from Warehouse that I asked for. I love the mottled blue and black effect that it has and it’s really warm. It also goes really well with the faux fur snood I got from my aunty. I received a little Michael Kors card holder too as I never have enough room for wallets or purses in evening bags so I really needed something cute for them to go in.  I really love this.



Lastly I received a few amazing gifts from my husband. We actually almost bought each other similar things too which is strange. First up is this candle from Neom. I’ve been after one of these for so long as it smells incredible. I can’t wait to start burning it. Next up is this a fragrance I adore from Jo Malone. Peony and Blush Suede is such a pretty floral fragrance. Every time I go past my local shop I always pop in and smell it. I always use them up so fast though as I love the JM fragrances so much. I’m saving this one a little more though. I’d seen this cute little E key ring in Accessorize recently, I always loose my keys so it was so cool to get this. Perfect!

My big present from my husband this year was this super cute black Michael Kors evening bag.  I’ve been to a few events recently and had to borrow a friends black bag to go with my outfit so my husband chose a stunning one for future events. It’s made of saffiano leather which means it’s really durable and doesn’t scratch easily.  It has space for a few cards, a bit of make up and my phone. What more could a girl need.

What did you get for christmas? Let me know in the comments below.


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