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Music Monday: Jonas Blue featuring Jack & Jack

Happy Music Monday. Hope you’ve had a fab weekend enjoying the great weather, it’s a little cool than we’ve experienced throughout the summer so far but it’s been a welcome break from the non-stop uncomfortable heat. I enjoyed going to a fun maritime festival and looking at lots of home wear and baby things as we’re moving in the next few weeks and also have an imminent arrival soon. It’s all go!

I’ve been listening to plenty of music, especially enjoying it on the way to work. This weeks Music Monday has been played on the radio non stop for the last few months since it’s release in mid May. It’s a summery track from English DJ and music producer Jonas Blue. His song Rise features American pop-rap guys Jack & Jack.

He heard Jack & Jack on an American radio and knew he had to work with them. So he called and they accepted and they make a great addition to the song. It’s a little flirty, a little cheeky and a great track that you’ll still have in your head days later. It’s already hit the charts at number 3 in the UK and I can see it doing well elsewhere too. The video was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal and is super fun and colourful.  Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Happy Monday!



Music Monday – ZHU & Tame Impala

Happy Music Monday! It’s been positively scotching lately, and after returning from a festival in London this weekend I still found myself trying to find the kind of summer anthem the hasn’t quite come across my path yet this year.

While checking out some new tracks this evening, I think I have just found what I was looking for. The tune in question is a collaboration between American producer Zhu and one of my favourite bands Tame Impala, whose vocalist Kevin Parker lends his vocals to this absolutely storming track My Life.

It’s a bouncing, synthy tune that weaves between breaks, drops and the kind of syncopated loops that Tame Impala have been associated with over the years. It’s a combination of two heavyweight artists at their peak, showcasing their creativity that seems to come with such ease.

The video to the track features Willow Smith and tells a short story of a summer of love which appears to be more of a lookbook of effortless cool than a music video, but it’s a great watch nonetheless.

Check out the track below and hop on Twitter and let me know what you think.

Happy listening!




Music Monday: Maroon 5 ft Cardi B

Happy Monday!

After a bit of a crazy weekend of enjoying the fabulous heat, I have a fab song for you from Maroon 5. They always seem to have music with fab lyrics or videos. This song Girls Like You is a rock pop song written and sung by Maroon 5 and American rapper Cardi B. It’s the ninth track on their current album Red Pill Blues and has always done fantastically in charts around the world. It has the undeniable Maroon 5 pop sound, simple lyrics but has a cool edge with rapping from Cardi B.

The track will have you humming and tapping your feet but the video which features the likes of  J Lo,  Ellen Degeneras, Cardi B, singer Cmilla Capello, Millie Bobbi Brown and finishes with lead singer Adam Levine’s leading lady herself Behati Prinsloo and his child. Super cute!

Let me know what you think of the track and the fab video n the comments below.

Happy Music Monday!



Music Monday – Surfer Blood

Happy Music Monday! I’ve had an action packed weekend and feel ready to drop and the week’s only just started! I needed a serious pickup today after running around town baby clothes shopping, fathers day shopping and heading out for family dinners.

Luckily the pickup arrived in my Spotify discover weekly playlist, a track from Surfer Blood. The band are a 4-piece from Florida who originally formed under the name Jabroni Sandwich, eventually forming the band they are today after a lineup shuffle and renaming after the singer’s favourite high school backpack!

The track I picked is called Other Desert Cities, from their 2015 album 1000 Palms, their 3rd LP and most successful to date. It’s short but sweet, and I love the guitar loops and the upbeat summer vibe. I haven’t heard much from this band before, so I’m ready to dive into their back catalogue and explore what they’ve got to offer!

Take a listen to the tune below, and hop on Twitter and let me know music you’ve been enjoying lately.

Happy listening!




Music Monday – Beach House

Happy Music Monday! I have no idea what happened to this weekend, it seemed to disappear in a flash! I did manage to get along to see Carlos Acosta dance in Norwich, one of my favourite all time performers and the man himself did not disappoint.

Another one of my favourite all time performers are the Baltimore duo who I’ve written about many times before, the wonderful Beach House. It feels like they’ve been away for years, I had to look it up – they released their last two LPs a fortnight apart way back in 2015. It looks like they’ve been hard at work because they’re back with their seventh album, aptly titled 7.

The album sees the band move into slightly different territory, speeding things up with a bit more energy injected into the majority of their new material, however they still retain that signature sound.

I’ve picked out the lead single Lemon Glow, a trippy song full of mesmerising loops. It’s so unmistakably Beach House, mixing the best of their older and newer sounds to create something that somehow still feels fresh.

Take a listen to the track below, and hop on Twitter and let me know what music you’ve been into this past week.

Happy listening!


Music Monday: James Bay!




Happy Bank Holiday Monday and happy Music Monday! This weeks track is James Bay. After hitting it big with his debut album Chaos and the Calm, he’s recently taken a year off to get creative, have a break and to write more music. While he was away he decided the hair didn’t go with his new 80’s music vibe so he cut it short and also got getting rid of the hat. I’m loving this new style which some have said early Johnny Depp look!

His new album Electric Light was released on the 18th May. He’s slowly been releasing tracks from this new collection of song and one of my favourites is this gorgeous song Us which is today’s Music Monday. The song still has that undeniable delicate James Bay sound with gospel choir, soulful lyrics and that stomping beat. It definitely has a particular 80’s vibe with the erupting sound of the steel guitar and the strings. His voice more amazing in real life and is just as soulful as his debut but you can clearly tell he’s pulling from  influencers such as 80’s hero’s Bowie, Prince, Frank Ocean and film sound tracks from the times too.

This double denim wearing chap starts his European tour tomorrow, 29th May at RoundHouse, London. What a cool venue to start at, and to a sold out audience too. If you have a ticket, you’re going to have a blast!

Take a listen to the tracks below and let me know your thoughts in the comments below or over on Twitter. Happy Listening!


Music Monday:Ariana Grande

Happy Music Monday, I hope you’ve had a great weekend watching Eurovision and listening too your favourite music.
This weeks Music Monday is a new and recent release from Ariana Grande. It’s the first from her new album, Sweetener her forth studio compilation and her first since last years devastating events in Manchester. What a song to come back with. It’s inspiring really. No Tears Left To Cry is a typical pop song showing off Grandes vocal ability and is about the moment that you decide to keep going. It’s an incredibly uplifting song especially the chorus even though it has a somewhat melancholy feel to it. The song stays in your head long after you heard it and her voice is amazing.  I also love the video, it’s so unusual in every scene. It reminds me of a movie with cameras flying around creating optical illusions.
The song has already hit the top 5 in most of the countries that it’s been released in including America and UK. So Sit back have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below or over on Twitter.
Happy Monday!


Music Monday – Purr

Happy Music Monday! I hope you’ve been enjoying the scorching bank holiday weather! I certainly have, giving the garden some much needed TLC as well as attending a beautiful wedding.
It’s been a weekend for reflection, and this week’s track comes from an old favourite in a new form. I’ve been a big fan of Jack and Eliza, and really enjoyed their 2015 album Gentle Warning. The New York duo were stripped back and raw, featuring just two guitars and their barbershop style harmonic vocals. It was different worked really well, and I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for new music from them.
Finally the wait is over, they’re back but as part of a band called Purr, which features a fuller sound with addition of bass, keyboard and drums.
Purr released a two track EP this past February with the promise of plenty more songs to come. I’ve picked out the track Painted Memory, which features that classic Jack and Eliza songwriting and vocal sound, but bigger and bolder.
Check it out below, and be sure to hop on Twitter and let me know what music has been in your playlist this week.
Happy listening!


Music Monday: Niall Horan

Happy Monday! Since One Direction officially went on their hiatus in early 2016, the members have all released their own music. Niall Horan is the most recent to do so and is currently on tour with his album Flicker and after the success of  This Town and Slow hands, She’s on the Loose is set to be just as successful. It’s the forth single from the current album and if you love pop music it’s one to look out for.
It has a standard pop beat with definite Sting, Maroon 5 and Nick Jonas vibes. Nothing wrong with enjoying a little easy listening music and this is really that. It has a summer feel to it and I can hear this being played a lot when the weather starts heating up.
Let me know what’s been on your playlist this week over on Twitter.
Happy Listening!



Music Monday – The Walters

Happy Music Monday! This weekend has been a scorcher, absolutely incredible weather for May! I spent a lot of time at the beach in one of my favourite getaways with my husband and his family. Spending so much time outdoors I didn’t get too much time to discover new music these past few days, so I’m going back to an old favourite for this week’s track.
The band in the spotlight are The Walters – a 5 piece from Chicago who rose to fame quickly after recording an EP in their bedroom. After being featured by Spotify in their Viral 50 playlist, they released a few more singles before heading out to play the famous Lollapalooza festival in the states.
Unfortunately the band broke up last year, but that first EP Songs for Dads is a solid favourite of mine, so I’ve picked out my favourite track I love You So. It’s a heartwarming song that’s as short as it is sweet, and I love the singer Luke Olson’s voice.
Take a listen to the track below and hop on Twitter and let me know what music you’ve been getting into lately.
Happy listening!