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Fitness fun and a Gola bag in the park!

House of Fraser got in contact with me recently with the choice of a bag, I just had to choose this gorgeous Gola Redford messenger bag. IMG_3839 It has a thick black strap and a cracked leather effect on the front with the Gola logo taking pride of place. It’s really stylish and sporty and its based on the original iconic 70’s design.  It will also be great for popping in my water and gym gear in when I go to and from class. IMG_3838 IMG_3836 It also has a really cool black Gola pattern inside with an inside pocket on the inside for hiding more personal or small items like your jewellery between classes. IMG_3825   IMG_3831 The Gola messenger bag is a great size and it really will keep all of your bits in here. I can even pop a pair of trainers and outfit inside and have room for more.   IMG_3834 The best bit about this bag is that you can use it for anything not just fitness and taking things to and from classes. It’s also unisex so your boyfriend or husband will love it too. Let me know what you think of the Gola messenger bag in the comments below or maybe you might like to tweet me instead. Happy shopping!   *In collaboration with House of Fraser