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Music Monday – Arcade Fire


Happy Music Monday! Despite it almost being officially summer, it feels a bit like Christmas because this past Thursday Arcade Fire announced their new album and released their first new bit of music in over three and a half years.

Out on 28th July the new album is called Everything Now and is the follow up to 2013’s amazing Reflektor. The new single is also called Everything Now and it’s absolutely fantastic. Arcade Fire tend to switch up their sound between releases, sales  and this new track sees them move away from the disco carnival theme on Reflektor to a more piano based rock sound. Everything Now actually feels like a mashup of a lot of their older tracks, with the 4 to the floor beat from Reflektor, the piano lead melody of The Suburbs and the chanting from their debut Funeral.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you think.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Washed Out


Happy bank holiday Music Monday! I hope you’ve been lapping up the beautiful sunshine this weekend with a drink in your hand and music in your ears, discount whether at home or if you’ve been lucky enough to visit one of the many music festivals taking place this weekend.

I’ve been waiting patiently for new material from Washed Out for a few years now. Project of songwriter and producer Ernest Greene, information pills I mentioned Washed Out in my Albums I’m Looking Forward to in 2017 post in January, writing that I was genuinely frustrated at his lack of music of the past few years. Well, the wait is over – this weekend saw the release of the first new Washed Out track for around 4 years!

The new single is called Get Lost, and feels quite different. I really liked the direction that Paracosm went in – introducing more live instruments giving his songs more of an organic feel. However never one to stand still, this new musical direction has a disco/house kind of vibe to it with upbeat samples, looped percussion and erratic chatter and saxophones. It reminds me of Avalanches and their classic Since I Left You.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what music you’ve been enjoying lately.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Beach House


Happy Music Monday! This past weekend has seen some seriously gloomy weather, medical with rain, stuff dark clouds and chilly winds. It makes me wonder whether it was meant to be, find because this past Friday we were treated to a brand new track from one of my favourite bands – Beach House.

Beach House are a two-piece Dream Pop outfit from Baltimore, and have been featured on my blog quite a few times. Last we heard from them was in 2015 after an unusually long lay-off with not one, but two albums released within 2 months of one another – Depression Cherry and then Count Your Lucky Stars. This release schedule was a bit much for me, as while I was getting into the first album the second one dropped, which took my attention away and as a result I never really got into either of them.

Well it’s 2017 and Beach House are back with a new track and have announced a new B-Sides and Rarities album. The details right now are sparse, but it’s new Beach House and that can only be a good thing. The new track is called Chariot and was recorded during the Depression Cherry sessions. It sounds much like their early songs, with the organ high in the mix and the tempo deliberately slow. It’s actually a fantastic track and I can only imagine it wasn’t included on the LP because it just didn’t fit. If there’s more of this kind of music to come from Beach House in the near future then I welcome it with open arms!

Take a listen to the track below and Tweet me and let me know what music you’ve been listening to lately.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Joe Goddard


Happy Music Monday! I hope you’re all fit, check well and positively shining. I’ve had a manic week whizzing around Barcelona sightseeing, shopping and exploring restaurants. One of my favourite places to eat in Barcelona was a lovely little vegan restaurant just off Las Ramblas called Flax & Kale. Not only do they serve incredible food, but the music in there was great too, and I found myself constantly Shazaming.

One of the tunes I picked out from the restaurant was by Joe Goddard and it’s called Music Is The Answer. You might know Joe from his vocals and synths in Hot Chip, and the trademark sound he brings to them is also present here in his solo work.

The track itself is a delicate ballad featuring vocals from London’s Jess Mills in a duet with Goddard, a combination that works really well. The lyrics “Music is the answer to your problems/keep on moving and you can solve them” are really strong and something that we can all relate to.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what’s been in your playlists this past week.

Happy listening!


Music Monday: Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran is currently in the middle of a worldwide tour. This week saw him do his 3 day stint in London so on Wednesday I made my way to The O2 with one of my best friends to see him. It was a fab gig, look just him on stage with an effects peddle and a microphone.  He was quite mesmerising to watch, his energy is amazing and his voice live is really something live. Even though he’s the only one on the stage he owns it and you don’t want to take your eyes off the stage.

One of my favourite songs from his new album Divided is an up beat tune called Barcelona. It’s about Sheeran’s love for the beautiful city and it really does just makes you want to jump up, dance and sing along. The city attracts over a million holiday makers every week and it’s great timing as I’m actually off to Barcelona this week and I’ll be at the airport dancing to this song when this post goes up.

Tweet me and let me know what you’ve been listening to me lately.

Happy Monday!


Music Monday: Kygo Featuring Ellie Goulding


Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I really hope you’re enjoying the long weekend and looking forward to the 4-day week ahead! Even though the weather is a little colder than we’d like I’ve had the windows open and the music on as this song from Kygo featuring Ellie Goulding dropped on Friday and I’ve been loving it.

I’ve written about my love for Kygo in the past, viagra and his flavour of Tropical House was the soundtrack to much of my summer holiday in Mexico last year. It’s great to hear new tracks from him, capsule and even better that he’s teamed up with another of my favourite artists Ellie Goulding on this new track. I was lucky enough to see Ellie live at the O2 last year and it was an incredible night!

Their new track together is called First Time and recalls early teenage memories of wild nights and young love, something I think we can all relate to!  The tune features Kygo’s distinct tropical beats coupled with her angelic, refreshing voice over the top. The song is short but sweet, but I love the cool summer evening vibe that it brings and I’m looking forward to more of this and the nights get longer and this year’s summer adventures begin!

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what’s been on your speakers this week.

Happy listening!



Music Monday – London Grammar


Happy Music Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have suitably recovered from the Monday blues this evening. If you haven’t then a glass of wine and an incredible tune might help.

On the drive home today Jo Whiley played an absolute peach of a song and I just had to pick it for my Music Monday this week, treatment the new single from London Grammar. This is a band who haven’t ever really been on my radar, however I do really like the track Help Me Lose My Mind that they wrote with Disclosure, so I probably should have looked them up sooner.

The Nottingham-based 3 piece are due to release their 3rd album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing in June, and have been warming us up for it with a few singles since the turn of the year. This past Friday they released the track ‘Oh Woman, Oh Man‘ a track that is as beautiful as it is powerful. Singer Hannah Reid’s vocals are something else, really I don’t understand how such a small girl can possess such a strong voice.

The song reminds me a lot of Fleetwood Mac and has a bit of Massive Attack feel to it too, which again probably comes for the wonderful vocals. It’s such a mature track from a young band too.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you’ve been playing lately.

Happy listening!



Music Monday – Toro Y Moi


Happy Easter Music Monday! What a weekend, information pills I’ve been buzzing about everywhere! I’ve been in town, viagra 60mg working in the garden planting and painting, illness out for dinner and drinks with friends and napping on the sofa in between. Sitting down to chill today and catch up with everything online, I noticed a lovely little surprise in the shape of a new track from Toro Y Moi.

Regular readers might remember that in January I wrote about new music that I’m looking forward to this year – and I’ll admit it, looking back now I completely forgot about Toro Y Moi. It feels like a long time since his last release even though it was only in 2015. His last album What For? felt really different, definitely more guitar pop, which meant it was quick and easy to enjoy but ultimately didn’t stick in my memory.

Judging by his new single Omaha he’s taken a different musical turn again with more of a chilled acoustic kind of sound. The synths he’s known for are still present but they’re far more subtle, playing backup to guitars, piano lines and live drums. After a couple of listens I’m enjoying the new track a lot, and if there’s a new album on the way full of similar tracks then I’m excited to hear it!

Take a listen below and let me know on Twitter what you’ve been playing over this Easter weekend.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Jay Som


Happy Music Monday! Spring is here and new music is falling into our laps at a rapid rate. I’m putting together spring playlists, tadalafil crunching through new releases and trying to keep up with who’s playing which festival and how I can get a ticket!

In all of the madness, dosage one release in particular caught my ear this week – the debut from Melina Duterte’s project Jay Som. From Oakland, cialis 40mg California, the 22 year old’s first LP Everybody Works feels like a very stripped down personal record, full of emotion and dry humour. It’s also a very mature album which flits between being delicate, experimental and unashamedly pure pop.

I’ve picked out her new single Baybee, a tune that reminds me in parts of Sports, Mac DeMarco and Toro y Moi. It’s a chirpy tune layered with retro synths, spangly guitars and vocal harmonies that grow in sound and confidence as the song progresses. It’s the perfect showcase for Melina’s talents and summaries her fantastic debut record wonderfully.

Take a listen below and tweet me and let me know what you’ve been playing lately.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – SYML


Happy Music Monday! I hope you’re having a great week so far and you’re ready for some new music, cure because I’ve got a wonderful new track for you this week.

SYML is the solo project of Seattle’s Brian Fennell, cost  who released his debut EP Hurt for Me last year. It’s a wonderful collection of songs, sick full of atmosphere and bursting with emotion. SYML’s powerful vocals are really something, and the standout track on the EP and new single Where’s My Love really showcases his talent as a performer and and a songwriter. The video is beautiful too, and while it’s neither the happiest nor the most uplifting clip, it’s a great piece of art and fits feeling of the song perfectly.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you think.

Have a great week!