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Tips for Planning a Girls Weekend

It’s officially Spring, which means the days are getting longer and there’s fun, sunshine and adventures just around the corner! While I often think about long holidays and city breaks abroad exploring new places, I recently had the task of planning a different type of adventure – a girls weekend!
Girls-only weekends are fantastic fun, you get to leave the men at home for a few days and let your hair down, whether it’s for a hen weekend, a birthday or just a road trip with your besties.
While they’re fun when they finally roll around, they can be quite difficult to organise especially if you’re a big group. I thought I’d put together a few tips to help you get one together and make it back in one glamorous piece.

Where To Go

No matter where in the UK you live you’re spoilt for choice, and unlike our cousins across the pond you can travel to pretty much anywhere within a day. I love Brighton, the beach is beautiful and there’s no shortage of entertainment day or night. There’s also a great selection of alternative shops, and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to vegan restaurants and cafes. If you’re looking for a more chilled weekend then Bath is a great option with its wonderfully unique buildings and relaxed vibe. Norwich is also a place to check out, it’s a modern student city with fantastic castle worth a visit and plenty of atmosphere buzzing throughout the unique pubs you can find dotted around the cobbled streets.

Where to Stay has plenty to offer but can be a bit pricey if you need a lot of rooms. For something a bit different have a browse on Airbnb for large apartments or big country houses, where you get the whole place to yourself for the weekend. Just don’t break anything!

How to Get There

If you’re not travelling far then just hop in the car with a well crafted playlist, some snacks and turn it into a road trip! If you’re travelling to the other side of the country then you’re probably going to need a train which can be a bit pricey but there’s loads of room for fun and games once you step onboard. For something a bit different you could get a coach – sometimes the bus prices work out a bit cheaper and if it’s not too busy you can turn it into your own party bus!

Packing Essentials

If you’re a regular traveller then you know the drill – pack an outfit for every conceivable occasion that you can fit inside your suitcase. Just don’t forget an eye mask – you never know when it might come in handy, and it might be a life saver on the journey back if you need to catch up on a few winks. Also don’t forget Nurofen in case you end up with a few too many wines, and the most comfortable pair of shoes you own – I guarantee you’ll end up walking a lot more than you want to over the weekend!
What are your girls weekend survival tips, and you have one booked in with your friends this Spring? Hop onto Twitter and let me know.
Happy travelling!
*This post was sponsored by the lovely people at Stagecoach, who love a good party bus!


5 places I really want to visit in 2018!

At the start of a new year I like to reflect on the previous one, looking at the places that I’ve travelled and where I would like to go next. In 2018 there are lots of places on my list but for this post I’ve narrowed it down to just 5.

Riga, Latvia

I’ve already been here before but this year there’s lots of reasons to go back. Aside from visiting family I haven’t seen for a while, this is a special and important year for Latvia and its capital. 2018 marks 100 years of independence which coincides with their traditional music and arts festival that’s held every 4 years. So there’s guaranteed to be a good feeling around the city this summer and plenty of celebrating to be done.

Dublin, Ireland

Regular readers will know I’m rather fond of Suffolk’s own Ed Sheeran, and for Christmas my husband bought me tickets to see pop’s favourite redhead at Phoenix Park in May. We’re travelling up with some friends to make a week of it and explore the city, the zoo and of course the Guinness factory. I’ve seen Ed play before and it was incredible to hear him play, so I’m very much looking forward to this week in May!

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a really up and coming city which has changed a lot in the past few years, attracting more young travellers due to its modernisation and newfound nightlife. The castle looks incredible, and the city on the whole appears to be a perfect mix of old and new. I recently read that it was the most sunlight in Europe, which as a permanent chaser of the sun means I simply have to go!

Madrid, Spain

Last year I visited Barcelona, and but was considering Spain’s capital too, so it’s time to see another side of the country that I have such fond memories of. My friend who lives in Barcelona told me that Madrid is a wonderful vibrant city full of friendly people and isn’t too hard on your wallet. The city hosts an incredible cathedral, palace and the world famous Bernabeu stadium, home to Real Madrid which looks well worth a visit whether you’re into football or not.

Bali, Indonesia

While the other destinations I’ve written about here are city breaks, Bali sits very much within holiday category. A long haul flight away with a stop in Asia, Bali is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. With beautiful beaches, coral reefs, mountains and an active volcano which actually erupted last year – Bali is perfect for both explorers and those who want to relax and get away from it all. I can’t wait to do both!
What’s on your list of places to visit this year? Hop on Twitter and let me know.
Happy travelling!


3 Places I'd love to visit in 2017

Riga, Latvia 26711249701_e26f6359ba_b The first is Riga, a place that we always have on our list to come back to as we have family there. We’ve visited Latvia a few times before, with the Christmas markets which are a must see in the Winter months.   We’d really love to go back to explore the main castle in Riga and experience the country a little more. The beaches we’ve heard are amazing especially in the summer and the food is hearty and warm especially in Winter.  When we went in early December last time we ate such a lot in Lido, a Latvian restaurant chain as the food was so nice. It can get really cold there as they get the snow storms and bad weather from Russia although when the city is covered with snow it looks so pretty. It really is a beautiful country and I just feel at home there.  We have to visit more often and we’re planning this time to go in February so I’m expecting icy cold winds and lots of the white stuff.

Reykjavik, Iceland

5466327535_b5a3c354ec_b-2 The second on our list of places to go to this year is Reykjavik as it’s supposed to have some of the most amazing landscapes with hot springs, dormant volcanoes ( there’s 130 of them), icy rivers, Guysers that erupt with hot water every 10 minutes, beautiful waterfalls and even prettier, colder glaciers. The series Game of Thrones is filmed there and the city itself is unusual with it’s buildings that look like a toy town when viewed from the tower that over looks the capital. There’s  also a geothermal spa with a bar right in the middle of a lava field which means it’s also really hot which is not too bad considering the minus temperatures in Reykjavik. Not everyone who goes to Iceland actually gets to see Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. If you’re really lucky and it’s a crystal clear night you may just spot some beautiful colours light up the night sky above you. It’s supposed to be breath taking and a truly unique experience.

Santorini, Greece

4111133224_00ab1dbdd9_od The final place we’d love to go in 2017 is Santorini which is a greek island in the Aegean Sea and is one of the most beautiful and romantic locations in the world. The island was created by one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history which gives it it’s unique cliff faces lined with beautiful white apartments and villas that overlook the sea. The island itself has a rich history but is also known for its bars and night life. We can’t wait to visit in the late summer when the temperatures are 26+ degrees with stunning panoramic views and to learn a little more about this beautiful island. Let me know in the comments below where you plan to go this year. Happy travelling!

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Sunday Evening Instagram Round up!

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-19-53-15 screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-19-53-46 My first picture is one from our Mexican hotel. It was gorgeous, really hot, lots of palm trees everywhere and many swimming pools. We had so much fun and we’re really missing the warm weather and everything about this holiday. screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-19-53-58 My second picture is a picture of beautiful Tulum in Mexico. It’s a fantastic historic site and the views are pretty breath taking. The beach is just behind where I took this picture and there were lots of lizards around the site. It was really special place to be knowing that is was so historic too.     screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-19-56-31 On Saturday we went to pick up our new car, a Seat Ibiza from Norwich. We met with both of our parents and my mum reminded me that we used to have a little white Seat when I was little and that they’re really good cars.       screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-19-56-43 We had lunch with Michael’s parents at a fab little place called Logan’s Sandwich bar in Norwich.  It had a mixture of vegan, vegetarian specials on the menu. I had an aubergine toastie and it was delicious.       screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-19-56-54 We collected our car and went on to meet my mum and step dad at Fairfield Hungry Horse and had a drink, a catch up and later some dinner. My husband had this fab double veggie burger which he said was yummy.       screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-19-57-11   Today I popped into the new Fenwicks store in Colchester. They have new collection pieces and I spotted these amazing DKNY hand bags. I think I’m a little in love and one of these could be going on my Christmas wish list. What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below or Twitter. I’d love to know. Happy Sunday!