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My February Favourites

February was definately an interesting month. Just when we thought Spring was on it’s way, back came the cold and snow which meant that I used a lot of products to combat weathered skin that needed a little more TLC.
I’ve spoken about this product lots before but this L’Occitane hand cream is a god send. It’s really thick and creamy product that doesn’t leave a residue but it does leave your hands feeling hydrated, moisturised and so so soft. It’s a great price and this packaging from the Limited Edition Rifle Paper Co. is super cute. If you haven’t got it already, go try it.
I love Bees, as you might know my surname means bee friend in Lativian so I was ultra happy when my husband gave me these gorgeous Olivia Burton earrings for Valentine’s day. They’re so dainty and they pretty much go with my bee necklace from Alex Monroe too. They’re a pair of earrings that I’ve been gravitated towards a lot this month.
Staying on the skincare trail, I’ve been loving this Hibiscus and Coconut Water body butter from Being by Sanctuary.  It’s so moisturising and smells amazing. I’m addicted to it and I love using it everywhere in the morning after my shower and in the evening as I’m getting ready for bed.
Mascara is something that I’ve been switching up a bit recently and actually I’ve been using two. The first is the Tanya Burr Selfie Lash mascara. It’s super defining and lengthening for an almost natural look but better. It does a great job for getting you ready to take the perfect selfie. I get no fall down and it looks amazing all day.
The second mascara is the Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara. There was so much hype about this product and many people were disappointed it was just a mascara when it was finally revealed. This product really works though. It’s a definite going out look that you get but I love this chunky yet defined long lashes and they last all day. The only thing I would be careful of is that I often get drop down throughout the day. To combat this, I just use this on the top lashes and then I use a different one such as the Tanya Burr Selfie Lash on the lower lash. It’s definitely one to try out though!
IMG_2123Last but not least is the Clarins Limited Edition Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the pink shimmer. This also comes in a duo with a Orange Shimmer which I love.  I’ve particularly loved using this colour recently though as it’s a little more pinkier. The Instant Lip Perfecters are some of my favourite products as they’re so easy to use and they bring an every day look together quickly. This colour is perfect for Spring and it really is pretty! If you haven’t tried these Clarins products before, there are plenty of colours so go and sample them.
Let me know what beauty and fashion products you’ve been loving this month and whether you’ve been loving these items as much as me in the comments below or over on Twitter.
Happy Shopping!


March Beauty Favourites!

It’s almost the end of March and so I’ve gathered up some of my favourites products from this month to tell you all about. Some are new products that I’ve never tried before and some are just blogger favourites that I just had to try out. IMG_0012
I bought the Armani Si fragrance in the Christmas sales and this mascara Eccentrico came with it. I’ve put off trying it for a while but when I started to use it at the start of the month I did wonder why I hadn’t used it sooner. The product itself it really lovely, lasts a long time and makes my eye lashes look amazing. They look so long when I wear this and I always get comments about how they look like false lashes. Bonus!
The Stella McCartney Pop fragrance is pretty,  subtle and fiercely feminine. It’s such a Spring/Summer scent that I love to wear and it turns out that my mum and I both bought this perfume for each other at Christmas because we both love it so much. Great minds huh!  I just know it’s going to be one that I keep going back too.
I picked up this Tanya Burr Enchanted Dream palette on a whim at the beginning of the month and I’m so glad that I did. The colours are beautiful and they blend so well too. The colours really go well together and I especially love the colours Cocoa Plum and Berry Soufflé.
The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Pillow Talk is one that hasn’t been off my lips since I bought it. I hadn’t tried the lipliner of the same colour but I think I might now. It gives great definition and the colour really suits everyone. I wear mine with a little gloss in the centre for a little added touch.
The Retoucher from Charlotte Tilbury is a great concealer. It covers really well and lasts so long too. I had a little bit of bother with mine to begin with and I’m hoping that it hasn’t used up all of the product. You don’t need to use much, as a little goes a long way. I love Charlotte Tilbury products and I’m tempted to try more.
My husband very kindly bought this for me for Valentine’s Day and what a treat it is. I loved the Naked Basics palette and so this is like a dream palette for me really. I tend to stick to the colours on the top row but I sometimes use some of the brighter ones to change it up a little. The brush is also fab and it’s so cute being slightly smaller than the average brush and the packaging is beautiful. It’s a keeper!
Have you been loving any of these products or will you be purchasing them? Let me know in the comments below.
Happy shopping!

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September Favourites

September Favourites SeptemberFavourites Tanya Burr lipgloss This Tanya Burr lipgloss was an August re-release for the blogger/vlogger but it’s a lipgloss that I keep coming back to to. It’s a really pretty coral with gorgeous gold flecks included. It gives a small tint of colour but nothing like the bottle so it’s not as scary as you expect. It has a great texture when it’s on, it lasts quite a long time even when I’ve eaten or drink something. The new packaging is so pretty and it’s a bargain price too! Tanyaburrlipgloss Wetbrush I’m still really loving this wet brush. Does what it’s title says. You can brush your hair when wet because the in essence the brush teeth are further apart, made of a denser material which means it doesn’t pull so much. This also means that it will give little or no split ends. I love the blue ombre effect on my expert wet brush too. So pretty. Just wish I had a hair tie and curlers now. :-0 Wetbrush Origins A perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea Origins are a strange company for me, maybe I’ve just had quite bad experiences with my local stand but they do great products and I can’t knock them for that. I had a facial in September where they used this face wash and just loved it. It smells so good with the inclusion on white tea as the main ingredient, it makes you feel like you want to eat this stuff. It leaves your skin feeling really soft and fresh. If also been testing the moisturiser of the same collection and I’ve been quite impressed with this too. Again it makes my skin feel really soft, but it also leaves it feeling like it’s had a good drink and is deeply moisturised. I’m planning on buying the full version of this at the end of the month. Originsfacewash SuperCat eye liner from Soap and Glory I’ve recently written a post on this product. I find the SuperCat eye liner really easy to use and especially as the nib of the pen quite ridged. This means it’s quite a bit easier to use than any other eye liner product I’ve used so far in my quest for finding my perfect eye liner. A great product to start with for beginners in make up and one to try out if you are looking for something from the high street seeing as it’s just the bargain price of £6. I do find that the product does often move and smudge if it’s put on without any base or primer so you do have to prep the area before applying quite vigilantly. Supercat Jo Malone perfume I was bought this beautiful Jo Malone perfume in Wood Sage and Sea Salt for my birthday in June. It’s my first Jo Malone scent and boy what a great one to start with. I just can’t get enough, think it’s becoming my all time favourite summer/autumn fragrance. It’s subtle, but really feminine and it looks amazing in photos. Bonus! JoeMalone Love Necklace – Alex Monroe The end of September saw my husband and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We had a lovely day at London Zoo with a meal at my favourite restaurant Rossopomadoro (Little Tomato) in Covent Garden where I was given this gorgeous gold plated Alex Monroe Love necklace. What a treat especially as it’s my favourite jewellery designer. We saw the night out in the top bar at the Gerkin tower with spectacular views of London chatting about the past year, and our future hopes and dreams. Perfect! AlexMonroeLove Michael Kors bag It’s bag love of the month with this little beauty. I have a few designer bags now but I keep coming back to this one, the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote. It’s big, fits everything in including my laptop which handy when I want to take it into work which I often have to do. I can’t imagine I will ever fall out of love with this. MichaelKors TV programs Gossip-Girl-S2-shoot Gossip Girl In September I was really addicted to this program. I’d sit down after dinner and watch it, so much so that I watched all of the series in just 6 weeks with little to no break in the middle. Eek! Addicted much! The ending just made so much sense too, really very clever.  There was some great writers on this show. I hope they do a come back at some point. It would be great to see how they are getting on 10 years down the line. reign-1
Reign This is a new show for me but I started to watch this right at the end of the month and have continued on to watch it throughout October. It’s all about the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots, the life and loves. It’s really done well and the costumes are spectacular. It’s a must watch for everyone! Ed-Sheeran-James-Bay-Let-Go-Video
Music – Ed Sheeran/James Bay As you can probably tell I have been loving both Ed Sheeran and James Bay this month a lot. I tend to listen to their albums a lot when I’m at work. They’re really easy listening and both artists music seem to make me really productive which is alway a plus. I’d love to go and see both in concert at some point, tickets are like gold dust though. You can just never get hold of any. Both would be amazing though! What have your favourites been throughout September? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Reading!
*Ed Sheeran and James Bay pic –,  

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Archive: Blogger Interview – Country Girl Em!

Emma 1. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your blog. I’m Emma, the Em behind Country Girl Em. I work full time as a social worker and blog in my spare time. My blog shares my interests and passions (outside of work) which is mainly beauty based, but I also blog about baking, food and my life. 2. How long have you been blogging for and what inspired you to start it? I’ve only been blogging just over 3 months now, so I am still a relative newbie to the wonderful world of blogging! I have been an avid reader of other blogs and watcher of YouTubers for a while and they inspired me to start my blog alongside my love of writing and wanting to have another interest outside of work. 3. What’s the best thing about having your blog channel? Connecting with other people who have similar interests and being part of an incredibly community of bloggers who are so supportive and welcoming, alongside finding out new ideas and new products to try! 4. What’s you’re top tips for budding bloggers? Go for it! 5. What does a normal day look like for you? I work long hours Monday-Friday and have a stressful and demanding job. When I get home I check my blog and catch up on other blogs. Weekends tend to be more relaxed and that’s when I plan, prepare and write my blog posts. 6. Who’re your biggest style influences? This is a difficult question as I am definitely not a fashionista. I am vertically challenged and on the curvy side of curvy so I do struggle to find fashionable flattering clothes. However I would say my biggest style influence is Kate Moss because I have followed her career since I was very young – I was fascinated by her and absolutely love her relaxed style. 7. Who are your favourite bloggers/vloggers? Well of course Emily Hearts! I also love Really Ree (especially her periscope and new in beauty YouTube videos), Fleur De Force, I Covet Thee, Essie Button, and of course Norfolk’s own Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr! 8. What are your three favourite beauty products right now? Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate, The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil. 9.What lip product have you got in your hand bag right now? Several… L’Oréal Infallible Gloss in ‘I Got The Power’, Bourjois Aqua Lacque in a peachy coral colour, Revlon Balm Stain in ‘Honey’ and an EOS lip balm in ‘blueberry’. 10.What are your three fashion essentials? I absolutely love handbags so a good bag is a definite essential. I also love nail polish and have quite an extensive collection and I do feel that a pop of colour on your nails can really sharpen a look! 11.What music are you listening to right now? At the moment I have been loving the new Kelly Clarkson album, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.