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Music Monday: James Bay!




Happy Bank Holiday Monday and happy Music Monday! This weeks track is James Bay. After hitting it big with his debut album Chaos and the Calm, he’s recently taken a year off to get creative, have a break and to write more music. While he was away he decided the hair didn’t go with his new 80’s music vibe so he cut it short and also got getting rid of the hat. I’m loving this new style which some have said early Johnny Depp look!

His new album Electric Light was released on the 18th May. He’s slowly been releasing tracks from this new collection of song and one of my favourites is this gorgeous song Us which is today’s Music Monday. The song still has that undeniable delicate James Bay sound with gospel choir, soulful lyrics and that stomping beat. It definitely has a particular 80’s vibe with the erupting sound of the steel guitar and the strings. His voice more amazing in real life and is just as soulful as his debut but you can clearly tell he’s pulling from  influencers such as 80’s hero’s Bowie, Prince, Frank Ocean and film sound tracks from the times too.

This double denim wearing chap starts his European tour tomorrow, 29th May at RoundHouse, London. What a cool venue to start at, and to a sold out audience too. If you have a ticket, you’re going to have a blast!

Take a listen to the tracks below and let me know your thoughts in the comments below or over on Twitter. Happy Listening!


Music Monday: Joseph!

JosephIts Monday again and that means that that I have another Music Monday for you. Whoop! Recently I went to see James Bay at Thetford Forest which was a gig I thoroughly enjoyed.  That guy can really sing and his voice is so much bigger and better in person too, something I thought wouldn’t be able to say about JB. If you ever get the chance to see James Bay in person, I recommend him. The years of hard work busking and open mike nights really paid off, he’s such a amazing performer. Supporting him was an fab American band made up of three talented harmonising sisters called Joseph. James Bay actually brought these guys back onto stage almost at the end of his set to sing a catchy cover called ‘Look Out Cleveland’. The song was relatively unknown but it had most people transfixed by the singing and harmonies coming from the stage. Josephs songs are catchy, toe tapping and funky folk.  They kind of remind me a little of The Lumeneers, they have the same feel but without the male voices included. I love this song White Flag, it’s hearty yet feel good and it was even on Jimmy Fallen recently so this band are really getting big. They bring out their new album I’m Alone, No You’re Not this August 26th but you can already preorder it so go get it. Let me know what you think of these girls voices in the comments below. I’d really love to know your thoughts. Happy Listening!

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September Favourites

September Favourites SeptemberFavourites Tanya Burr lipgloss This Tanya Burr lipgloss was an August re-release for the blogger/vlogger but it’s a lipgloss that I keep coming back to to. It’s a really pretty coral with gorgeous gold flecks included. It gives a small tint of colour but nothing like the bottle so it’s not as scary as you expect. It has a great texture when it’s on, it lasts quite a long time even when I’ve eaten or drink something. The new packaging is so pretty and it’s a bargain price too! Tanyaburrlipgloss Wetbrush I’m still really loving this wet brush. Does what it’s title says. You can brush your hair when wet because the in essence the brush teeth are further apart, made of a denser material which means it doesn’t pull so much. This also means that it will give little or no split ends. I love the blue ombre effect on my expert wet brush too. So pretty. Just wish I had a hair tie and curlers now. :-0 Wetbrush Origins A perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea Origins are a strange company for me, maybe I’ve just had quite bad experiences with my local stand but they do great products and I can’t knock them for that. I had a facial in September where they used this face wash and just loved it. It smells so good with the inclusion on white tea as the main ingredient, it makes you feel like you want to eat this stuff. It leaves your skin feeling really soft and fresh. If also been testing the moisturiser of the same collection and I’ve been quite impressed with this too. Again it makes my skin feel really soft, but it also leaves it feeling like it’s had a good drink and is deeply moisturised. I’m planning on buying the full version of this at the end of the month. Originsfacewash SuperCat eye liner from Soap and Glory I’ve recently written a post on this product. I find the SuperCat eye liner really easy to use and especially as the nib of the pen quite ridged. This means it’s quite a bit easier to use than any other eye liner product I’ve used so far in my quest for finding my perfect eye liner. A great product to start with for beginners in make up and one to try out if you are looking for something from the high street seeing as it’s just the bargain price of £6. I do find that the product does often move and smudge if it’s put on without any base or primer so you do have to prep the area before applying quite vigilantly. Supercat Jo Malone perfume I was bought this beautiful Jo Malone perfume in Wood Sage and Sea Salt for my birthday in June. It’s my first Jo Malone scent and boy what a great one to start with. I just can’t get enough, think it’s becoming my all time favourite summer/autumn fragrance. It’s subtle, but really feminine and it looks amazing in photos. Bonus! JoeMalone Love Necklace – Alex Monroe The end of September saw my husband and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We had a lovely day at London Zoo with a meal at my favourite restaurant Rossopomadoro (Little Tomato) in Covent Garden where I was given this gorgeous gold plated Alex Monroe Love necklace. What a treat especially as it’s my favourite jewellery designer. We saw the night out in the top bar at the Gerkin tower with spectacular views of London chatting about the past year, and our future hopes and dreams. Perfect! AlexMonroeLove Michael Kors bag It’s bag love of the month with this little beauty. I have a few designer bags now but I keep coming back to this one, the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote. It’s big, fits everything in including my laptop which handy when I want to take it into work which I often have to do. I can’t imagine I will ever fall out of love with this. MichaelKors TV programs Gossip-Girl-S2-shoot Gossip Girl In September I was really addicted to this program. I’d sit down after dinner and watch it, so much so that I watched all of the series in just 6 weeks with little to no break in the middle. Eek! Addicted much! The ending just made so much sense too, really very clever.  There was some great writers on this show. I hope they do a come back at some point. It would be great to see how they are getting on 10 years down the line. reign-1
Reign This is a new show for me but I started to watch this right at the end of the month and have continued on to watch it throughout October. It’s all about the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots, the life and loves. It’s really done well and the costumes are spectacular. It’s a must watch for everyone! Ed-Sheeran-James-Bay-Let-Go-Video
Music – Ed Sheeran/James Bay As you can probably tell I have been loving both Ed Sheeran and James Bay this month a lot. I tend to listen to their albums a lot when I’m at work. They’re really easy listening and both artists music seem to make me really productive which is alway a plus. I’d love to go and see both in concert at some point, tickets are like gold dust though. You can just never get hold of any. Both would be amazing though! What have your favourites been throughout September? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Reading!
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