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Music Monday – Jay Som


Happy Music Monday! Spring is here and new music is falling into our laps at a rapid rate. I’m putting together spring playlists, tadalafil crunching through new releases and trying to keep up with who’s playing which festival and how I can get a ticket!

In all of the madness, dosage one release in particular caught my ear this week – the debut from Melina Duterte’s project Jay Som. From Oakland, cialis 40mg California, the 22 year old’s first LP Everybody Works feels like a very stripped down personal record, full of emotion and dry humour. It’s also a very mature album which flits between being delicate, experimental and unashamedly pure pop.

I’ve picked out her new single Baybee, a tune that reminds me in parts of Sports, Mac DeMarco and Toro y Moi. It’s a chirpy tune layered with retro synths, spangly guitars and vocal harmonies that grow in sound and confidence as the song progresses. It’s the perfect showcase for Melina’s talents and summaries her fantastic debut record wonderfully.

Take a listen below and tweet me and let me know what you’ve been playing lately.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – SYML


Happy Music Monday! I hope you’re having a great week so far and you’re ready for some new music, cure because I’ve got a wonderful new track for you this week.

SYML is the solo project of Seattle’s Brian Fennell, cost  who released his debut EP Hurt for Me last year. It’s a wonderful collection of songs, sick full of atmosphere and bursting with emotion. SYML’s powerful vocals are really something, and the standout track on the EP and new single Where’s My Love really showcases his talent as a performer and and a songwriter. The video is beautiful too, and while it’s neither the happiest nor the most uplifting clip, it’s a great piece of art and fits feeling of the song perfectly.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you think.

Have a great week!


Music Monday – Local Natives


Happy Music Monday! I love the Release Radar playlist on Spotify, rx it’s a great weekly source of new music and this Friday’s update featured an unexpected new track from Local Natives. Regular readers will know I was a big fan of last September’s album Sunlit Youth, site so I was surprised to see a new single from them so soon.

The new track is called I Saw You Close Your Eyes and is part of the Spotify Music Happens Here series. It was released alongside a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, erectile which was actually recorded in the same studio as the brilliant original. In a clever bit of promotion for the new release, the track was available at, and would only play if you granted the page access to your webcam so that it could detect that you had your eyes closed by using facial recognition. If you don’t fancy going through all of that, you can listen to it below! You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget to tweet me and let me know what songs you’ve been listening to this week.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – TOPS


Happy Music Monday! In January I wrote about artists that I’m hoping to hear new music from this year, stomach and then not more than a few weeks later one of them pops up and announces a new album and releases a single at the same time!

The band I’m talking about is Canada’s TOPS, order  known for their soft indie sound and cool 80’s vibes. They’ll be releasing their third album Sugar at the Gate on 2nd June, and if the new track Petals is anything go by then we’re in for a treat.

After a quick listen it doesn’t seem like their sound has changed much – the bouncy guitars and Fleetwood Mac style harmonies are unmistakably TOPS, however the production seems a bit tighter without losing any of the raw emotion present on their previous records. It’s a fun song, catchy and all over in a few short minutes. I can’t wait to hear more!

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you think. If you like it, check out their previous two releases Tender Opposites and Picture You Staring on Spotify, and you can catch them on their European tour this summer by checking out their website.

Happy listening!


Music Monday: Kygo and Selina Gomez


Kygo is a Norwegen born DJ and producer, click known for almost single-handedly bringing the genre of Tropical House to the mainstream over the past couple of years with tunes that remind me of being on a beach or laying beside a pool.

He started remixing tracks in 2013 and last year released his debut album Cloud 9 which was an enormous hit around the world. But I’m happy to see he’s not resting, unhealthy and just released a new single It Ain’t Me with Selina Gomez on vocals.

The tune features Kygo’s trademark sound, with melodic pianos, choppy sampled vocals and according to a tweet by Vin Diesel his voice is also hidden in the track somewhere too!

Take a listen below and Tweet me let me know what you think!

Happy Listening!


Music Monday: Enrique Iglesias

BD9E82A55056F4F68681E2311BC9BA68201515215141383It’s that time again and this week I wanted share some of the more latino tunes that I’ve been listening too. Ever since our trips to Cuba and Mexico in the last few years, advice latino beats have been near the top of my play list and they’re sure to make me dance in my seat and put a smile on my face.

‘Subeme La Radio’ or ‘Turn up the radio’ is the latest song from Enrique Iglesias, web a teaser from his up and coming studio album which is currently unnamed. After the success of Bailando with Zion & Lennex and Descemer Bueno this song is another collaboration with the trio and it seems like it will be another hit too.

The video was shot in Havana in Cuba which brings back many honeymoon memories and it looks amazing especially Iglesias is standing on the top of the building over looking the city. The song is a fun uplifting latino tune so go have a listen and tweet me to let me know your thoughts.

Happy Monday!


Music Monday – Aiden Knight


Happy Music Monday! This week’s featured track is from a favourite of mine – Canadian signer songwriter Aidan Knight.

I love Aiden’s voice, viagra 100mg it’s so calm and soothing, check and his lyrics are full of rich stories and dry wit. 2016’s album Each Other was a strong contender for album of the year for me, drug and it’s a record that I constantly find myself coming back to. This was one of those weeks, so I thought I’d feature his latest single What Light (Never Goes Dim).

The track is relaxed and calming, until a slowly building synth reaches a peak, the song bursting into life before slowing again. The video is great too, it depicts a number of characters on a submarine all played by Aidan going about their duties before the vessel hits an unknown vector, transporting them through a trip of colourful shapes in a clear nod to the finale of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Check out the video below and Tweet Me and let me know what you’ve been spinning lately.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – FKA Twigs


Happy music Monday! The past week has flown by, price with so much going on. We’ve had Valentine’s day, pharm it’s my husband’s birthday and work has been hectic as usual, purchase so between the chaos I’ve been trying to slow things down as much as possible. Music is a big help, and just lately one of my favourite artists FKA Twigs released her first record EP1 on Spotify, which was previously hard to get hold of. I’ve been listening to it quite a lot recently, so I thought I’d feature my favourite song Ache this week.

It’s a slow, raw track with low key vocals that build as the track progresses with a soft guitar track that loops throughout. It fits right into any chill out playlist, and I find myself coming back to not only this track but all of EP1 a lot in anticipation of a new release from her in 2017. She’s a really talented dancer, vocalist and producer, and while she’s best known to most people for her celebrity relationship, to me she’s an incredibly talented artist who constantly inspires me with her creativity.

Take a listen to Ache below, and tweet me and let me know what you’ve been listening to this week.

Happy listening!



Music Monday – Anna Of The North


Happy Music Monday! This week has been freezing with ice and snow, viagra making blankets, hot drinks and warm jumpers more comforting than ever. This Monday’s track is from a girl who is no stranger to the cold, Scandinavia’s latest female pop export Anna of the North.

Released just a few weeks ago, her newest single Oslo is a love song dedicated to her Norwegian home, and sees her take to some frosty locations in the video.

I’m a big fan of this latest track, and wrote about her in my look ahead to 2017, hoping for a full album soon. If this latest tune is anything to go by we’re going to be in for a treat.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you think.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Disclosure Feat. Lorde


Happy Music Monday! This week I’m looking back to one of my favourite albums from 2016, no rx Disclosure’s Caracal. At first I wasn’t that into the new set of tracks – their first album Settle was such an instant classic and so it took time for these new tracks to grow on me. The album featured a lot of collaborations, and my favourite was the track Magnets which had New Zealand’s Lorde on vocals. A slow, smooth track which has some excellent remixes, it’s a fantastic tune that takes me back to the summer of 2016 and all the good times that went with it. I actually saw Lorde supporting Arcade Fire a couple of years back, and while I’m not a massive fan of her solo work, I’ve always been impressed with her voice and style – both of which really shine through on this track.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you’ve been listening to this week.

Happy listening!