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A Sunday Visit to Deliciously Ella

I’ve started writing more about being vegan, what it means to me and tips on getting started if it’s something you want to give a try. One of my top tips was to eat out at vegan cafes and restaurants to discover new meals then try and recreate them at home. So I thought I’d share one of my favourite vegan places to grab brunch – Deliciously Ella’s deli in London.

Set in Mayfair’s Weighouse Street just a short walk from Bond St tube station, the location instantly feels calming as you step away from the busy crowds. The deli has a warm homely feel with a large communal table providing the main seating upstairs, making it feel like you’ve just stepped into Ella’s dining room for a meal. Wooden shelves line the walls with flowers, pictures, and jars of nuts, grains and other ingredients on display. The deli has large windows that let in lots of natural light which feels really relaxing.

If you want a quieter spot there’s seating downstairs with smaller tables spread around various little nooks and corners. It’s beautifully decorated with pictures hung on every wall, and it’s a great place to have a quiet lunch when you’re out shopping and need a breather.
The menu is healthy, delicious and simple, with a lot of the dishes using just a few core ingredients which makes them great for recreating at home. In fact a lot of the deli menu can be found in Deliciously Ella’s books, so if you’re not sure how you can get the recipes from the lady herself. In fact she can often be spotted helping in the kitchen early in the mornings, particularly at the weekends.

The deli has been refurbished this month, and as part of the relaunch the menu is going to be refreshed every two months, meaning there’s always something new to try! I popped in for brunch with my husband last weekend and ordered a PB&J bagel, while my husband went for the banana chocolate pancakes. All plant-based of course! Check out some of the snaps below.
Have you been to Deliciously Ella in London, if not where’s your favourite vegan spot? Hop on Twitter and let me know!
Happy eating!



Interview with Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is plant-based food blogger turned entrepreneur that I’ve been a fan of for a while now. Her mission is to change the way that people eat for the better with plant-based recipes that prove that vegan and veggie food is more than boring salads.
She began her journey into healthier eating to help battle a serious illness, learning how to cook using simple ingredients she already had in the house, and her blog was a way to share her recipes. She didn’t expect many people to read it, but they did in huge numbers, and she’s since released a number of books and opened a wonderful deli in central London.
Lately her passion for wellbeing has developed into physical and mental health too, with a growing love of yoga and mindfulness. She’s really warm and down to earth, and took the time out to speak to me about all things Ella.
1. You always seem to be on the go – talk me through a normal day. 
There isn’t really a normal day, which is something I love – I really enjoy the spontaneous nature of the way I work, everyday is so different. I get up at 6.30 most days and do yoga 7-8, then walk through the park with Matt and Austin to work via the deli to check in with the team or have a breakfast meeting, I normally have our creamy bircher muesli with almond butter and homemade compote, I’m obsessed with our slow-cooked pineapple one at the moment. I then spend the rest of the day doing a variety of things from innovation meetings, strategy planning, commercial meetings, time with our customers, meetings buyers or suppliers, recipe testing, social media, content planning, book writing or a whole host of other things! We tend to work late Monday-Wednesday, then Thursday we have a date night at one of our favourite spots in London!
2. When you’re not at your own restaurant which plant based restaurants do you visit in London?
I love 26 Grains, The Barbery, Palomar, Granger and Co and Roka
3. I’m a big fan of your books! How do you come up with the recipes, do you spend a lot of time experimenting or do you put your own spin on more traditional recipes?
I just love cooking and experimenting with new ideas, so I’m always trying new recipes and flavour combinations. Lots of the recipes are inspired by what’s popular within the Deliciously Ella community too. If a recipe is a real hit then I’ll look at similar concepts or ways that we can evolve it to give readers more ideas.
4. Your food has a very distinct style and actually so do your delis. My husband said it feels like eating at a friend’s kitchen, what was the interior style inspiration?
That’s so nice to hear, and that’s exactly what I wanted to create. I want everything about Deliciously Ella to feel warm and inviting!
5. You obviously take great care with the food that you eat, and it feels like you do the same for your home and kitchen decor. Do you have any pointers for budding home designers out there who want to brighten up their spaces?
I think it’s just about finding your own style, putting together pieces that you love and not being nervous to try new things – that’s how everythings taken shape at Deliciously Ella.
6. I love your beauty line in Neal’s Yard. If I were to buy just one product from the range which would you recommend?
Thank you! I love the body moisturiser, it smells so delicious!
7. What are the essential beauty products that you carry around with you everyday?
I like keeping things really simple – I wash my face, use a serum and a moisturiser and then a few beauty products, normally mascara, blusher, concealer and some bronzer. Brand wise I love RMS, Ilia and Kjaer Weiss
8. I know you love Yoga and Pilates. Have you got any tips for the beginners out there?
I’m a yoga addict at the moment, I practise almost every day before work and it really helps keep me grounded. There’s something so calming about the practice and it really helps me create a positive mind-set.
9. You always seem to be working on something new and exciting! What’s next for Deliciously Ella that you can tell us about?
I know, the last few years feels like such a whirlwind – there have been so many different projects! We’re working on some new recipes for supermarkets this year, it’s still a secret for now but I can’t wait to share more soon, and then there’s a new book coming in August. The new book, called The Cookbook, is probably my favourite thing I’ve ever worked on, it’s really personal and shares all of our stories, as well as all the recipes from the deli.
10. Like you, I work with my husband and love it. It seems like you both love it too so I wondered how you balance your work and personal life?
We love it, I know some people think we’re mad (I’m sure you’ve heard the same!) but there’s something really special about creating such a connected life together and having the support of each other is so amazing. We make it work by doing such different things, I do all the creative and he does the business development, finance, operations etc and together we try to bring the vision to life. It’s hard finding time to switch off but there’s so much to be excited about that we don’t really mind.
11. Finally what do you do on a perfect day off?
Sleep in; go to a great yoga class with my favourite teacher; eat brunch smashed avocado on rye toast in bed with garlicky mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and homemade baked beans; take our dog for a walk; eat lunch with friends; get a massage; take a nap and then go for a big Indian feast with my husband. The dream!
Have you tried any of Deliciously Ella’s recipes? Hop on Twitter and let me know!
Happy eating!

Beauty Lifestyle

February Favourites

Febfavourites Beauty and Skin Care Favourites I was given the My Burberry by Burberry fragrance for christmas. It’s been firmly in my bag and has been my go-to scent ever since. It’s utterly gorgeous. It was inspired by the iconic Burberry mac which is shown in the packaging as the lid represents the buttons on the mac. It has warm floral tones which are supposed to have captured the essence of a London garden after the rain has fallen. It’s been amazing to wear for these cooler months. It makes me happy when I smell it. MyBurberry I had my hair dyed darker for the winter months as you all have noticed on my instagram. To keep the colour going a little longer than expected I was given this little beauty of a conditioner from Milkshake. It contains a cocktail of natural products such as Milk, Casein and is rich in wheat proteins. This conditioner repairs and strengthens colour-treated hair which is just what I need. I  have really noticed a difference in my hair colour as well as the condition so if you see this in a shop, buy it and try it out quickly. Milkshake I was in London the other day and I had really sore hands, they were split because they were so dry and really hurt as a result. I popped into Cowshed on Carnaby Street to buy one of their hand creams that I’ve heard a lot about. I went away with this,  Cow Slip Soothing hand cream with essential oils of sweet orange and peppermint. It smelt the nicest out of all the ones I tried. This stuff is a miracle worker, the cuts in my hand healed almost straight away after using it and my hands were left feeling soft, moisturised and I was very happy. I’ve been using it ever since and I love it. cowshed I bought Rimmels Salon Pro in the Kate Moss collection 227 New Romantic. This picture probably doesn’t do it justice because it has an ever so slight hint of a sparkle and when it’s on the nails it looks beautiful. It lasts really well and even longer with a good base and top coat. I’ve worn it for most of the month and I’ll be wearing it long into the Spring/Summer season too. Rimmelpolish The weather has been quite cold over the last few months and something I’ve suffered with quite a lot as you can tell from the above . My legs were getting quite bad and I decided to dip into my Honeymania scrub and I found a new found love for it this month. It’s rather nifty  because it is super moisturising so not only does it moisturise your skin but it removes the dead skin. Gross but brilliant!  If you need something that will do the job quickly then this is just the ticket. Thebodyshop Non Beauty favourites This month was Valentines and my husband gave me two books that I’ve wanted for ages. Fleur De Force’s new book The Glam Guide and Tanya Burr’s book Love Tanya. I’ve watched these ladies on youtube for a long time, I think three or four years now and it’s lovely to see how far they have both come. They’re both on different paths within the same sort of career and yet so different. First up is The Glam Guide, the book itself is gorgeous. Covered in her favourite things girlie colours, rose gold and stars. There are even a few of her favourite items too including bags, designer shoes and home wear. Fleur’s book is penned by her and you can really tell as it’s like reading a book version of her Youtube videos. It’s aimed at quite a good age too 20-30s which is perfect for me. There’s lots of tips which are really handy such as how to do your make up, travel, relationships and so much more. It’s a lovely keep sake and one that I’ll keep going back to again and again. I’ll be doing more of a review of this in the next few days so look out for it if this interests you. TheGlamGuide Love Tanya is part autobiography and part tips and hints on cookery, relationship, make up and fashion. It’s aimed at a younger audience than Fleur’s. I lived in the same area as Tanya so I enjoy watching her videos as I know the area and the shops she talks about. The tips are quite handy and it really is again like she’s talking to a friend and having a catch up which is lovely. It’s written by a ghost writer but you can tell that she has put her stamp on it. Again this will be a book that I keep coming back to for years to come. LoveTan This next book is actually my husbands, it was a present for his birthday that was only a few weeks ago. He’s been a vegan for quite a few years now and I’m slowly getting into eating the same way. I’ve been vegetarian for the last few years, so I’ve cut out refined sugar, sweets and animal products but found dairy has been a little harder to move away from. We always struggle with what to eat too but Deliciously Ella has really helped us find our way with it.  This book is marvellous. To give you a bit of background on the book itself, Ella originally started eating vegan because she suffers from POTS, a condition that affects the system that controls everything that happens automatically in the body.  From this she started a blog to write her recipes down to share with others and it’s really grown in the last few years. This book has been at number 1 in the amazon book chart for the last 7 weeks and it shows no sign of budging. Eating this way definitely makes you feel healthier and the meals in here are so easy to cook. I cooked a carrot cake from this book for my husbands birthday and he loved it. So I have a feeling that this book will carry on being a favourite for a long time to come. Have a read and tell me what you think. DelElla   I’ve also watched and loved an HBO programme called The Leftovers.  There’s just one series so far although I’ve there is another one to be released soon. It’s about people in the world disappearing one day and how the people left behind deal with it and try and find out what happened. They’re also these people dressed in white that don’t talk but smoke. It has quite a few famous people in it such as Liv Tyler and Christopher Eccelstone too. It’s a strange program but it really is a brilliant program to watch. Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.03.38 I hope you have liked reading about my favourites and if you have any that you think I should know about or maybe you have your own favourites post? Let me know in the comments below. Happy shopping!