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Music Monday: Sigrid

This weeks Music Monday is slightly later than normal, It’s been a crazy week already although the weather seems to have cooled down which is always fine by me. Back to Music Monday and today I’ve chosen Sigrid, a Norwegian singer, song-writer and her track high five that was released in early May.

After her break through and success with tracks ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and ‘Strangers’ in 2017, she actually won the BBC Music Sound of 2018, a fab achievement.

I love this track, Hive Five, as it has such a upbeat feel to the song and it’s one that I really love to sing along too. The track is strangely addictive but really refreshing. It’s sure to be one that we’ll hear often in the summer season too.

Sigrid is also due to go on tour starting with the Leeds Festival at the end of the month and  I’d recommend seeing this sassy chick and her fun loving music.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of her vibe in the comments below or over on Twitter. i’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Music Monday!


October Favourites!

 October Favourites


img_4212 Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette I bought this at a recent blogger event with Really Ree and I’ve loved using it every since I bought it. I use mainly two of the powders, dim light which is a really subtle that gives a light colour but mainly makes your skin look incredible. The other powder that I’ve been using a lot is Incandescent light, a shade that is very much a highlighter and it’s gorgeous. img_4216 Jo Malone Blue Agave and Cacao Fragrance My holiday in Mexico seems like so long ago now, it’s actually only 5 weeks ago that we got back. This fragrance brings back so many memories even though I only picked it up on the plane home. I’ve actually mention this fragrance to the lovely ladies in Jo Malone and they’ve said that it’s now been discontinued which is such a shame as it’s gorgeous. If you can get your hands on any still left in the shop, I’d buy as much as possible. img_4219 Sunkissed Bronze Professional Self -Tan Mousse I came back to work with this self tan sitting on my desk and although I waited a little while before using it, (I was in denial about my tan fading). I now use this around once a week and it really does the job of topping up the colour and giving you a healthy glow. If you haven’t tried this, you really should. img_4214 Clarins Mascara Supra Volume I’ve been using this mascara ever since I was sent this from Clarins and I really love it. My lashes look amazing when I’ve used it as they are just so long and have such a lot of volume. You have to give this a go if you haven’t already. img_4207 Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 08 Plum Shimmer The Clarins Instat Natural lip perfectors are one of the gems of Clarins. They are gorgeous and and they have a great colour pay off. Plum is is a really deep berry colour and it really makes me feel like I’ve made an effort when I wear it. img_4208 Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour – 104 Amoureux The Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Lip colour in Amoureux  is a beautiful pink nude. I love to wear this for everyday looks and although I like a matte lip products, i also love to add a little gloss to the centre of the bottom lip for a more friendly feel. It a combination that I’ve been wearing all month long and I can’t wait to wear it more. img_4204 Blistex Relief Creme The weather change has meant that my lips have really begun to suffer so Blistex has been a bit of a saviour this month. I love this product even though I’m not keen the application of this product just I don’t like to get my hands into my products.  I can overlook this when it sorts out my badly chapped lips so quickly and keeps them feeling silky smooth every time I wear it. What have you been loving this month and do you love any of these products? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter. Happy Shopping!


Sunday Evening Instagram Round Up!

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.42.55 This little summery set up was right next to the church in town, and it’s one that I love going past so I had to take a picture. I love how bright the red flowers are and the mismatching cutlery. Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.43.16 Monday can sometimes come too soon, especially if you’ve enjoyed the weekend thoroughly so it’s good to great the beginning of the week with a cheery greeting. Hello Monday, what will you bring me? Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.43.25 I was ill quite a bit of this week with a cold etc and missed out on dancing, zumba and running. I was picked to go and review a coffee scrub for @ReallyRee an her site at Harvey Nichols in London so after work, I hopped onto a train and went into the city. I love experiencing now things and new places and Hyde Park isn’t a place that I’ve explored too much so I bought some salad for dinner and went to look for somewhere to sit and eat in the evening heat and I can across this beautiful little rose garden. Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.43.36 I happened to look on the floor and saw that I was standing right on one of the many markers for the Princess Diana memorial walks. Seven miles of beautiful walks around the city and the marker just happened to match my new rose gold Converse trainers. It was a picture using to be taken. Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.43.46 I had a little nose around Harvey Nicks, and came across this gorgeous Alexander Mcqueen dress. It has lipsticks, skulls, ballerinas, lips, butterflies and many more items on and I saw that they also have a silk shirt in the same print too. So pretty and so Mcqueen! Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.43.58 I went for more of a look around Hyde Park once my appointments were over in Harvey Nicks. There are so many monuments and cool statues just waiting to be photographed. This one is Wellington Arch with its four horses and the very first Duke of wellington with wings. Did you know that it’s arch was the original entrance to Buckingham Palace and it now sits in the middle of a traffic island. Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.44.08 I love the mystical feel n the garden part  of the park and there’s something to look at where ever you go here too. I must explore Hyde Park more in the future. Theres so much more to see. What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Sunday!


Music Monday: Pokemon!

Pokemon-banner.jpg.optimal Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week then you’ll know that augmented reality Nintendo game Pokemon Go has been taking over the country and many others. People have been playing it non stop for the last week. Catching, transferring, evolving and battling Pokemon has been all that players have thought about. Well on the face of it, it maybe just a game. It actually encourages players to get out into their local areas and explore land marks and it helps them to get fit while doing it. It also brings players together with meet ups and gatherings happening too. It’s a gameboy game that originally came out in the early nineties with a cartoon that went with it and stories to go with each Pokemon it get you invested in each of the characters. The theme tune to this program is catchy, kitch and really fun and it’s the song I’ve chosen for this weeks music Monday. Let me now what you think of Pokemon Go and the Theme tune in the comments below. Happy listening!


Music Monday: The Script!

Music-Monday-The-Script I’ve been listening to a lot of music of late, mostly music to get me into the work mood. Ever since my aunt and niece went to see The Script in London recently, they’ve raved about lead singer/pianist Danny O’Donoghue and the rest of the three piece band so I really had to see what all the fuss is about. The script are a cheeky Irish pop rock band that formed in 2001. They’ve won countless awards and been on shows such as Made in Chelsea, The Vampire Diaries and The Hills but they’re quite a bit more famous after Danny was on The Voice for a few years and rightly so. I really like this song, Rusty Halo. It’s got a funky beat, a quirky bridge/chorus and it sounds a lot like it has a Sting/The Police. I also love the desperately sad but uplifting song If you could see me now. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below. Have a great week!  


Blogger Interview Series: The LoveCats Inc

Girl standing infant of pink background This weeks blogger is super cool Helen from TheLoveCatsInc.  I read her blog most days so I’m uber happy to have her on Emilyhearts to answer some questions about her site and give a little advice to budding bloggers.  I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think in the comments below. 1. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your blog. I’m Helen, an account manager at a PR/digital marketing company and a magazine journalism graduate. I blog at which covers personal style, beauty and some lifestyle bits like baking and more! 2. How long have you been blogging for and what inspired you to start it? I’ve been blogging for almost three years on (15th May!) and I needed a place I could ramble about style. I used to read a lot of other blogs and thought I could have a crack at it myself! 3. What’s the best thing about having your blog channel? The community is really important to me. As cliche as it is, my readers do mean a lot 🙂 4. What’s you’re top tips for budding bloggers? Always stay true to what you like, as there’s no point posting ‘popular’ topics if you’ve got no interest in them! Let your personality come across and remember it takes time, no one goes from 0 to 10k readers overnight! 5. What does a normal day look like for you? If it’s Mon-Fri, I’m working so it’s pretty boring haha! I come home and do a bit of blogging on a nighttime though as I like to relax that way. On a weekend, I take outfit snaps and all of my beauty pics for the week ahead so I’m fairly busy blog-wise on Sat and Sun! 6. Who’re your biggest style influences? I would say other bloggers first and foremost. I love street style as it’s more aspirational than magazines and photoshoots! I adore a lot of scandi bloggers, especially Caroline from Carolines Mode and some closer to home like Megan from Pages by Megan and Camilla from Into The Fold. 7. Who are your favourite bloggers/vloggers? I wrote about my favourites from last year here and two more posts here and here about my favourite bloggers! I try to write a post every month showcasing my faves! 8. What are your three favourite beauty products right now? The Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm as always, I also love the new Origins Original Skin Serum and the Zelens Eye Cream. 9. What lip product have you got in your hand bag right now? NARS Audacious Lipstick in Vera as it’s the best vibrant magenta shade! 10.What are your three fashion essentials? A good fitting pair of jeans, a staple pair of black boots like my Isabel Marant dicker boots and a crossbody bag! 11.What music are you listening to right now? Typically some house mixes on youtube haha


Afternoon Tea with ReallyRee!

I’m so excited to share with you this week’s Blogger Interview Series with Ree from makeup hair and skin tips and tutorials” href=””>ReallyRee! I’ve been reading her blog for a few years now and I’m thrilled to have her on the site this week. She’s a woman who needs no introduction, however if you’ve have actually been living under a rock for the last few years then head on over to her wonderful blog. Let me know in the comments section below what you think of the interview and who you’d like to see next. 1. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your blog. I’ve been obsessed with beauty products for as long as I can remember. My big sister’s makeup bag was literally the only thing I was interested in! I started the blog as a hobby and literally have not been able to stop posting since. 2. How long have you been blogging for and what inspired you to start it? I set up the site in 2010 as a bit of fun and a way to start writing about things I loved. I did English at Uni but wasn’t suited to traditional journalism as my interest in actual, everyday news is very limited. Writing a beauty blog felt like a match made in heaven. I never thought anyone would read it, but I wanted to do it all the same! 3. What’s the best thing about having your blog/Youtube channel? Having access to all the newness. Innovation in beauty is absolutely incredible and I get to meet the people behind it all. It’s utterly thrilling. 4. What are your top tips for budding bloggers? Content is king. Write write write! You can never write too often. 5. What does a normal day look like for you? If I have an at home day it is basically trying products, taking pictures and writing everything up all day long. Which I love. The other type of day is a succession of meetings and then fitting writing around it. I often work til late and don’t sleep that much. That’s fine though because I think sleeping is boring! 6. Who’re your biggest style influences? I get inspired by people I see on the street for both clothes and makeup. I love people watching. 7. Who are your favourite bloggers/vloggers? Fleur de Force has been a long term fave for me. She’s a great girl. 8. What are your three favourite beauty products right now? The Clinique Melon Pop blush, the YSL Couture Variation Nude palette and Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate. Oh and the new Bobbi Serum foundation. Sorry that’s 4! 9. What lip product have you got in your hand bag right now? The new Aqua Laque lip gloss 02 from Bourjois, Charlotte Tilbury 1975, Revlon colorburst lacquer balm in Demure, Red and Omorovicza lip balm. 10.What are your three fashion essentials? Skinny jeans, boots with a heel, a big leather bag. 11.What music are you listening to right now? I listen to the radio. Usually Capital. I haven’t bought music in years!


A Sweet Potato Brownie Recipe

Ella's-Brownies I have been loving making vegan food recently.  Deliciously Ella’s recipes keep creeping in and this Sweet Potato brownie recipe is  the most loved recipe on her site. We had all of the ingredients in the house the other day so my husband and I made them together. These lovely looking brownies were yummy. Here’s the recipe incase you want to give them a go too. Happy Baking!


Book Review : Strictly Inspirational by Camilla Sacre-Dullerup

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 22.15.10 Having been World Book Day recently I thought that I would complete a book review or two over the next couple of days. I’ll be starting with the new book self penned by Camilla Sacre-Dullerup which was released in early January 2015. Camilla is best known for being one of the original dancers on Strictly Come Dancing. In her book Camilla goes back to the very start of her career and shares her journey of how she became one of the most well known dance faces in the country.She writes about her life, loves and how she has gone on to extend her career to being a TV presenter, motivational speaker, actress, and fitness expert. Something that everyone wants to know about and that features heavily in the book is the eight year relationship with ex-fiance and ex-Strictly dance partner Brendan Cole. It explains how they met, their struggles of training and working full time, their engagement and the start of Strictly. It also covers their very public break up following rumours that Brendan and his Strictly partner Natasha Kaplinsky got on a little too well. On a happier note though, Camilla goes on to tell how she first met and went on to marry her gorgeous husband Kevin Sacre-Dullerup. From reading the book you really get a sense of how much happier she is now. At the end of each chapter is a round up of what Camilla learnt and if your going through something there are tips and exercises from how she dealt with it so the book allows you to learn something about yourself too. This book really lets Camilla show off her talent and it’s constantly positive. It’s a really refreshing perspective, and you can tell that advice and public speaking really comes naturally to her.  Even if you aren’t going through tough times, you can take inspiration from how she relaxes and gets through difficult situations that everyone can relate too. Camilla was back on the Strictly tour as one of the judges this year. She got to relive that amazing moment that she won that shiny Strictly glitter ball award with Tom Chambers in Series 6 as they performed their show dance daily to the lucky audience members. A mesmerising dance as you can see in the video below. One negative point about this book is that there are a few grammar mistakes towards the end. The editor must have been having a snooze when reading though this book. I did read this on my kindle though so maybe it was just this version. Overall this book is a great read and I recommend it to everyone. You’ll finish it feeling uplifted and positive if nothing else. Strictly Inspirational is available from Amazon and book stockists for around £10. Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 22.29.03