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Music Monday – Arcade Fire


Happy Music Monday! Despite it almost being officially summer, it feels a bit like Christmas because this past Thursday Arcade Fire announced their new album and released their first new bit of music in over three and a half years.

Out on 28th July the new album is called Everything Now and is the follow up to 2013’s amazing Reflektor. The new single is also called Everything Now and it’s absolutely fantastic. Arcade Fire tend to switch up their sound between releases, sales  and this new track sees them move away from the disco carnival theme on Reflektor to a more piano based rock sound. Everything Now actually feels like a mashup of a lot of their older tracks, with the 4 to the floor beat from Reflektor, the piano lead melody of The Suburbs and the chanting from their debut Funeral.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you think.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Albums I’m Looking Forward to in 2017 – Part 1

Happy music Monday! As we wave goodbye to 2016 and welcome in 2017, order I wanted to take a look a few bands who might be releasing new albums this year. 2016 didn’t see much in the way of new tunes from my favourite artists, online so I’m very excited about the prospect of some great new music this year! So I thought for this Music Monday I’d list some of the bands who are due a release.

Arcade Fire

This is an easy one! One of my favourite bands over the years, Arcade Fire’s last release was 2013’s Reflektor. They’re already booked for a series of festivals over the summer, and we could well have a new album from them in the first half of this year.

St. Vincent

St. Vincent, or Annie Clark, last released her self-titled album back in 2014, and we haven’t heard much from her in 2016. In the past she’s released new music quite consistently every couple of years, so I’m hopeful we’re gonna hear some new music from the wonderfully quirky lady in 2017.

Anna of the North

Anna of the North is part of the wave of stars that we’ve seen emerge from Scandinavia over the past few years. She was on a roll in 2016 with singles Baby and Us, so fingers crossed we may get a debut album in 2017.

The XX

This one’s a certainty, but it’s still got me excited. The XX are back this year with their third album I See You, which comes out on January 13th. They just today uploaded the audio of a new track Say Something Loving, which just raised the excitement level that bit higher!

FKA Twigs

Twigs’ last release was 2015’s EP M3LL155X (pronounced Melissa?), a short but sweet set of songs that picked up where her breakthrough album LP1 left off in 2014. However she had a busy 2016, working on new music and releasing the single Good to Love while performing a 7 day residency in Manchester and a new stage show Radiant Me2 in Moscow where she performed 3 new songs. Twigs rarely does things by the book, but 2017 could see a new album or at least new music in some capacity. Here’s hoping!

Part two is coming next week, but in the mean time Tweet me and let me know what music you’re looking forward to this year.

Happy listening!

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