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Families at Christmas


I love Christmas! I get excited by the thought giving presents, health the hot drinks and yummy treats that only come out this time of year, sale and of course the movies, songs and decorations that make every day feel magical.

To me Christmas is all about the special traditions that light up an otherwise gloomy month, and getting the chance share that magic with my family.

Since I got married in 2014 my family has doubled in size. I’ve now got another set of aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters-in- law in the UK and Latvia. All this means more mingling, more presents and travel to see loved ones.

Some of my favourite Christmas memories are of my aunties gathering round the piano at my nan’s house, singing and dancing like lunatics to Madonna, show tunes or whatever was in the charts at that time. My aunties are always hilarious, and are not known for their good behaviour at the Christmas dinner table!

Earlier this year I also got to catch up with my cousin Jack while he was in London over the summer, having flown across from Australia. He’s a super talented musician, and seeing him perform in Leicester Square for a huge crowd of people using the equipment he built himself was a really special moment.

Another hilarious family memory that stands out was the first time I went to a family event with my now husband. It was his auntie’s wedding, and his granny had been on the sherry. Having been introduced to her for the first time, I said I was at University and I was a dancer. She asked me “ooh, are you a lap dancer?”… as you can guess I went bright red and everyone on the table burst out in laughter. It was so embarrassing!

Last year I also met my Latvian family for the first time. My husband has a lot of relatives in Riga, and we flew over last Christmas to see them. We drove out their grandparents house in a small village on the outskirts of the capital and it was a wonderful occasion. We took some photo albums with us, had a family meal and shared stories and traditions. We’re thinking of heading back soon and I can’t wait!

I’ve loved spending time with my family this Christmas, but sometimes all the travel and seeing people you haven’t seen for a while can get a bit overwhelming. While for many people meeting families can get really stressful, and for good reason. We’re all different and sometimes that can lead to complications, misunderstandings and fall-outs. But to me it’s really important to celebrate our differences, now matter how complex we all are.

So as we head into 2017 one of my new years resolutions is to spend more time with my loved ones, especially the ones that I find the most challenging! It’s important that we all try to look after each other, even if sometimes we might need some help, for example with loss, gain, wills or even divorce. When we do need help, it’s important to speak to someone who understands how complicated and crazy we all are sometimes!

Slater Gordon family solicitors got in touch with me to ask if I could write about my family over Christmas, and it’s been a really wonderful and easy to thing to write about.


Sunday Instagram round up!

I’ve had a fab week this week , look some of which has been on Instagram so keep on reading if you want to read what I’ve been up to in the weeks Sunday Instagram round up.




Starting from the bottom right hand corner, I’ve been loving the new Stabucks Gingerbread Latte’s with Soya Milk. They’re super yummy although I can’t be drink many of them, they are nice to warm you up in this cold weather.

Mac recently brought out their Nutcracker collection. It’s one of my favourite ballets along with Romeo and Juliet so I love the music which they always have on.  The make up is beautiful and the nutcrackers themselves and packaging are is this awesome pink and plum colours. The actually products are pretty cool too and there are quite a few gems in this collection.

You know I always love a good quote so this one seemed a positive vibe to think about.

The weather has finally started to get colder and so some of the products that have been keeping me cozy are this fab Phase Eight scarf, the fab ankle boots are from Office, the Jo Malone perfume is the the Blue Agave and Cacao. The black top underneath is from New Look and the lippie is from Chanel. Perfect. I’m sure I’ll be writing a post about this soon enough.

My October favourites post is up on the Emily Hearts so go and check it out.

You all know how much I love The Den in Colchester andI’m always here at least once throughout the weekend. They had lemon cupcakes today and it’s all vegan. Super cool!

Just over the road is the cutest of flower shops called Dily’s and they had a lot of Christmas plants and trees out. Just so cute.

I went along to my favourite shops Fenwicks to try on a few dresses for a wedding that I’m going to this week. Left it a little late but I found this fab bright blue Phase Eight dress and it looks amazing on. It might have to find it’s way into my wardrobe for the winter months.

Finally I had to take a pic of the Christmas Collection from Jo Malone. It’s beautiful especially with the masquerade pattern. Perfect.

What have you been loving this week and what’s been on your Instagram this week?

Happy Sunday!





Sunday Evening Instagram Round Up Post!


Last week I felt quite ill on Sunday and Monday, pill and had a lot of time in bed recovering. I spent a lot of time looking through Instagram and drinking water or tea in my fab Mrs mug so this picture had to be taken.

I love quotes especially positive ones so this one is kind of cool don’t you think?

On Friday I was on a training course but we still took the time to pause for two minutes and think about the people that have been involved in and lost their lives in war around the world so I had to post this picture.

On Thursday I popped into London and these two pictures where some of my favourites from some of the places that i popped into. West Elm is a shop I’ve heard a lot about but never been in until this day. Now I get why people go crazy over it. Their homeward is insanely cool and here are just one of the things that I loved. Those amazing plates though, so amazing! I’m sure that you’ll get to see more through out this week too as I took quite a few pictures. Homeware goals!

Today I got up early and walked down to the local war memorial for the Remembrance Day service. It’s a special day, reflective and emotional especially where we currently live as it has quite a big military base but I always love to hear the songs of the band when they march past.

Have you been up to anything cool this week or do you love West Elm as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Dance Lifestyle

Balletboyz: A Review of Life

Recently I went to see BalletBoyz at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester on their double bill tour, cost Life. It’s a pretty interesting performance exploring the themes of life and death and filled with the fabulous balletboyz who are great dancers. Strangely enough, physician no traditional ballet as such is included, online just contemporary dance and lots of it.



Lets start at the beginning. Who are the Balletboyz? The original boys are duo Michael Nunn and William (Billy)  Trevitt, ex Royal Ballet stars who co-founded the company in early 2001. They toured world wide working with some of the best choreographers, dancers and designers in the business, and won plenty of awards while doing it along the way.

They also made some of the most amazing dance films, often behind the scenes style documentaries, some of which where shown on British TV in particular Channel 4. In the 90′ and 00’s this duo really brought dance to the forefront of the everyday person before Strictly or any other similar tv programs. They’d also often include these short films in their performances to separate sections out or for just a chance for the audience to see behind the scenes of the piece and to give concepts and interesting meaning.

When the two decided to retire from the stage themselves six years ago they took on the fascinating project of picking out and teaching just ten lads to dance. The project grew enormously to what we see today. A company of fine dancers. The originals have come and gone and in their place dancers just as talented.



Their current touring performance Life is split into two acts with each individually choreographed and together billed as one performance. The first piece, Rabbit was created by Pontus Lidberg. It had a set designed with long separate sections of material draped across the stage in a semi-circle and inside this, a wooden swing hanging in the corner. Each dancer in attire that had a slight Victorian or school boy feel about it and all but one wore a huge rabbit head. This along with the Górecki score created a creepy yet light hearted almost comical feel to the piece at times. This is especially as the dancers navigate their entrances and exits under, through and around the material. That soon changed though as deeper themes of loneliness, isolation and group dynamics surface at an unsettling pace including physical duets and complicated group work. The highlight of this piece for me was the performance of the protagonist dancer as his delicate precision really added to his character.



The second piece, Fiction was choreographed by Javier De Frutos and centres around the theme of his own death which is said to have taken place in the interval from a fallen piece of scenery. In contrast to the first act Frutos’ piece had a more stripped down set, with just a ballet rehearsal bar in the centre and the dancers were dressed in what would be considered rehearsal gear. The piece began with the sound of critic Ismene Brown reading Javier’s obituary and was wrapped in black humour with the dancers imitating the themes talked about and almost mocking her at times while dancing to the pace and the syllables of her words. The movement, agile and physical was centred around the rehearsal bar in the middle of the stage and was occasionally broken up with emotions of grief, despair and tragedy akin to a shakespeare play while quickly moving on to more comedic moments backed with music by Ben Foskett. One of my favourite moments was right at the end where Marc Galvez cheekily dances solo to Donna Summer’s Lets Dance and it had the audience on their feet and loving it.

Overall this was another thought-provoking piece from the Balletboyz, that left me feeling reflective and inspired, and keen to see where they could go next.

Life is still on tour and is so until early next year and I urge you to go and see it. Go to to see when this show is on near you. You can also see the Balletboyz more on the 12th November on BBC 2 at 8.30pm as they star in their first full length dance film, Young Men. It too is set to be amazing and you’d be mad to miss it!



7 amazing places to visit in Mexico!

Mexico is an amazing place that everyone should go and visit at least once in their lifetime. Here’s seven reasons why.

1. The coral reef


The coral reef in Mexico is the second largest in the world behind Australia. It’s beautiful and it’s so easy to go to, tadalafil explore and experience . It’s great for diving and snorkelling especially as there are wild turtles, ampoule sting ray and tropical fish. There are plenty of boat trips that will take you out to the reef and you may even see some dolphins too.

2. Coco Bongo


One of the most famous of nightclubs with a spectacular show just like Vegas but better with dancing girls, pill super heroes, pirates, live bandstand much more. You’ll be dancing all night and you’ll never want to leave.  There are three of these clubs, one in Cancun, one in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and the other is in Dominican Republic. See if you can grab yourself a VIP ticket away from the crowded dance floor to enjoy the show.

3. Coba


Coba is a historic site of mayan ruins. The main event is the climb to the temple at the top of the pyramid. The view from the top is breath taking as you can see right over the Mexican jungle. You also get to take a tricycle back to the entrance through the same jungle once you’ve completed your climb. It really is an awesome thing to do.

4. A fresh water Cenote


A sink hole mostly found in the Yucatan region where the ground has fallen away exposing a natural source of water. They’re usually found in caves but some can be above ground too and if you’re staying in Cancun area,  you’ll have plenty to choose from. The water is usually pretty cold so swimming and exploring here is a great way to cool down on a super hot Mexican day.

5. Chichen Itza


Chechen Itza was one of the largest Mayan cities and has a number of archaeological artefacts on the site including El Castillo (the castle temple), Temple of Warriors, the Great Ball Court and much more. You can’t climb the main Mayan castle pyramid as the site sees on average 1.4 million tourists here a year but it’s a spectacular place to go and is one of the seven great wonders of the world. It’s not to be missed.

6. Tulum


Tulum is the historic site of the pre- columbian mayan walled city. It’s one of the best preserved examples of a Mayan ruins in the country. The city sits of 12 meter high cliffs and in its time served as the main port for Coba. It’s a magical place to go which makes it a popular destination for tourists . Amazingly there are Iguana roaming wild and the beach there is protected for the nesting sea turtles. It’s a must see.

7. Xcaret Park xcaret_resort

The natural adventure park will see you experience a spectacular traditional show as well as swimming in the most beautiful of rivers where you can zip line and explore the area. It’s an energetic day out so if you’re feeling adventurous and want to burn off a few cocktails then its a fab place to go.

Tweet me and let me know if your thinking of going to Mexico or if you’ve been before let me know where you’ve visited.

Happy travelling!




Sunday Evening Instagram Round up!


This week has been a pretty fun one so sit back, troche have a cuppa and carry on reading if you want to find out what I got up to.

I talk about it a lot but my favourite shops are the department stores where I could spend hours browsing the gorgeous products. The first picture from bottom right is this fab leather DKNY bag with gold hardware. Ruck sacks are big this season and this one is a really interesting version with the smooth leather.

I love positive and inspiring quotes as much as the next person but this one from Coco Chanel really speaks to me. Beauty really does begin when you decide to be yourself.

On Friday I went to see a fab super band that were made up of two local bands. They named themselves ‘The Prettiest Starman’ for a Bowie tribute evening. They sang a few awesome covers of Bowie songs with a projection of pictures of the man himself, sales some unseen, drug some very well known. It was a great evening and I’m looking forward to the next one.

This past Saturday evening we met up with some really old friends at our local Chiquito’s. The food was great,we had vegetarian fajitas although for me it was a little too spicy. Eek!

The weather is really changing now, the colours of the plants and the trees are really mesmerising. I could spend hours just enjoying the views around where I live.

Lastly I came across these fab Ted Baker evening bags in my local department store. They’re so sparkly and pretty.

Let me know what you’ve been loving this week in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Fashion Lifestyle

Sunday Evening Instagram Round up!

This weeks Sunday evening Instagram round up is a corker so keep reading to find out more information!



My first picture is one from our Mexican hotel. It was gorgeous, prostate really hot, lots of palm trees everywhere and many swimming pools. We had so much fun and we’re really missing the warm weather and everything about this holiday.


My second picture is a picture of beautiful Tulum in Mexico. It’s a fantastic historic site and the views are pretty breath taking. The beach is just behind where I took this picture and there were lots of lizards around the site. It was really special place to be knowing that is was so historic too.




On Saturday we went to pick up our new car, a Seat Ibiza from Norwich. We met with both of our parents and my mum reminded me that we used to have a little white Seat when I was little and that they’re really good cars.





We had lunch with Michael’s parents at a fab little place called Logan’s Sandwich bar in Norwich.  It had a mixture of vegan, vegetarian specials on the menu. I had an aubergine toastie and it was delicious.





We collected our car and went on to meet my mum and step dad at Fairfield Hungry Horse and had a drink, a catch up and later some dinner. My husband had this fab double veggie burger which he said was yummy.






Today I popped into the new Fenwicks store in Colchester. They have new collection pieces and I spotted these amazing DKNY hand bags. I think I’m a little in love and one of these could be going on my Christmas wish list.

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below or Twitter. I’d love to know.

Happy Sunday!

Fashion Lifestyle

A holiday OOTD post!

While we were in Mexico, buy we decided to take advantage of the amazing backgrounds and take a few pictures for an outfit of the day post.

I wore quite a few play suits while I was on holiday as they’re easy to wear and everyone looks great in them. Here I’m beach ready and I’m wearing my favourite tropical print H and M playsuit.  It was actually in the sale earlier on in the summer and was one of the first things that  I picked up for the holiday. I’ve teamed this with a pair of Black shiney Burkinstock sandals which are just out of shot.

We also bought the inflatable doughnut for the pool. They’re so much fun and they look Instagram ready too.

Let me know what you think of play suits in the comments below.

Happy shopping!





Fashion Lifestyle

September Favourites!

This months favourites are quite summery as I’ve been away on holiday in Mexico. Keep reading if you want to know more.


The first item in my September favourites is a fab make up bag that my husband bought for me. We just decided to do small presents for our anniversary as we splashed out on a Mexican holiday. Also the second anniversary product is Cotton so this cotton make up bag with gold writing saying ‘You are adored’ is really special and it’s a great size with reinforced black cotton lining inside. You can never have enough of these little pockets.



The second item is this pair of amazing Ted Baker sunglasses. The Kara sunglasses in tortoise print were a very cheeky purchase in Gatwick airport and they stayed firmly on my face for the entire holiday. They were fantastically priced in the sale at around £52 and the shape really goes with my oval shaped face, visit this although they’re the kind of shape that would suit anybody.


The next item in my favourites is this Rituals calming product called Tao Qui relaxing serum. It’s a fab Chinese mint & Yi Yi Ren mixture that you roll onto your perfume points on your wrists. I find that it really helped to have this to hand when I was on the flight as a mint fragrance is really good at calming. Flights for me are really stressful, advice well mainly just the take off and landings, information pills so smelling this a little bit calmed my nerves as it was a familiar smell and made these times a little more bearable.


The next item on my favourites is this fab mascara Lash Domination from Bare Minerals. It’s not a brand that I’ve tried many things from but I bought my sister in law a little set for christmas that had this in and she raved about it to me so I had to go and have a peek. It has a fab spiral shaped wand which really lengthens and separates your lashes giving your eyes that lovely doll eyed look. The product itself is great, long lasting and I actually wore it quite a lot on holiday too.


This month I’ve really loved lipsticks and there are two in particular that I’ve loved a lot and that I wore throughout September. The first is a colour from Mac. Hot Gossip is a pink/purple that goes with every outfit. It’s a cream sheen so it has a really creamy texture with a little silver pink sheen to it too. It’s a perfect colour.



The second is a new lip product from Elizabeth Arden that I had sent to me. It’s a new Bold Liquid lipstick in Passionate Peach. You push up the little switch and the product comes out of the moulded tip. It lasts quite a long time although it doesn’t dry down to a darker colour like other liquid lipsticks, it stays on the lips for quite some time. I sometimes pair it with a lip balm too and it stays on quite a long time and looks great.

Let me know what you’ve been loving in September and if you’ve tried any of these products in the comments below.

Happy shopping!

Beauty Lifestyle

Instagram Round Up!


This week my Instagram tracked quite a few of my Mexico travels where we’ve been for our second wedding anniversary. The week was our second week there and we actually got back to UK early this past Friday morning.

Mexico was fabulous, medications the food is amazing as you can see in the first picture on the bottom right. They had all sorts of things including burritos, tortias, fajitas etc. This starter is actually Tacos Mexican style, which is actually just mini wraps with some sort of filling.  Think this is actually a vegetable filling although they normally do beef or chicken. This is then heated till crispy and they pop a little cream sauce over the top of this with a little cheese too.

You can’t go to Mexico and not have a picture of the Sombreros, they huge gorgeous hats that are famous in Mexico. They are actually really comfortable, although quite heavy and they’re in all of the shops over there too.

Cheekily Mexico also love a little Tequila too. It’s actually a delicasy in Mexico as the drink actually comes from the Agave plant, a special Mexican plant. It’s a pretty amazing drink, and this one was actually flavoured with strawberry which was super yummy.

We spent most of our time at our hotel just chilling out but we did venture out a little to see a bit more of the tourist places. We loved Tulum, a old Mayan village and archaeological site. It’s right by the sea and seriously beautiful with picturesque sites, and beaches. If you haven’t been here you really should go.

On the same day we ended up going to a cenote or a water filled sink hole. They’re seriously gorgeous places to go, they’re all around Mexico and you can actually go a swim in many around the country. The one that we went to was in a cave, where they had small catfish swimming around and bats flying around too. It was definitely an amazing experience. I’ll be doing some more posts on what to do and see in Mexico in the weeks to come so do keep an eye out.

And my final picture is one of me meeting the lovely Really Ree. I came straight off a flight from Mexico, had a few hours sleep and whizzed over to London to an event at SpaceNK in Knightsbridge. I often write for Really Rees site, and the event included looking at new products, a tutorial by one of the fab make up artists and lots of shopping. It was super fun!

What have you been up to this past week. Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!