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Father’s Day Gifts with L’Occitane

June is always a busy month for me. Aside from my own birthday and all the summer shenanigans that fill up every weekend, it’s also my dad’s birthday and of course Father’s Day. It can be tough to know what to buy for my Dad, he’s one of those people who has everything he wants, and if he sees something he fancies he’ll just get it. This year he’s in for a real treat however, because the lovely people at L’Occitane got in touch and offered to help out.

Aftershave is always a great male gift idea, I find men are less personal about their scent as long as it smells fantastic. With that in mind I decided to pick out L’Occitane’s Cologne Cedrat Collection. The scent mixes citrus, aqua and a spicy ginger to create something fresh and exotic.

The Cedrat collection features a 75ml Eau de Toilette, a shower gel and a deodorant, so the scent can get daily wear or just for special occasions. I love it, and while I haven’t really thought of L’Occitane for men’s fragrance in the past I’m excited to see what they have later this year for Christmas!

The L’Occitane’s Cologne Cedrat Collection is available online or at most department stores, usually for around £79.00.

What are you getting your dad for Father’s day this year? Hop on Twitter and share your gift ideas.

Happy shopping!

In collaboration with the lovely people at L’Occitane


L'Occitane Mini sets

Hope you all had a fantastic long Easter Weekend and it was filled with chocolate, fun and spending time with lots of family.
If you weren’t loving the chocolate though, this gorgeous little set from L’Occitane maybe more up your street. There are two sets in both Almond, and Cherry Blossom which includes the mini Amande shower gel, delicious soup an the hand and nail cream.
The sets are so cute and who can say no to a minis collection, they’re just so handy for travelling and going on little trips like I have coming up soon. They’re now in the sale too so you might be able to get yourself a little bargain if your quick.
Let me know what you got up to over the weekend and if you’re loving these gorgeous little min collections as much as me.
Happy Shopping!
*Products sent from the lovely ladies at L’Occitane


My February Favourites

February was definately an interesting month. Just when we thought Spring was on it’s way, back came the cold and snow which meant that I used a lot of products to combat weathered skin that needed a little more TLC.
I’ve spoken about this product lots before but this L’Occitane hand cream is a god send. It’s really thick and creamy product that doesn’t leave a residue but it does leave your hands feeling hydrated, moisturised and so so soft. It’s a great price and this packaging from the Limited Edition Rifle Paper Co. is super cute. If you haven’t got it already, go try it.
I love Bees, as you might know my surname means bee friend in Lativian so I was ultra happy when my husband gave me these gorgeous Olivia Burton earrings for Valentine’s day. They’re so dainty and they pretty much go with my bee necklace from Alex Monroe too. They’re a pair of earrings that I’ve been gravitated towards a lot this month.
Staying on the skincare trail, I’ve been loving this Hibiscus and Coconut Water body butter from Being by Sanctuary.  It’s so moisturising and smells amazing. I’m addicted to it and I love using it everywhere in the morning after my shower and in the evening as I’m getting ready for bed.
Mascara is something that I’ve been switching up a bit recently and actually I’ve been using two. The first is the Tanya Burr Selfie Lash mascara. It’s super defining and lengthening for an almost natural look but better. It does a great job for getting you ready to take the perfect selfie. I get no fall down and it looks amazing all day.
The second mascara is the Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara. There was so much hype about this product and many people were disappointed it was just a mascara when it was finally revealed. This product really works though. It’s a definite going out look that you get but I love this chunky yet defined long lashes and they last all day. The only thing I would be careful of is that I often get drop down throughout the day. To combat this, I just use this on the top lashes and then I use a different one such as the Tanya Burr Selfie Lash on the lower lash. It’s definitely one to try out though!
IMG_2123Last but not least is the Clarins Limited Edition Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the pink shimmer. This also comes in a duo with a Orange Shimmer which I love.  I’ve particularly loved using this colour recently though as it’s a little more pinkier. The Instant Lip Perfecters are some of my favourite products as they’re so easy to use and they bring an every day look together quickly. This colour is perfect for Spring and it really is pretty! If you haven’t tried these Clarins products before, there are plenty of colours so go and sample them.
Let me know what beauty and fashion products you’ve been loving this month and whether you’ve been loving these items as much as me in the comments below or over on Twitter.
Happy Shopping!


L'Occitane Hand Products to Love – A Review!

While I’m going to try not to sound like a weather girl, it seems the country is just starting to get over all the snow that has hit the UK in the last few weeks with some areas up in the North still having lots of fun in the snow. It’s still super fresh where we are and that’s meant that we’ve still had every excuse to wrap up warm, drink lots of hot chocolate and eat hearty vegan food. If you’ve not guessed, although I love to layer up and get cozy in big jumpers, the cold is not something that I enjoy much although a good snow ball fight and a toboggan down the hill is always fun.
One thing that the cold weather often brings for me at least thats not wanted so much is dry and sore, cracked and chapped hands. I spend hours drinking water, and constantly applying hand cream to alleviate Jack Frost’s bite. When I received a parcel from L’occitane recently to try out their new hand products I breathed a sigh of relief.
The 1 minute hand scrub was top of my list to try, although not that new of a product it is great for the hands.  The rich blend of luxurious apricot oil and soothing allantoin with an interesting infusion of crushed Shea nut husks really helps alleviate the dryness. The product is rich and creamy which means that you don’t need a lot of it and it really does the job of removing those horrid dried and dead skin cells. It’s heavy duty so if your hands are super sore, chapped and very dry this will do the trick. You’ll soon be left with silky velvety hands.
The next product I was interested to try was this beautiful Shea Nail and Cuticle nourishing oil. I’ve tried lots of nail oils and none have been wonder products, however lots of people call this product the miracle nail oil and I have to agree. Nail oils can help nail bed look healthier, stronger with less pealing if that’s something you suffer from and I’ve found this has really helped my nails in the way.
Lastly I have to mention this beautiful hand cream – it’s in the Limited Edition Rifle Paper Co. packaging with is stunning in both the pink and blue design. The hand cream is the Shea butter hand cream. It’s a lovely combination of honey, almond extract and coconut oil with Shea Butter. It’s thick, not greasy and it really does the trick when you have chapped hands or if you’re like me split hands. eek! It helps them heal quicker and soothes them as well as put back some of that all important moisture too. I’ve been carrying it around with me everywhere and reaching for it when ever my hands get ultra sore. I really don’t know what I would do without this stuff.
Overall if you want to be kind to you hands and get results, I’ve found that L’Occitane hand products are definitely some products to try and you really won’t be disappointed.
Let me know if you’ve been using these products and what you think of them in the comments below.
Happy Shopping!


My Winter Favourites!

Over the colder months I have been adding to my beauty collection and loving quite a few lifestyle items too so I thought I would share them in this Winter Favourites post.

Fearne Cotton – Happy

Fearne Cotton has written a few books in the last few years, one of which was a book called Happy. She draws on her own experiences with happiness and gives her own tips and hints to what helped her on her journey. It’s a great read and after the success of the book, she went on to write a journal where she gives daily tips and hints. There are exercises to complete, things to think about and music to listen to. It goes through the whole of the year, I’ve been loving reading this and I’m looking forward to popping this into my daily routine.

Rosie by Autograph – Amazing Radiance Cream

The first make up product I have to share with you is the Rosie by Autograph – Amazing Radiance Cream, part of the collaboration with Rosie Huntington Whitely. I love this stuff because of it’s subtle yet gorgeous radiance it gives you. You can wear it both under foundation and on it’s own, either way it gives you a healthy glow. It was also a finalist in the 2017 CEW Beauty Awards and I can see why, now I’ve used it.

Mac – Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Havana

The Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in the colour Havana from Mac is a really pretty deep copper brown. It’s not a colour I had seen before I had bought it but I’ve been wearing this quite a lot over the past few months.  A light dusting over the full lid in the day time or a darker dusting just in the crease in the evening. It has some really lovely pigmentation and shimmer which is even deeper with a little fix spray.

IT Cosmetics – ByeBy Under Eye Concealer

It Cosmetics is a brand that  keep hearing a lot about so when I needed a concealer recently I thought that I could try out the Bye Bye Under Eyes Concealer and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s high coverage so it really does cover a multitude of sins although it does come in only six colours. It’s also infused with peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and more.

L’Occitane – Precious Light Cream

L’Occitane is a company that I’ve always loved so when I had the Precious Light cream was sent to me recently I knew that would love it straight away. It’s a light moisturiser that can be used daily. It really smooths and firms the skin. It also absorbs quickly and contains SPF20 which it perfect all year around to protect from harmful UV rays.

Becca – Luminous Blush in Chameleon

The last product that I’ve been loving this winter is this Becca Luminous blush in the beautiful colour Chameleon. It’s a purple/pink colour goes really well with a Winter or Summer styled make up. It’s subtle but creates a gorgeous flush on the cheeks and I love using it.
Do let me know if you love any of these products as much as me in the comments below or over on Twitter.
Happy Shopping!


November Favourites!

img_4224 img_4236 I’ve recently started to use Rituals products and I’m loving them. I bought this sugar body scrub to help with my skin in the winter as it can get quite dry and sensitive. It also helps with tanning too. It’s called the Good Luck Scrub and the fragrance is amazing. It’s sweet orange and cider wood and if you haven’t smelt this then you really need too. You can now get Rituals in Marks and Spencers and Debenhams. img_4232 This palette is one from Elizabeth Arden sunset Bronze Prismatic summer palette and I’m completely addicted to using it. I used the lighter colours of the pink, and cremes in the summer which really suited the outfits that I was wearing and the weather. Now it’s got a bit colder and I’m using the two darker colours, of the rose gold/orange and mostly the darker brown. It has so many beautiful particles and just looks so refreshing on the eye. It’s one to look out for. img_4242 I was given this Mac Lip Conditioner Hydrate product for my birthday in the summer. I used it a lot during the summer and it’s come in super handy during these colder months too. I get super chapped skin and lips during the colder time of year and although it’s not a balm as such it does help condition the lips a little. I dab a little onto my lips while I’m doing my skin prep and when I come to put my lipstick on my lips look hydrated and plump and ready for the day ahead. It’s a product I now can’t live without and I will definitely be repurchasing. img_4238 As I mentioned earlier my skin gets really chapped and sore in the winter. I was looking everywhere for a great hand cream that would really aid with helping wth this and this product by L’occitane was suggested. It’s so concentrated and thick which means you only need a small amount to get your hands looking and feeling fresh again. I keep this little tube in my hand bag and my hands are happy again. img_4234 This product is an old one that I keep coming back too. The Smashbox L.A Lights Lip and cheek colour in Silver Lake Sunset was originally given a sample of this one back last year and I used the product up in the winter as I loved the flushed colour and effect it gives. I repurchased and recently went back to it as it’s so easy to use when you don’t have much time and blends really well. I’ll be using this all winter and beyond, I’m sure. img_4227 I’ve loved using this Chanel concealer. It’s a fab texture and the colour I have matches me perfectly. It really lasts well and really hides the dark cycles under my eyes. This one is a good one to try and it’s not too expensive for the brand either. img_4229 I was given this little sample of Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight facial recently and I just love it. This product is talked about a lot by bloggers and I never want to believe the hype of products like this especially as it’s so expensive but when I received this sample I was excited to give it a try. It really does live up to the hype. I love the smell, a little goes a long way It leaves my skin looking glowing and everyone noticed the first time I used it. I hope Santa will be putting this under my tree this year. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products in my November favourites and if you like them too. Happy Tuesday!