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Music Monday: Hailee Steinfeld ft Alesso




Happy Monday!

Another week full of fun and excitement has passed and this weeks song from American actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld has been at the top of my play list especially after the release of her most recent track Most Girls that was a huge hit. I’ve been dreaming of hotter climates, driving down the road with the top down and listening to her new track Let Me Go that was released in September of last year. It’s been making me feel very summery.

The surprising catchy feel good song features the fab beats of talented Swedish DJ Alesso. It has strong Kygo mixing vibes that will be great for getting everyone on the dance floor.

Let me know if you been enjoying this song as much as me and what other songs have been on your play lists this week over on twitter.

Happy Listening!


Music Monday – Roosevelt


Happy Music Monday! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. It’s the start of the week and what better way to kick it off than with some great music.

This week’s track comes from German artist Roosevelt, a songwriter, musician and DJ who has toured his band around Europe, and DJ’d at some of the world’s most famous clubs such as Fabric and Berghain.

After breaking through with his single his single Sea in 2012, he went on tour with heavyweights Hot Chip and got remix gigs for the likes of Jax Jones. In the following couple of years he recorded new material including the track I’ve picked out for this week’s post – a song entitled Montreal.

A funky bass-heavy tune with a chorus containing harmonies reminiscent of peak New Order, this track is a real gem. While Roosevelt doesn’t stay still for long, constantly experimenting and growing as an artist, I do long for more tracks like this one.

Take a listen below and hop on Twitter and let me know what tunes you’ve been playing lately.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Crystal Bats


Happy Music Monday! This week I’m pleased to finally write about a band I’ve featured here before, Norwich duo Will Jones & Will Vaughan – best known as Crystal Bats.

The two Wills first grabbed my attention 3 years ago with their track Falling in Love, and since then I’d heard very little from them. After that track come up on a shuffled playlist recently I decided to see what they’re up to. Looks like they’ve been busy this year with a couple of new songs and videos, and the one I’ve picked out this week is their track Killing Me.

A collaboration with vocalist Whinnie Williams, this smooth track is so 80’s it hurts, and the video captures what the pair are all about – guitars, loud suits, hairspray, synths and sunsets. The song is as catchy as it is retro, and it’s a real step up in quality from their earlier tune. I’m excited to see what’s next from Crystal Bats this year!

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you think.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Wet


Happy Music Monday! It’s the second week of the year and so far so good. Music-wise I’m yet to discover anything incredible to come out in 2018 but it’s still early, so I’m dipping into the archives for a fantastic track this week.

Wet are a 3 piece indie band from New York who met at New York University and started writing songs together back in 2012 after a few different failed projects with different members. After finally settling on the name Wet, they released their self-titled first EP in late 2013. Shortly after the group moved away from New York to Massachusetts where they began working on their debut album Don’t You, which peaked at 55 in the indie charts.

I’ve picked out their single from that album Deadwater, a hauntingly beautiful song which features pianos and slinky guitars that remind me of a slower and less intense incarnation of The War on Drugs. The jewel in Wet’s crown is singer Kelly Zutrau’s vocals, and this track showcases her talents with exquisite harmonies that she seems to pull off with ease. I’m hoping to hear new material from Wet in 2018, a follow up album would be very welcome!

Hit the play button below and Tweet me and let me know what you’ve been listening to lately!


Music Monday – L’Impératrice


Happy Music Monday, and happy new year! After having a little break it’s time to get back to sharing music every week and I wanted to kick off the year with some good vibes.

I’ve chosen a track from French group L’Impératrice (The Empress), a six piece disco group from Paris who formed in 2012. Known for their playful and catchy tunes, their videos are as much fun as their music.

I’ve picked out their track Vanille Fraise, a long repetitive chill out tune, which is exactly the kind of thing I need after a hectic Christmas period of visiting family, shopping and parties. I’m always looking forward to the summer, and this tune captures the feeling of a sunny day abroad and the video is a little bit nuts!

Check out the track below, and Tweet me and let me know what music you’ve been getting into over the last few weeks.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – No Vacation

No Vacation

Happy Music Monday! I hope you’re enjoying everything that this time of year brings like parties, fun and glittering lights and avoiding the stress of shopping and the mad rush to find an outfit for your work Christmas party!

I’ve been trying to relax and unwind as much as possible before the chaos begins next week, and part of that has been exploring new music and finding new gems. One of my recent discoveries has been a band called No Vacation –  a 5 piece group from San Francisco with a slightly mysterious history. After forming in 2015 they gained some attention from a few quick releases before breaking up, eventually reappearing earlier this year with a tweaked lineup and some new fresh tunes.

I’ve picked out their track Lovefool, one of their early songs from their first release which has a really strong lo-fi garage rock kinda feel to it. It reminds me of the legendary DIIV and Canadian band TOPS, with a slower beat and a really smooth vibe. This kind of sound is right up my street, so I’ll be keeping a close watch over No Vacation in 2018!

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what music you’ve been into recently.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Tishmal


Happy Music Monday! I hope you had a weekend jam packed with fun, parties and SNOW! We had a lovely surprise on Sunday morning, waking up to a winter wonderland outside our window. It’s been a long time since I remember us having a good few inches of snowfall, and with Christmas just two weeks away it’s got me right in the mood.

That said, I’m still holding off on Christmas songs until Santa’s about to strap on his red suit and board his sleigh, so this week’s tune is from a hot new female artist Tishmal. Real name Rachel Brockbank, Tishmal was a nickname given to her during her childhood in San Diego, California and means hummingbird in Native American.

I’ve picked out her new single Underneath, a dark pulsing electro track with an indie heart. The track is full of emotion, passion and showcases Tishmal’s talent as a songwriter and vocalist. She’s definitely an artist to watch as 2017 comes to a close, I’ll be looking out for more from her in 2018!

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what you’ve been playing lately.

Happy listening!



Music Monday – Jagara


Happy Music Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent most of mine making a big dent in the Christmas shopping and putting our tree up at home. It’s the first year we’ve had a real tree and my husband bought a monster, it’s so big our living room now feels half the size it did!

While the time for giving out presents is traditionally the 25th, I feel like I got an early gift this year in the form of a new track from a new band I featured earlier this year – Jagara. The 3 girls from North London released their first big single Real Love back in June, and I absolutely loved it. Back again this Winter with their follow up Twice, Jagara have delivered another cracking track.

Twice has a strong 80’s feel to it, with bouncy beats and guitar strums reminiscent of Hall and Oates, but with the silky smooth vocals that Jagara are becoming well known for! Keep an eye on these girls in 2018 – with tracks like these they’re going places!

Check out the song below and Tweet me and let me know what music you’ve been into lately!

Happy listening!


Music Monday – CNCO


Happy Music Monday! It’s freezing outside! Winter is here and Christmas is around the corner. While the Christmas songs are getting more frequent I’m still holding off at least until we’ve put our tree up in December. Meanwhile I’ve been revisiting a lot of songs that I’ve enjoyed this year, and keep going back to tunes that have particular memories attached to them.

One song that stands out is a Latino track that I heard a few times this year in Ibiza, and think last year in Mexico too. It’s by CNCO – a latino group from Miami, Floria. Wikipedia says they’re a boyband, but I’ll gloss over that and get straight onto their monster of a track – Reggaeton Lento.

Reggaeton is a genre of music that was never on my radar until I visited Cuba on our honeymoon. In Havana and by the beaches it was everywhere, and when we got home listening back to those tracks brought back memories of the most amazing two weeks of my life. Hearing it again in Mexico last year and dotted around Ibiza this year just adds more feelings into the mix, so whenever it’s murky outside a good latino tune brings the sunshine back.

Reggaeton Lento is a huge hit, and it’s got everything you’d expect from a Reggaeton track. Smooth vocals, a slow but purposeful pace and that instantly recognisable beat that gets latino bodies moving on dance floors around the world.

Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know you’ve been spinning lately.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Gorgon City and Duke Dumont


Happy Music Monday! It’s cold outside and everyone’s starting to chat about Christmas, and it’s getting so close that it’s no longer a faux pas. I saw someone on my Facebook has actually finished their Xmas shopping and wrapped everything already! Madness.

Impending religious birthdays aside, this time of year is generally a bit grim. It’s hard work but there’s a reward at the end of it – spring and summer, festivals, beaches and of course Ibiza. Forget tofu turkey and sprouts, sunshine is what I’m thinking about.

This week’s tune perfectly sums up that feeling. It’s a collaboration between two contemporary house heavyweights – Gorgon City and Duke Dumont. Both artists are known for their fat bass drums, melodic baselines and on this track Real Life both are present, the track is rounded off with an appearance from Naations – another collab between Nicky Night Time & Nat Dunn, who bring a sumptuous piano line and vocals respectively. It’s a match made in heaven if good vibes and cocktails by the sea before heading into a club is your kind of thing!

Take it for a spin below and Tweet me and let me know what tracks you’ve been getting your ears around this week.

Happy listening!