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Music Monday:Ariana Grande

Happy Music Monday, I hope you’ve had a great weekend watching Eurovision and listening too your favourite music.

This weeks Music Monday is a new and recent release from Ariana Grande. It’s the first from her new album, Sweetener her forth studio compilation and her first since last years devastating events in Manchester. What a song to come back with. It’s inspiring really. No Tears Left To Cry is a typical pop song showing off Grandes vocal ability and is about the moment that you decide to keep going. It’s an incredibly uplifting song especially the chorus even though it has a somewhat melancholy feel to it. The song stays in your head long after you heard it and her voice is amazing.  I also love the video, it’s so unusual in every scene. It reminds me of a movie with cameras flying around creating optical illusions.

The song has already hit the top 5 in most of the countries that it’s been released in including America and UK. So Sit back have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below or over on Twitter.

Happy Monday!


Music Monday – Purr

Happy Music Monday! I hope you’ve been enjoying the scorching bank holiday weather! I certainly have, giving the garden some much needed TLC as well as attending a beautiful wedding.

It’s been a weekend for reflection, and this week’s track comes from an old favourite in a new form. I’ve been a big fan of Jack and Eliza, and really enjoyed their 2015 album Gentle Warning. The New York duo were stripped back and raw, featuring just two guitars and their barbershop style harmonic vocals. It was different worked really well, and I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for new music from them.

Finally the wait is over, they’re back but as part of a band called Purr, which features a fuller sound with addition of bass, keyboard and drums.

Purr released a two track EP this past February with the promise of plenty more songs to come. I’ve picked out the track Painted Memory, which features that classic Jack and Eliza songwriting and vocal sound, but bigger and bolder.

Check it out below, and be sure to hop on Twitter and let me know what music has been in your playlist this week.

Happy listening!


Music Monday: Niall Horan

Happy Monday! Since One Direction officially went on their hiatus in early 2016, the members have all released their own music. Niall Horan is the most recent to do so and is currently on tour with his album Flicker and after the success of  This Town and Slow hands, She’s on the Loose is set to be just as successful. It’s the forth single from the current album and if you love pop music it’s one to look out for.

It has a standard pop beat with definite Sting, Maroon 5 and Nick Jonas vibes. Nothing wrong with enjoying a little easy listening music and this is really that. It has a summer feel to it and I can hear this being played a lot when the weather starts heating up.

Let me know what’s been on your playlist this week over on Twitter.

Happy Listening!




Music Monday – The Walters

Happy Music Monday! This weekend has been a scorcher, absolutely incredible weather for May! I spent a lot of time at the beach in one of my favourite getaways with my husband and his family. Spending so much time outdoors I didn’t get too much time to discover new music these past few days, so I’m going back to an old favourite for this week’s track.

The band in the spotlight are The Walters – a 5 piece from Chicago who rose to fame quickly after recording an EP in their bedroom. After being featured by Spotify in their Viral 50 playlist, they released a few more singles before heading out to play the famous Lollapalooza festival in the states.

Unfortunately the band broke up last year, but that first EP Songs for Dads is a solid favourite of mine, so I’ve picked out my favourite track I love You So. It’s a heartwarming song that’s as short as it is sweet, and I love the singer Luke Olson’s voice.

Take a listen to the track below and hop on Twitter and let me know what music you’ve been getting into lately.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Summer Salt

Happy Music Monday! The weather is getting warmer – it’s going to break 20 degrees this week! Spotify must know, because it suggested this little gem by a band called Summer Salt to me.

A group are 3-piece from Austin, Texas whose influences include old Bossa Nova tunes mixed with more contemporary artists, and I can hear a little bit of Wild Nothing, Broncho and Paracosm-era Washed Out in there too. It all makes for some seriously laid back summer rock for lazy days in the garden or an a sunny drive to the coast for the weekend.

I’ve picked out their track Sweet To Me, one of their older tunes from their first EP, a track with some beautiful vocal harmonies and really heartwarming lyrics about summer love, the excitement of those first few weeks of dating and the unbearable feeling of missing that person when they’re not around.

Take a listen below and hop on Twitter to let me know what you think of the track. And if you want to hear more from Summer Salt, head of over to their Bandcamp page where you can stream or download their songs.

Happy listening!


Music Monday – Jorja Smith


Happy Music Monday! After a short week back to work after Easter I can’t believe how quickly this weekend came around again. It’s been great to have a rest, but I really just need some sunshine to go along with these breaks so I can get the picnic blanket basket out and explore some beaches!

Exploring new places in warm weather is the thing that makes me the most happy, so this week’s track “Where Did I Go?” feels particularly relevant. The tune is by young female artist Jorja Smith, a 20 year old from Walsall who is already making waves among those in the know, collaborating with Stormzy and Drake, and having a remix of her track spun by Konstantin at a recent Giegling night in London. She’s been recording and releasing music since the age of 16, so already has a fair bit of experience and is moving fast!

Where Did I Go? is slow but punchy, with a piano line that reminds me of Little Dragon, a baseline that weaves in and out of the verses. It’s a stripped back track which gives so much room for Jorja’s dreamy vocals and it’s an absolute treat.

Take a listen to the song below, and Tweet me and let me know what music you’ve been enjoying lately.

Happy listening!



Music Monday – Peach Pit

Peach Pit

Happy Easter Music Monday! This weekend has been manic, visiting friends and family, writing, photographing and breaking some big personal news! It’s all been a bit mad, so this week’s track is a slow one with a relaxed mood.

The track is by Vancouver based 4-piece band Peach Pit, who kicked things off in 2016 with their first EP Sweet FA, and followed it up a year later with their debut album Being So Normal. Their Facebook page says they take style inspiration from Ned Flanders and are big fans of Mac Demarco, and you can hear it in their laid-back sound.

I’ve picked out the first track on their debut, which is also called Peach Pit, and starts with the line “Where’d the hours go?” which sums up my eventful weekend. The song is calm and bluesy, and I love the vocalists warm harmonies in the chorus.

Check out the song below, and remember to Tweet me and let me know what you’ve been listening to lately. And if you want to hear more Peach Pit head over to their Bandcamp page to listen and download their tracks.

Happy listening!


Music Monday: Sigala & Paloma Faith


Happy Music Monday! This weeks track is a love song but with a song title like Lullaby, Sigala and the other writers which include Sigala, singer/songwriters Faith, Jin Jin, Jess Glynn, Paloma Faith and songwriter Andrew Bullimore, there’s a whole collection of talent and they all seem to have artfully kept the main word out of the song. The track was released on 23rd February and it’s already topped the UK Dance chart.

Lullaby show cases the amazing voice of Paloma Faith while featuring the undeniable layered vocals in the chorus that Sigala is known for. It’s short but ultra catchy with a strong tropical house flavour made famous by the likes of Kygo. You know me, I’m also all about the feel of the video too and this one is cool with dancers doing some of their favourite feature moves including pirouettes, jumps and split leaps and more. This as well as Paloma looking cool herself.

Lullaby is destined to be a summer anthem and a hit of 2018 as it has a distinct summer Festival vibe. I can see that this track will be played in their cars with the windows down, radio up high and sunglasses on.

Let me know what songs you’ve been listening to this week and whether you’ve been loving this track in the comments below or over on Twitter.

Happy Listening!



Music Monday – St. Vincent

St. Vincent

Happy Music Monday! This week’s tune sees the return of an old favourite – musician Annie Clark, best known as St. Vincent.

After smashing it for years with past albums Actor, Strange Mercy and 2014’s self-titled album, Annie took a bit of a well-deserved break after heavy touring and string of smaller more experimental musical projects. Now she’s back with a bang and just a few months ago released her 5th LP Masseducation. The album doesn’t divert too far from the successful sound that she’s crafted herself over the years, but that’s fine by me because it’s so distinctive and is always a pleasure to hear.

I’ve picked out my favourite track from the album, titled Saviour. It’s the quirky kind of track that suddenly changes tone and hits another gear that we’ve come to expect from St. Vincent, and the simple yet effective guitar lines and powerful vocal harmonies that define her sound are here in all their glory.

Take a listen to the track below and Tweet me and let me know what you think and what tunes you’ve been enjoying lately.

Happy listening!


Music Monday: Kylie Minogue


Happy Music Monday!

This weeks Music Monday is a little late but it features artist never seems to age and has graced the charts for almost 30 years. We first got to know her in the early 80’s on Neighbours with Jason Donovan. What a duo, those were the days! Yes, Kylie Minogue had some time out of the lime light recently but she’s back with a brand new album, her 14th studio album (an amazing feat!). It’s called Golden which will be released 6th April.

Dancing is the first and main single from the new album, she’s also recently released her second track Stop Me From Falling. Both are fab tunes. Dancing is a cool dance track. It has fun beats and a definite country vibe to the song. Kylie vocals are great and she looks amazing in the videos. The song will get everyone dancing and who can believe that this lady is almost 50. Crazy!

You know I love a good music video and this one shows a cheeky Kylie line dancing and wearing some of the most sparkly and gorgeous dresses I’ve every seen.

Let me know if you’ve been loving Kylies music this week in the comments below.

Happy Listening!