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Music Monday – Aiden Knight

Happy Music Monday! This week’s featured track is from a favourite of mine – Canadian signer songwriter Aidan Knight. I love Aiden’s voice, it’s so calm and soothing, and his lyrics are full of rich stories and dry wit. 2016’s album Each Other was a strong contender for album of the year for me, and it’s a record that I constantly find myself coming back to. This was one of those weeks, so I thought I’d feature his latest single What Light (Never Goes Dim). The track is relaxed and calming, until a slowly building synth reaches a peak, the song bursting into life before slowing again. The video is great too, it depicts a number of characters on a submarine all played by Aidan going about their duties before the vessel hits an unknown vector, transporting them through a trip of colourful shapes in a clear nod to the finale of 2001 A Space Odyssey. Check out the video below and Tweet Me and let me know what you’ve been spinning lately. Happy listening!