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Wednesday Wishlist

I’m off to Barcelona in a few weeks and so I’ve been searching the shops and there are some amazing clothes at the moment. I’ve gathered together some of my favourites though and some that I might even end up having in my wardrobe soon.
Wednesday Wishlist
1. First up is this Zara Pineapple shirt dress £25.99 , it’s so cute with the contrasting white material and blue fruit. It’s a fab style and is perfect for the warmer days. The waist tie pulls this dress in and makes it more flattering too.
2. Joules is brand that I like a lot as the prints are really cool and flattering too. I love this Bo Print vest, with is it’s red stripes and a bee print. It would go fab paired with a pair of denim jeans. There’s actually an offer at the moment too – 2 for £29, Bargain!
3. The second Joules piece that I’ve chosen is the harbour print jersey top with the small section of stripes and the floral print, it contrasts so nicely. It would be perfect for work with a skirt for the weekend with a denim skirt.
4. This Asos / Abercrombie and fitch floral print tea dress is so pretty. Yellow is such an awesome colour and is super flattering especially in the warmer months. The print really settles the colour down a little too. It would go perfectly with candles and a denim jacket.
5. These Cath Kidston Lob-star embroidered espadrilles are my favourites from this Wishlist and they’re at the top of my things to buy next month. The lobsters print from this season is perfect for the summer and for holidays. Just so cute and would go with everything too.
6. Cactus and flamingo prints are going to be huge this season. The shops are full of them so when I saw this Zeina wrap in Navy Cactus dress from Dancing Leopard/Silk Fred, I did a little dance. It’s fab. The style with the mini skirt and short sleeves are perfect for Spring/Summer.
Have you got your eye on any of these pieces or have you already purchased some of them? Let me know in the comments below.
Happy Shopping!

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What I got for Christmas 2016!

img_4384 img_4386 So these items are a few from my mum that  love. I’ve been going on about the Stella McCartney Pop fragrance and I actually ended up buying it for my mum too. Great mind! The DKNY perfume is one of my all time favourites and so i was very happy to get this. And my mum knows me well as a pretty lipstick and nail polish is very me. img_4396 Next are a few cute presents from my sister in law. I was really spoilt by her as they are all from Ted Baker. The smaller items are firstly a gorgeous deep red lippie and nail polish set. I’m really looking forward to saving these for a special occasion to wear them as it’s a really gorgeous colour and will really add to an outfit. Things that I really love is a fab hand cream and nail file so these ones are perfect. The print is so cute too. Lastly is this fab checkered Ted Baker shopper and I love these bags as they’re so useful especially in the summer so this one will be getting a lot of use. img_4387 My in-laws really spoilt me this year too and I thought that I would just choose a selection of the things. They know that I’m a blogger so when I opened this little E plate my first thought was, ooo this is very instagram-able. The gold is so pretty. I have Thomas Sabo bracelet, and so a little tortoise charm was perfect to remind me of my recent holiday to Mexico. It’s so cute. I also received a little Cath Kidston Lip butter and hand cream set. So pretty! img_4400 My dad and sister bought me a coat from Warehouse that I asked for. I love the mottled blue and black effect that it has and it’s really warm. It also goes really well with the faux fur snood I got from my aunty. I received a little Michael Kors card holder too as I never have enough room for wallets or purses in evening bags so I really needed something cute for them to go in.  I really love this. img_4390   Lastly I received a few amazing gifts from my husband. We actually almost bought each other similar things too which is strange. First up is this candle from Neom. I’ve been after one of these for so long as it smells incredible. I can’t wait to start burning it. Next up is this a fragrance I adore from Jo Malone. Peony and Blush Suede is such a pretty floral fragrance. Every time I go past my local shop I always pop in and smell it. I always use them up so fast though as I love the JM fragrances so much. I’m saving this one a little more though. I’d seen this cute little E key ring in Accessorize recently, I always loose my keys so it was so cool to get this. Perfect! My big present from my husband this year was this super cute black Michael Kors evening bag.  I’ve been to a few events recently and had to borrow a friends black bag to go with my outfit so my husband chose a stunning one for future events. It’s made of saffiano leather which means it’s really durable and doesn’t scratch easily.  It has space for a few cards, a bit of make up and my phone. What more could a girl need. What did you get for christmas? Let me know in the comments below. Happy

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What's in My Michael Kors Bag!

Michael Kors bag a few months now. I received it from my lovely husband for Christmas 2014. I’ve wanted it for quite a few years so he certainly knows me well. I’ve perfected what I have in my bag a little more now and it tends to change by day if I have meetings and things but heres the main contents of my new bag. I love how there are compartments, this is what drew me to it in the first place as it makes organising my items easier. It has a middle section that will hold my laptop if I need to transport it anywhere which is a definite bonus too. I’m never without a note pad as you never know when you’ll have an amazing idea for a post or find out about a product of some kind. I also always have a diary with me as I have everything in hard copy form as well as on my phone which is also here. These two are both from Paperchase. You can’t beat that shop! My two pens are from Swarovski and are both pink, one of my favourite colours. The phone is an Apple iPhone 5 which I’m hoping to upgrade soon. IMG_2174 IMG_2177 You can’t be without keys as these are for my flat. The pretty keyring is from Cath Kidston. I met her a few years ago and this keyring reminds me of that time. I also bought the Michael Kors purse at christmas with some of the money I received. It’s my perfect purse as it looks classic and matches my gorgeous bag. It has lots of space for change, cards and a few bonus old school pics of my husband in the back somewhere. I always have some pink business cards for my blog on me. I’m waiting for these to run out so that I can update my email account with my married name. Hee hee! As for the products, I always have Nurofen in my bag as I suffer from dreaded Migraines, Bleagh! Hand cream makes a big appearance in Winter as my hands are always so dry. This one is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula and it’s pretty good but it tends to change every day depending on how they feel. If I have sore cut hands I’ve been recently reaching for the Cowshed – Cowslip Sweet Orange and Peppermint version. It closes the cuts up really quickly and is really soothing which is great because they can really hurt. I always have a perfume or deodorant too. Todays is My Burberry by Burberry which is so warm and luxurious for the winter. Totally my favourite scent at the moment although I tend to change them up seasonally. In my SewLomax make up bag I have the Soap and Glory – A Great Kisser lip balm in Juicy Peach and lip gloss in Sexy Mother Pucker. Such a great- your lips but better colour and gloss. I also have the cute compact bee mirror I received for my birthday, the lemonade Lanolips and Urban Decay’s Lovelight which is a current favourite. I also have the Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara as I’m a big fan of this mascara, a gorgeous bright but deep red Topshop lipstick in Really Ruby as you never know when you’ll need to make yourself look posh. I also have Max Factor’s Colour Elixir Gloss in Radiant Rose as it’s my favourite gloss of all time and Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara as I’m trying it out for a review. So many thing’s and I’m surprised I get it all in half the time. Eeek! Have you got any of these products or have you got a link for your what’s in my bag? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Shopping!