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An Instagram Round-Up

Unknown-2 I’ve posted quite a lot this week so I thought that I would do a weekly round up of my posts. To start, there was the Easter weekend. I had lots of fun but the four day weekend went far too fast. I got a lovely Easter egg from work and I gave this happy Lindt bunny to my husband which he enjoyed eating a lot. Unknown-1 The next picture is a big old pile of the limited edition Lush carrots that were sat in their window of the Easter period. They smelt so yummy, not carrot like at all more subtle floral and the bet thing about them was that they come in a pack of three. This means they last last a really last time and there’s three of them and they look so pretty. Bonus! Unknown-7 The next picture is one I took while we went on a Sunday stroll after dinner. We were actually trying to find a little cafe to have a drink at but it was windy as Storm Kate was blowing a guster and it was closed. This picture is of the bird sanctuary just down the road. It really perfect and the ducks around here are so funny as they all have such crazy hair. Unknown-6 On Tuesday, I travelled down to London for an appointment. I actually walked from Holborn to Liverpool street in the rain as there were so many people in the underground at rush hour. Gotta love a walk! I took this picture of the buildings that I came across right near Liverpool street. Unknown-5 On Wednesday I posted something that I had been working on for a while with New Look. This fabulous outfit post with floral maxi dress and deny bomber jacket is such a cool look. One I’ll be wearing a lot in the  weeks and month to come. Unknown-4 Unknown-3 On Thursday, my husband and I went to Pizza Express to sample the new vegan pizzas for our date night. The pizza’s are nice but don’t have much topping on other than that, we’d  go again. We also enjoyed a really lovely bottle of cold Thatchers. Ultra perfect!  I took this fab picture of Colchester Town Hall. We also saw this really yummy cake in a cake shop we walked past in the town centre. I didn’t actually try any but it was too delicious looking not to have a picture taken of it. Unknown-2 On Friday I went to the local noodle bar with the girls from work. I’d never been here before and I was pleasantly surprised. The food was ultra yummy although I ordered too much and it was so big I couldn’t eat even half of it. Eek! I’m sure we’ll be going again as my husband has earmarked this restaurant for our next  date night. I can’t wait. Unknown-1 I decided to have a wander around town on Saturday and I found this lovely rock t-shirt of Bowie in Topshop. I’m a little obsessed with this guy as his music is amazing and so was his life achievements. I actually got a different Bowie t-shirt the other week and I haven’t stopped wearing it. It’s gorgeous. Unknown I went over to one of my husband and I’s favourite shops Maison White. It’s tiny shop full of trinkets, fake flowers, furniture, candles etc. We always love everything in the shop and have to prise ourselves away with only a few small products. I found this awesome hummingbird cushion and I’m diving to buy it or our sofa to smarten it up for the Spring/Summer season. What have you been up to this last week. Do let me know in the comments below or maybe you’d like to tweet me. Happy Instagramming!    

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February Favourites!

IMG_3285 IMG_3287The first item in my Feb favourites is Girl On Line On Tour by Zoe Sugg better known as Zoella. My husband bought me this for Valentine’s day and I’ve only had a short time to read it but I’m already half way through and thoroughly enjoying it. I can’t wait to read more. IMG_3289When I’ve not been reading Girl On Line On Tour, I’ve been listening to David Bowie which I’m very much enjoying and I’ve finished this great book on him by David Buckley. It’s filled with lots of accounts from his long time collaborators. It’s a fab book and if you too are a Bowie fanatic, it’s a must read. IMG_3294The Clarins Multi- active Day and Night creams are really great moisturisers. The day cream is rich yet light on the skin and it’s really helped my skin look amazing in the last month. The night cream smells amazing, it has poppy extract in it and it has really been helping me to sleep recently too. IMG_3296Ciate is fast becoming my all time favourite nail polish brand. I received this one in Pillow Fight from an InStyle magazine. It’s beautiful colour. A mauve nude that looks incredible on the nails and goes with everything. And how cute is the bow on the bottle. I’ve even found that you can get reduced Ciate products from TK Maxx with such amazing colours available so I’m ultra happy. IMG_3301I recently did a blog post on the Max Factor Marilyn Monroe collection and I’ve been loving the darkest of the four colours Marilyn Cabernet ever since. It’s a beautiful colour and one everyone seems to be able pull off. It makes every outfit that bit more done up and has such great staying power. If you haven’t tried this already, you should. IMG_3305I’ve always wanted to have some Garlain products as I’ve heard there so good. This one is hopefully the first of many and it didn’t let me down. I picked it up towards the end of  the January sales and it was on sale as I’m told it’s an end of the line product. They lipsticks are so creamy and almost feel like a lip balm. It’s the most beautiful of nudes, slightly darker than Nude Pop from Clinique but in the same tone family. Clinique-lipstick-pic-2I love the Clinique Pop lipsticks. They’re lipsticks that have both colour and primer. I’ve already got and loved Nude Pop, and it made my monthly favourites a few months ago. This one in Party pop, the most beautiful bright pink/red is one I instantly loved. These lipsticks moisturise and last a long time. Perfect! IMG_3312I received these gorgeous Vivienne Westwood earrings from my husband for Valentine’s Day. I’d had my eye on some jewellery from this lovely lady from quite some years, and when I spotted these small silver VW orbs in my local stockists a few months ago, I just knew they had to be mine. My husband knows me well and these beauties were a grand surprise. They come in gold, silver and rose gold and every one comments on them. They really ooze sophistication and glamour. What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Shopping!