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7 amazing places to visit in Mexico!

veracruzreef The coral reef in Mexico is the second largest in the world behind Australia. It’s beautiful and it’s so easy to go to, explore and experience . It’s great for diving and snorkelling especially as there are wild turtles, sting ray and tropical fish. There are plenty of boat trips that will take you out to the reef and you may even see some dolphins too. 2. Coco Bongo coco-bongo One of the most famous of nightclubs with a spectacular show just like Vegas but better with dancing girls, super heroes, pirates, live bandstand much more. You’ll be dancing all night and you’ll never want to leave.  There are three of these clubs, one in Cancun, one in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and the other is in Dominican Republic. See if you can grab yourself a VIP ticket away from the crowded dance floor to enjoy the show. 3. Coba coba_nohoch_mul-27527 Coba is a historic site of mayan ruins. The main event is the climb to the temple at the top of the pyramid. The view from the top is breath taking as you can see right over the Mexican jungle. You also get to take a tricycle back to the entrance through the same jungle once you’ve completed your climb. It really is an awesome thing to do. 4. A fresh water Cenote 3-2 A sink hole mostly found in the Yucatan region where the ground has fallen away exposing a natural source of water. They’re usually found in caves but some can be above ground too and if you’re staying in Cancun area,  you’ll have plenty to choose from. The water is usually pretty cold so swimming and exploring here is a great way to cool down on a super hot Mexican day. 5. Chichen Itza chichen-itza-one-of-the-seven-wonders-of-the-world Chechen Itza was one of the largest Mayan cities and has a number of archaeological artefacts on the site including El Castillo (the castle temple), Temple of Warriors, the Great Ball Court and much more. You can’t climb the main Mayan castle pyramid as the site sees on average 1.4 million tourists here a year but it’s a spectacular place to go and is one of the seven great wonders of the world. It’s not to be missed. 6. Tulum tour-xelha-tulum-4 Tulum is the historic site of the pre- columbian mayan walled city. It’s one of the best preserved examples of a Mayan ruins in the country. The city sits of 12 meter high cliffs and in its time served as the main port for Coba. It’s a magical place to go which makes it a popular destination for tourists . Amazingly there are Iguana roaming wild and the beach there is protected for the nesting sea turtles. It’s a must see. 7. Xcaret Park xcaret_resort The natural adventure park will see you experience a spectacular traditional show as well as swimming in the most beautiful of rivers where you can zip line and explore the area. It’s an energetic day out so if you’re feeling adventurous and want to burn off a few cocktails then its a fab place to go. Tweet me and let me know if your thinking of going to Mexico or if you’ve been before let me know where you’ve visited. Happy travelling!    

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Instagram Round Up!

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-19-55-01 This week my Instagram tracked quite a few of my Mexico travels where we’ve been for our second wedding anniversary. The week was our second week there and we actually got back to UK early this past Friday morning. Mexico was fabulous, the food is amazing as you can see in the first picture on the bottom right. They had all sorts of things including burritos, tortias, fajitas etc. This starter is actually Tacos Mexican style, which is actually just mini wraps with some sort of filling.  Think this is actually a vegetable filling although they normally do beef or chicken. This is then heated till crispy and they pop a little cream sauce over the top of this with a little cheese too. You can’t go to Mexico and not have a picture of the Sombreros, they huge gorgeous hats that are famous in Mexico. They are actually really comfortable, although quite heavy and they’re in all of the shops over there too. Cheekily Mexico also love a little Tequila too. It’s actually a delicasy in Mexico as the drink actually comes from the Agave plant, a special Mexican plant. It’s a pretty amazing drink, and this one was actually flavoured with strawberry which was super yummy. We spent most of our time at our hotel just chilling out but we did venture out a little to see a bit more of the tourist places. We loved Tulum, a old Mayan village and archaeological site. It’s right by the sea and seriously beautiful with picturesque sites, and beaches. If you haven’t been here you really should go. On the same day we ended up going to a cenote or a water filled sink hole. They’re seriously gorgeous places to go, they’re all around Mexico and you can actually go a swim in many around the country. The one that we went to was in a cave, where they had small catfish swimming around and bats flying around too. It was definitely an amazing experience. I’ll be doing some more posts on what to do and see in Mexico in the weeks to come so do keep an eye out. And my final picture is one of me meeting the lovely Really Ree. I came straight off a flight from Mexico, had a few hours sleep and whizzed over to London to an event at SpaceNK in Knightsbridge. I often write for Really Rees site, and the event included looking at new products, a tutorial by one of the fab make up artists and lots of shopping. It was super fun! What have you been up to this past week. Let me know in the comments below. Happy Sunday!