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Nails Inc nail colour in Portobello Court

Potabello Nails INC Nail Polish Potabello Nails INC Nail Polish[/caption] I mostly love to wear gel polishes as I feel like they’re easy to wear.  I often like to have a break from these though as my nails tend to get a little thin and dehydrated with extended use. When I’m looking for a colour to wear everyday I look for something thats long lasting and I came across this colour from Nails Inc recently called Portobello Road I did a little dance because it’s just what I’ve been looking for. It’s also a Gel One Coat colour too which means that it, doesn’t need a lamp to harden the colour but it does dry to touch dry really quickly. You don’t have to sit with your hands under a fan or anything like that but you do still need to be careful. As for the colour itself, it’s gorgeous. It’s a pretty nude pink that just looks amazing on everyone and on every outfit. What do you think of Portobello Road and have you got it yet? Happy shopping!