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Get Ready for Spring with Yankee Candle

Public service announcement – Sping is coming! I’ve started buying daffodils from the supermarket to have around the house and my Instagram followers will have seen the little Snowdrops I noticed in Colchester this week. Yes it’s been snowing out, but thankfully it’s no longer dark when I leave work and it’s getting noticeably lighter in the mornings too!
I’m getting ready for Spring now, buying bits here and there as they start filtering into the shops. Yellow and light blue cushions, a new light duvet and a fresh set of candles. Regular readers will be well aware of my love of candles, Yankee Candles in particular. I’ve been stocking up on their new range of seaside scented candles ready for the warmer months ahead, and thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you. Let’s take a look!

Sea Air

Let’s start off with an absolute beauty! Having grown up by the seaside I always love the scent of the beach, and this candle perfectly captures that salty air aroma and brings it into your home. With notes of rose and sandalwood, this candle brings back happy memories of weekends at the beach house in Southwold or adventures up the north Norfolk coast. Dreamy!

Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose

Next up is the wonderful Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose candle, a really strong and sweet fruity scent. I like to burn this one in the evening when I get home from work although to make the house smell of sweet treats when relaxing on the sofa into the later hours. It’s quite a strong one though, so you don’t need to burn it for long to get the full effect! You’ll absolutely love this, and because of its strength you’ll find it should last you into the summer months too.

Early Spring Bloom

Early Spring Bloom is a much lighter scent than the previous two, with notes of lily, cherry blossom and jasmine, it’s an elegant and fresh scent that you can burn and leave for the afternoon. I like to put it on for a few hours after cleaning the house at the weekend as it brings in that extra bit of spring freshness!
If you’re looking to stock up then there’s a Yankee Candle sale on at Latestdeals, so have a nose over there for a spring scented bargain, then hop onto Twitter and let me know which ones you picked up.
Happy shopping!
*in collaboration with the lovely people at Leatestdeals


Yankee Candle Christmas Collection!

Regular readers will know that I absolutely love a good candle! Once lit their warm scent can instantly change your mood, or bring back a happy memory from years ago. They’re also great for creating an atmosphere in your home – I love to light a candle when I get home from work in the evening, and in the morning at the weekends when I’m making breakfast.
It’s during Christmas when candles really come into their own though, and in recent years I’ve loved having a Yankee candle advent calendar, which gives you a little Christmas scented tea light to burn each day as you count down the number of sleeps until Christmas morning. Cinnamon, caramel and other sweet or spicy scents transform your home into a domestic winter wonderland as you wrap presents, bake goodies or snuggle up in front of a movie while the snow falls outside.
This year I was lucky enough to receive a set of candles from Yankee Candle, the undisputed Champions of festive scents. They sent through a set of 4 jars – The Perfect Tree, Christmas Magic, Crackling Wood Fire and my personal favourite – Spiced White Cocoa. I have to confess I’ve only taken these for a quick spin, lighting each one for a few minutes to get a sample of the festive scents each one has to offer. I’m saving them for the cold December nights once our tree goes up!
Yankee Candles also make a fantastic gift with plenty of box sets on offer. But for something a little bit different you can use their website to upload a photo and create a completely personalised candle to give to a loved one. You just choose your size then select from one of the 18 fragrances. Add a photo and message and voila! You’ve got a cracking prezzie. I created my own, uploading a photo of my husband and I from last Christmas in front of our tree on a cinnamon stick candle – his favourite!
Do you love the smell of a Christmas candle? Head over to Yankee Candle and have a browse through the treats on offer and Tweet me and let me know which one you’ll be burning this Christmas eve!
Happy Shopping!
*PR samples


Yankee Candles – Viva Havana!

Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of candles – and so is my husband! They fill your home with wonderful colours and scents, and we always have one burning in the evening.
Shopping for candles is so fun, walking around and smelling all the exotic flavours then trying to decide which ones to buy when you like them all. A recent shopping trip was particularly exciting though as we came across the new summer range from Yankee Candle called Viva Havana, which is extra special to us because its where we spent our honeymoon two years ago.
Havana is a city full of life, known for its music, cocktails, dancing and colourful buildings and cars. This collection captures the spirit of Cuba’s capital with 4 scents – Viva Havana, Tobacco Flower, Cuban Mojito and Delicious Guava. Luckily for me the lovely people at Yankee Candle sent over Viva Havana and Tobacco Flower for me to review, so let’s take a closer look.

Viva Havana

Viva Havana is an incredible ocean blue, the kind of colour you see on many of the colonial buildings and apartments away from the main streets. The candle has a spicy sandalwood scent, which is fresh, vibrant and is likely inspired by the cubans love of zingy food and fiery dancing!

Tobacco Flower

Cuba is also world renowned for its cigars, and this scent captures the feeling of stepping off a hot street in into an air conditioned bar for a cool drink, passing by locals enjoying a Cohiba by the door. It’s a fruity mix of ginger, bamboo and jasmine, which creates a complex scent that is definitely one for a cosy evening, preferably with a rum cocktail in hand.
If you love candles then I’d definitely recommend checking out these little beauties. Clinton usually stock a good selection of Yankee Candles, otherwise you can find the full range on the Yankee Candle website. These large sizes are around £23.99 each, but they do last for ages.
Have you spotted these new Viva Havana Yankee Candles in town and if so what did you think? Tweet me and let me know.
Happy shopping!
*this post is in collaboration with Yankee Candles, who know how much I love Havana and candles!