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Mindfulness tips and products!

A break from everything is a great opportunity to reflect and refresh so when the New Year break rolled around recently it gave me the time to look more at what I can do to take care of myself, to stay as stress free as possible and most of all be kinder to myself and to the people around me. Especially as I recently read that it’s thought by the year 2020 the top 4 diseases that people will suffer from will be stress related, an interesting yet alarming statistic so with this in mind, I thought that I would put together a few items and tips that I’ve been loving.
My  top three tips are:
1. A good evening routine
Whether you struggle with getting to sleep or not it’s good to have an evening routine where you wind down. Try not to work till late into the evening as your mind will race long into the night making sleep a hard point to get to. Make your bedroom inviting, de-clutter your room, maybe spruce it up a little too and make it an inviting place to go to. We’re often advised to keep technology out of the bedroom so put  a ban on television and computers in this area of the house. If I have to use a phone, I always try for minimal use and use a low blue light.  To continue with the routine, a hot bath, a good book or maybe some calming music will all help to signal to the body that it’s winding down. Get some some soft pyjamas too, some that you’ll look forward to get into at night.
2. Drink more water
It might seem like a simple thing to do but one of my biggest tips is to drink more water. Apart from helping keep the complexion clear and fresh, your skin will feel softer and appear more elasticated especially in the winter. Being hydrated also helps keep the mind stronger and clearer too. Dehydration can do strange things. I always find it helps to always keep a bottle of water with you at all times, maybe one that has times on the side to remind you to keep drinking and how much you should be drinking throughout the day.
3. Take some time for yourself.
I’ve found that taking a little time for myself, even 20 mins to half an hour a day were you can relax and reflect on the day really helps replenish the mind and body. Meditation and Yoga really help with this and I’ve found Yoga with Adriene to be amazing. Adriene pops free videos on live every week. She has a relaxing voice, is knowledgable and breaks down each pose making Yoga an enjoyable experience. You definitely learn a lot in each of her videos so why not pop over and take a look!
Neom Scent to de-stress set
The first product that I wanted to share with you are products from a company called Neom . They’re a company that really try and explore the natural products available. They research essential oils and have put together sets that help with anxiety, sleep and de-stressing etc. Neom products smell amazing and last so long too. I recently spotted this Scent to de-stress set that contains Lavender, Jasmine and Brazillian Rosewood. The products in the set include a fine spray that you can use on face to freshen and calm. There’s an intensive relief that you can pop on your pulse points to help melt away the stress and lastly there is a fine pillow mist that can be sprayed onto pillows, cushions or linens. The gorgeous aroma stays with you long into the day. If you spot any of these products online or in town, go check them out!
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Fearne Cotton – Calm / Happy Journal
Lastly I’ve been loving some of the books that Fearne Cotton has recently released. She might seem like an unlikely author but her books are beautifully written and researched. The first, Happy looks into depression, the second and more recent Calm looks into anxiety. Both give Fearne’s story of how these have effected her. She also gives tips and things she does to help combat it. She interviews people of interest that have suffered from both, she incorperates a doctors insight and others stars stories too.
Both books are quite good reads and more recently, I’ve found that there is also a journal that runs alongside the book Happy. It follows the year and this time gives you things to do. Pictures to draw, songs to listen to, goals to set and new things to try out. Even if you don’t complete the tasks, just to give yourself the time to think about the small things is refreshing. It’s all really helpful and insightful information across the board and understanding why something happens and knowing that you’re not the only one suffering with something can be quite comforting.
Have you got any mindful tips that you would like to add or maybe you’ve put some of these tips to the test already. Come over to Twitter and let me know your thoughts.

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April Beauty an Fashion Favourites!

It’s quite far through May now but there were so many products that I’ve loved in April so I thought that I would gather up my favourites and go through them so here they are.
First up in my gorgeous mini black Michael Kors bag. It’s small but it’s come in handy so much and I’ve found that I reach for it again and again. It fits a few cards, a bit of cash, a lippie or two, a tiny fragrance and my phone. Perfect!
This month has been a big one for skin care for me and I have three products so next up is the first of these products, Pixi Glow Tonic. I was a little unsure about using this product as I haven’t used products with Glycolic acid much and my skin is really sensitive but I was happily surprised by this. Bloggers have long raved about this product and I can see why. Used after cleansing, it brightens, tones and conditions your skin and you can see the results straight away. My skin is also so soft when I’ve used this product and I always get comments on my skin which is definitely a bonus.
Next up is a product from Clarins – Skin Illusion Blush in the colour Luminous Pink. It’s a limited Edition so it may be difficult to get hold of. It’s a beautiful blush, the bush pad is inside with the product itself in the lid and theres also a mirror on the outside of the product too. I’ve been using this for the last month or so and it’s beautiful for the Spring/Summer season. I always blend it in with a separate blush brush and it works so well.
Next up is the Aveda Botanical kinetics energising eye cream. It’s a light product that you use sparingly around the orbital bone. Dot on and then lightly massage the product in day and night and it helps with those pesky dark circles. I suffer with this quite a lot especially after a few late nights and it’s really help fight them off. Definitely a product I’ll be repurchasing too.
My final product for skin care is the Clarins Hydra – Essential moisturiser. It’s a beautiful day cream that helps with dehydrated skin which mine definitely is. It helps keep the skin capacity to retain water, and it really does leave it looking radiant, smooth and fresh looking. I’m excited to use more of the products in this range this month too.
Next up  is a beautiful hand cream from Neom. I’ve been reviewing the product for the Really Ree site and I’ve really loved using it. It’s in the fragrance Make You Happy which is a scent that instantly makes you feel energised and happy. It nourishes and hydrates your hands but if you take a few deep breaths of the product, it’s uplifting. I’ve found that it’s really helped with stress and anxiety and it’s another one that I’ll be repurchasing in the next few weeks for sure.
Lastly is this beautiful nail polish from Leighton Denny in the colour, Whatever. It’s a beautiful purple/nude colour that seems to go with everything and really does last too. It’s one I keep going back to again and again and it’s sure to be for a long time too.
Will you be trying out any of these products and what have you been loving the month, let me know in the comments below.
Happy Shopping!

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What I got for Christmas 2016!

img_4384 img_4386 So these items are a few from my mum that  love. I’ve been going on about the Stella McCartney Pop fragrance and I actually ended up buying it for my mum too. Great mind! The DKNY perfume is one of my all time favourites and so i was very happy to get this. And my mum knows me well as a pretty lipstick and nail polish is very me. img_4396 Next are a few cute presents from my sister in law. I was really spoilt by her as they are all from Ted Baker. The smaller items are firstly a gorgeous deep red lippie and nail polish set. I’m really looking forward to saving these for a special occasion to wear them as it’s a really gorgeous colour and will really add to an outfit. Things that I really love is a fab hand cream and nail file so these ones are perfect. The print is so cute too. Lastly is this fab checkered Ted Baker shopper and I love these bags as they’re so useful especially in the summer so this one will be getting a lot of use. img_4387 My in-laws really spoilt me this year too and I thought that I would just choose a selection of the things. They know that I’m a blogger so when I opened this little E plate my first thought was, ooo this is very instagram-able. The gold is so pretty. I have Thomas Sabo bracelet, and so a little tortoise charm was perfect to remind me of my recent holiday to Mexico. It’s so cute. I also received a little Cath Kidston Lip butter and hand cream set. So pretty! img_4400 My dad and sister bought me a coat from Warehouse that I asked for. I love the mottled blue and black effect that it has and it’s really warm. It also goes really well with the faux fur snood I got from my aunty. I received a little Michael Kors card holder too as I never have enough room for wallets or purses in evening bags so I really needed something cute for them to go in.  I really love this. img_4390   Lastly I received a few amazing gifts from my husband. We actually almost bought each other similar things too which is strange. First up is this candle from Neom. I’ve been after one of these for so long as it smells incredible. I can’t wait to start burning it. Next up is this a fragrance I adore from Jo Malone. Peony and Blush Suede is such a pretty floral fragrance. Every time I go past my local shop I always pop in and smell it. I always use them up so fast though as I love the JM fragrances so much. I’m saving this one a little more though. I’d seen this cute little E key ring in Accessorize recently, I always loose my keys so it was so cool to get this. Perfect! My big present from my husband this year was this super cute black Michael Kors evening bag.  I’ve been to a few events recently and had to borrow a friends black bag to go with my outfit so my husband chose a stunning one for future events. It’s made of saffiano leather which means it’s really durable and doesn’t scratch easily.  It has space for a few cards, a bit of make up and my phone. What more could a girl need. What did you get for christmas? Let me know in the comments below. Happy

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John Lewis Valentine's Wish List

John Lewis to put together a Valentine’s Day wishlist, which I thought would be a great way to pull together some of my favourite items from their range this year. I’ve picked out seven potential gifts, five for the girls and two for men. Let’s take a look… Valentines-Wishlist-2016

1. Olivia Burton

First up is a watch from one of my favourite brands, Olivia Burton, a relatively new company started by two London friends who met at university. Their frequent collections are classic and colourful and go well with every day outfits or for special occasions. I’ve picked out their Flower Show watch, a snowy pink piece featuring a gold case and beautiful blooms on the face. It’s an absolute steal at £70, so grab it with both hands!

2. Alex Monroe

Long time readers will know I’m a big fan of Alex Monroe. His hand crafted collections capture the delicate beauty of nature with unique detail. I’ve chosen his lovebirds necklace, a classic piece in gold which would make a fantastic gift for the lady in your life.

3. Neom

Neom is a brand of candle that promotes a message of healthy living and wellbeing through relaxation of the senses. Their organic candles smell incredible have been given the seal of approval by the Dutchess of Cambridge among others. I’ve selected the Neom Ylang Ylang, a decadent smelling candle that reminds me of turkish delight. A real treat!

4. Jo Malone

I just had to include a fragrance on this list, and one of my favourites is from Jo Malone. I’ve chosen their Mimosa and Cardamom cologne, a fresh and spicy scent with a base of sandalwood that is so addictive you’ll want to wear it all the time but never want the bottle to run out. This is actually unisex scent, so it’ll make a perfect Valentine’s gift for him or her!

5. Radley

Radley are a London brand who create fantastic handbags and purses for women with pretty pastel palettes and a cute dog mark. With humble beginnings in Camden market in the mid 80’s, today Radley is catching my eye rather often! I’ve picked out their heart purse, a wonderful little pastel pink number perfect for dinner out on Valentine’s day. So cute!

6. Tom Ford

New York native Tom Ford moved to Milan in the mid 90’s to work for Gucci and YSL before setting up on his own in 2005. Today he’s leading the way in fashion and beauty and his male fragrances are to die for! I’ve chosen his flagship Tom Ford Eau de Toilette which comes in a gold bottle that screams premium. With notes of lemon, mandarin and ginger, this is as fresh as it is exotic. Get this for the man in your life and he’ll be over the moon!

7. Happy Socks

Happy Socks are a Swedish brand with a mission to make socks exciting, and they’re certainly doing that through their colourful collections! My husband is a big fan of Happy Socks, and I love having an excuse to get him a pair. So if your fella thinks socks are a boring present, why not change his mind and add a bit of colour to his sock drawer! Let me know in the comments below which are your favourites on this list and what you’ll be wearing out this weekend. Happy shopping!