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    The Nourish Co: A Review

    I’ve lived in Colchester for almost 5 years now and it really feels like home. One of the things I love about the town is how the vegan community has grown…

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    A Sunday Visit to Deliciously Ella

    I’ve started writing more about being vegan, what it means to me and tips on getting started if it’s something you want to give a try. One of my top tips…

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    My Tips for Going Vegan

    Last week I wrote about my experience of going Vegan 6 years ago – I tried to answer a few common questions and clear up some of the misconceptions too. I…

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    My Introduction to Being Vegan

    In the past couple of years I’ve been posting photos of tasty vegan food over on my Instagram and reviewing cruelty-free products here on my blog. I cut meat, fish and…

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    Buckwheat Breakfast Muffins!

    Veganuary has been in full swing and it’s inspired me to try out some new and interesting recipes. I bought this book called The New Vegan from Award winning UK cook…

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    Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

    Happy Thursday! Now, for my UK readers it’s just another day – Black Friday is tomorrow and it’s a little closer to the weekend. But if you’re in the US, it’s…